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  1. For sale are two punches. I purchased these new from Zack White and have never used them. The price is $60 shipped priority to you. 1) Multi Size Strap End Punch (new sells for $48.50 … 2) 1” Arch Punch ( new sells for $41.00 … Here are some photos:
  2. Need Adjustment To Leather Gun Holster

    DId you order a holster that would fit a gun AND tactical light? That space looks like the holster is fitted for a gun with a light.
  3. I compete with and carry a Glock, which is hardly a work of delicate art. l'lI give you my impressions of your design from a modern perspective. We cover our muzzles for a couple reasons: Protect the crown of the barrel for accuracy and the front sight from getting ripped off. Protect our furniture. To some degree to hide what we are carrying. Most people who have bikini holsters use them for range use where they will be shooting multiple guns and just want to put on one holster that will fit all of their guns. Up and down from 3 o'clock is the fastest position to get on target from. In fact, a person could shoot at the target immediately after clearing the holster (speed rock style). Cross draws, Small of the back, etc. require swinging your gun to the target. The swinging means less control of where it stops and allows your attacker time to grab it. I'm a firm believer that Murphy was an optimist and as a result I could see enough of the rivets busting that the wearer would lose control of the pistol, either the belt loop or the holster falling apart. Alot of kydex holster suffer from the same vulnerabilities. Since you don't like sewing, you should consider linking up with some of the holster makers here to see they'd be willing to enter into a consignment type or wholesale arrangement. I'd bet you'd sell more replicas if they were packaged with period-correct holsters. The holster is the frame that should complement the pistol.
  4. Recommend Some One To Sharpen A Head Knife

    This video from leather wranglers helped me alot: The diamond hones are the secret, especially the 8000 grit one.
  5. I apologize to all for posting my political comment. To make up, I hereby submit this gem ... CNN anchor Deb Feyerick asks Bill Nye The Science Guy if an approaching asteroid “is an example of, perhaps, global warming?” Sometimes its hard to tell which is worse on the news, the train wreck or the reporting on the train wreck.
  6. "blue" Gun Source Needed

    see note below.
  7. Basic Saddle Stitch Tutorial By Nigel Armitage

    Nigel, this is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have two questions. You mentioned 45 degrees. Is that the angle of the stabbing to the face of the leather along the stitch line? My second question is whether the UK will take back Piers Morgan. He's become quite obnoxious.
  8. Handmade Belt Video...

    Classy to the max. Very well done.
  9. rgepting posted this beautiful holster and mag holder in the Gallery. Does anyone know what the skin is on the mag holder?
  10. DSC_1937.jpg

    What is that skin on the mag holder? These are beautiful!
  11. What you need is a furrier, the people who make fur coats. I'd suggest you find a local store that sells fur coats and ask them who does their alterations. That would be the guy/gal to get to do the work.
  12. Anyone Here From Georgia?

    I'm in Marietta (north of atlanta). I'm just a hobbyist.
  13. Awesome job. I love how the inlay adds curves to the holster.
  14. Lf: Ostrich Leg Supplier

    This fellow sells on Ebay. He is in Israel. I haven't ordered from him.
  15. For the guy's arthritis, would a velcro attachment method be more comfortable? My mother-in-law has arthritis and she has trouble with little tabs like that. Comp-Tac has clips for that style.