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  1. Just a plain solid totebag, with a bit for decoration..not sure who to credit with the design, as it was a customer request.
  2. Removing Hair From Sheepskin Edge

    Yup...animal clippers will do it. Just be sure to use a fairly coarse blade so it will go through it easier.
  3. Newbie Canadian Girl!

    Hey Michelle! I'm just up the road a ways from you in the Barrie area..Welcome, and great collars!
  4. Bar Tacker Repair And Service In Ontario

    Contact Paul at John Garde in Toronto. Excellent to deal with.
  5. Pfaff 335

    Hey! Your message box is full Can you PM me when you get a chance? Thanks
  6. Lansky Sharpener For Round Knife

    No wonder mine is so dull..I didn't read the instructions properly :D Thanks Cyber, I'll try it again tomorrow and see if I can do any better.
  7. Lansky Sharpener For Round Knife

    I tried to use mine for a round knife, but it didn't work out very well. I think you have to sharpen one section at a time, because you can't get the whole blade in one swipe. I ended up ruining the edge from it because I was doing it in sections, but I can't see any other way to do it. I gave up and sent mine out to be sharpened. It's still dull, so now it's a bench ornament
  8. Singer 29-4 Patch Machine For Sale

    Great price! Wish I was a little closer
  9. Hello From Canada

    Hi Crafter! You're just down the road from me..I'm in Innisfil. Welcome
  10. What Type Of Interfacing Is This And Where Can I Buy It?

    Yes, they will sell it in fabric stores..the type with the backing is slightly heavier than the iron on type, so some stores may not have it. I use the iron on kind for making jackets, blouses etc. with fabric, but I have never tried it on leather. It should work on it, I don't see why it wouldn't
  11. What Type Of Interfacing Is This And Where Can I Buy It?

    It's called fusible interfacing, or fusible webbing. It's available at any sewing supply stores
  12. Upsize A Jacket From An Existing Piece

  13. Shop Press Advice

    I don't know what steel prices are like in the US, but I just had a 12 ton shop press modified. I bought the press on sale for $80, bought 2 3/4" steel plates for $40, and traded a friend some upholstery work for the welding job. When all was said and done, it cost me around $150..if you search this site, there are photos of how it's done. It's not as complicated (or expensive) as you would think
  14. I Guess If It Helps Sell Your Stuff...

    Wow! I was just curious, because I have been watching one shop in particular (not leather related) that seems to really be having trouble following through with what they are selling..They received funding as of March of last year, and still haven't provided the service they got $22,000 for! Backers tolerance amazes me LOL