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  1. I was just browsing through etsy the other day and think i remember seeing your same picture on one of the shops, do you sell your holsters on etsy?
  2. It looks really nice, I would suggest waiting to stitch a little longer you can see the dye on the thread. Other then that it looks great.
  3. You would be getting less orders but not losing money
  4. If your reason for extended the time is the amount of orders coming in you could raise your prices to slow down the orders coming in.
  5. That looks like a leather version of a skinth.
  6. You make some of the best looking holsters.
  7. Hello From Dfw!

    Hello from irving. Looks like some great new stuff.
  8. That I don't know, maybe you can go to his site and email him. He might just tell you.
  9. This guy uses kydex foam Also, find someone who installs carpet, they may have a lot of scrap carpet foam and just give it too you.
  10. Hybrid Holsters

    Could you posted a pick a pic with the holster on?
  11. That's a great looking holster!