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  1. hey JLS...question on stitch line comment... do you mean that you stitch right up tight to the gun? I'm still trying to learn.
  2. thanks... I'll contact Tippman and check on pricing.
  3. I found this machine as a purchase possibility. however do not know if this will present a big problem. I have not used a sewing machine before. can anyone help me with this decision? Doug "This is an original cast iron Tippman Boss. This has been a workhorse in my shop for many years. The only problem I ever had was this year when The needle bar knuckle broke. The needle bar knuckle has been replaced. Since its replacement I was not able to get the timing right again."
  4. YUP... Hence the question!!!
  5. YUP... Hence the question!!
  6. Thanks to all. Understand now why buckle is included. Thanks JLS for the graphic.
  7. OK. What is the correct way to measure for a belt? I have been onto many websites for custom belts and they have 2 ways to measure. 1. Measure from the inside end of the buckle to the hole most used. 2. Measure from the fold to the hole most used. What is the best way and why? Also do you prefer 5 or 7 billet holes?
  8. Sorry, I was just re-emphasizing that it must be laser (since HP refers to all their printers as "jets' I did not want someone else to think INK jet would work.) What type of leather are you using? Acetone can damage the finish on dyed leather. Found this on a US Leather Tannery: Most leather, and all our leather is made with water based finishes. If a oil or conditioner has a solvent in it, the solvent could destroy the finish." I just did this the other day to transfer a holster pattern and it worked fine. I was using bare veg tanned leather. Image came out perfectly and I didn't even burnish, just rubbed with the cloth with acetone. I used to do this in my photo business years ago. My process: Photoshop to reverse image Print with a laser printer onto 20# paper (plain paper, not image transfer, not wax paper) Place pattern printed side down on bare leather. Wet cloth rag with acetone and rub on paper. Lift pattern corners to make sure all has transferred and redo areas if necessary. When done, remove pattern.
  9. Print onto regular paper with a laser printer (not an inkjet). Do not use plastic transfer, the acetone will melt it. Make sure you reverse the image. Turn the paper printed side down on the leather and rub with a cloth wet with acetone.
  10. Thanks. That worked perfectly.
  11. I am finishing a Will Ghormley El Dorado rig but need help... The Holster Loop needs to be attached to the skirt. Materials list calls for rivets. Do the loop ends go between the holster and skirt or on the outside of the skirt. Also, how would I attach the second rivet without damaging holster? Instructions in attached photo. Thanks for any help.
  12. Holster looks great!! Mind if I pick your brain on how you did the coin inlay? I am trying to add two coins (1851 and 1856 large penny) to a belt I am using for a two rig set
  13. I just completed 2 Slim Jim holsters and gun belt ( no pics yet) and was just curious how hard (stiff) the holster should be for western style guns.
  14. Yeah, I found it at a couple onlines for $40 plus shipping, ordered it only to have order cancelled and money refunded because they didn't have lucky... went into 1/2 price and asked if they could look it up...found 1 at another store 20 miles it's mine....however looking through it last night, 4 pages are inserted upside down and a couple of the index pages are not cut apart at the top. Sharp knife will fix that problem and if I need the holsters on the upside down pages, I might have to turn the book over....wife says the upside down pages make it MORE valuable (like money printed wrong)!!!
  15. Just bought a copy of "Packing Iron, Gunleather of the Frontier West" Found it at Half Price Books for $22.00 Near perfect condition...even the slip cover.