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    leathercraft and medieval leather items,blues,drumming,re enactment.

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    leather bottles,guitar straps,belts
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  1. Medieval Round Knives

    thanks for posting those photos,really interesting shapes,would like to own an origianal blade show people at my denonstrations. thanks again for you inputs.
  2. i am a leatherworker in the uk,my email is if you still need someone
  3. Medieval Round Knives

    i dont know who made this one.but there is someone who makes them here in uk and sells them on ebay.
  4. Medieval Round Knives

    all is good,going to be a good year.i hope.
  5. Medieval Round Knives needs a bit of a sharpen,but it works pretty well.
  6. Medieval Round Knives

    here it is...
  7. Medieval Round Knives

    i have one, and use it at 14th century medieval events,the "pointy bit" is used as an awl.will post a photo of it later.
  8. IM IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!
  9. Free Embossing Die

    Excellent idea DieEmbossingCompany.we should advertise where our items are made you do a good job.
  10. nice work bill.i like those very much.
  11. very nice clean work.excellent!
  12. Leather Arm Guard

    very nice work.great idea.
  13. Tool Caddy

    well i know what i will be making today.nice job.
  14. nice work,i like the logo.EXCELLENT!!!!!!!