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  1. Two Ruger Single Six Holsters

    Gary, I have made and sold several hundred holsters and used Tan-Kote on all of them and never had a complaint. Maybe no one wore where they would get soaked. I have also used it on my own holsters and have never had a problem, but my holsters have usually been under my hunting coat in bad weather. It would be interesting to see how your experiment works out.
  2. Two Ruger Single Six Holsters

    Keith, I didn't dilute the dye at all. I know that it is hard to get the right color if you are matching dyes but this dye was full strength. It makes a big difference on the quality of leather leather. Take leather towards the belly area and you will get a darker color and more blotchy because of the more open pores of the leather. I think the cheaper leather also does that. I always use Hermon Oak leather, and I think it dyes much better than other leather.
  3. Two Ruger Single Six Holsters

    Thanks for all the nice comments everyone.
  4. Here are two new holsters I just finished up. I used Fiebings Light Brown and Dark Brown on them. I also antiqued them with Fiebings Black Antique finish. They have a total of three coats of Tan-Kote on them. Hope you like them and thanks for looking.
  5. Holster for Ruger Red Hawk .44 Mag

    The dyed I used is Fiebings Professional Oil - Dark Brown. Thanks for the nice comment.
  6. Holster for Ruger Red Hawk .44 Mag

    Hi Matt, thanks. I do a ton of lacing, mostly holsters. Here is where you can buy the instructions:
  7. Holster for Ruger Red Hawk .44 Mag

    Thanks again for all the great comments.
  8. Holster for Ruger Red Hawk .44 Mag

    The strap is to hold the loop in the back for the belt to go through. I'll post a picture of the back so you can see what I mean. I like this design because you can place or remove the holster from your belt without unfastening your belt. Thanks for all the great replies, everyone.
  9. Here is a holster I finished up in my shop.
  10. High Desert Winter Day

    That is an absolutely carving! Real nice work!
  11. Tooled and Wet Molded Multi-Tool Case

    That is very beautifully done! Your magnet closure interests me and also I'd like to know how the belt loop is attached.
  12. Wide brim hat

    Looks like you have done a great job on the hat. I really like the cartridge loops.
  13. Kimber K6S Holster

    Looks real good. Fine workmanship.
  14. Trying my hand a some new techniques

    They all look real nice!
  15. Really nice work Chief. Love your craftsmanship.