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  1. Library Display

    Looks great! Real nice display!
  2. Rattlesnake inlay knife sheath

    Really nice work. Looks great!
  3. Bronco Buster

    Very nice work!!
  4. A few wallets and notebook covers

    Lookin' good! Nice stitching.
  5. Tricycle Restoration? (my second project)

    That is really nice.
  6. Coffee Koozie!

    Another beautiful piece of work, Ryan.

    That looks nice. Great video too. I subscribed.
  8. Photo Projects To Sell Online

    One thing that will make your pictures look pretty good is the background. I use a piece of synthetic wool for my background. I just lay it on my workbench and lay my projects on it, then take the picture with my Cannon Rebel camera. Here is one I have on eBay right now.
  9. Holster and Gun Belt

    That is a beautiful piece of work. Great carving!!!!
  10. First saddle (western)

    That is great. Hope your business takes with a booming start.
  11. 1911 Holster

    That is true. I was in a hurry when I previously looked at the holster, and didn't notice this. You want your fingers to get a good grip without the holster being in the way.
  12. 1911 Holster

    Very nice holster.
  13. I use Fiebings chocolate dye all the time on my holsters and never have had a problem. I'd say that you go a bad bottle of dye.
  14. Looking to sell smaller projects

    I am a holster maker and sell almost everything on eBay and have for several years. I also make belts and have sold them to friends and acquaintances with pretty good success.
  15. That is really nice. Fine work there!!!