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  1. Holster for Ruger Single Six

    Nice job on the holster. I like it.
  2. Something Different...

    Really cool tie. Is it a clip-on or do you have to tie it like a regular tie?
  3. a belt for every occasion

    Really nice stuff.
  4. Ranger Belt

    Thanks a bunch for the information Snubby. I will certainly check out that series on Youtube.
  5. Ranger Belt

    Nice job on that belt. I have never made a Ranger Belt. It is something I am going to have to try. What weight leather did you use?
  6. Help needed with weaver draw gauge.

    I use a lot of 3/4" straps for making safety straps on holsters, and also belt straps. Now I have Weaver cut a side of leather into straps for me and am very happy with their service. Cheaper than buying a new machine.
  7. Rattlesnake Knife Sheath

    Very nice work there. Beautiful sheath.
  8. Help needed with weaver draw gauge.

    Maybe it is all in what you learn on and get used to.
  9. My Studio-shop

    Very nice looking shop. Looks like everything you need is right handy. I have a drill press that looks just like that in my shop.
  10. Here are a couple more I have done for the Single Six.
  11. Here is one I made for the Ruger Single Six with 6.5" Barrel.
  12. No the holster does not have a welt. It is not needed with lace.
  13. Thanks to all for the great comments!