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  1. Two fresh off the bench

    Looks like you did a decent job. But I wonder why you left the safety strap so long on the 686? In time it is bound to curl and not look good and I think it would be in the way sticking out like it does. I'm not trying to be critical, I just wondered if there is a reason?
  2. Thanks, Blink. I would like to get into more and better coloring of leather. I guess I am afraid of ruining a project by dying it the wrong way. As far as the pictures go, I don't think you can post too many. I love to see lots of pictures.
  3. I'm not an expert by any means, but I think you did an excellent job on this project. I think that if I had done this I would have laced the outside edges instead of sewing them. Your tooling looks great as does your coloring and finishing. What dyes and finishes did you use? I live in Niles, OH.
  4. Holster with spare mag holder

    Looks good to me. Since you have used it for 2 years and you like it says a lot.
  5. Sheath for Dagger

    Looks great. I like it.
  6. Skinning and egg tanning squirrel/rabbit

    I like your post. I will be watching to see the finished products.
  7. Cartridge holder

    Very nice work. Stitching looks great. I also love it!
  8. What a beautiful box! Lots of work and lots of patience on that, I am sure.
  9. Tour My Leather Shop! Video

    Nice shop! Like the machines and the bench with all the tools. Enjoyed the video.
  10. Looks like you did a good job on the holster. I make a lot of holsters for the S&W Governor and also the Taurus Judge.
  11. I quit using Tandy lace years ago. I buy my lace from Weaver or Springfield. The best lace is Kangaroo.
  12. Thanks for the comment. Yes, get busy, they are fun to make. I made and sold well over 150 holsters last year and all of them were laced. Once you get on to it, it is easy-peasy.
  13. One of my latest

    Really nice job on the strap. I really like the carvings. You did a great job.