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  1. My latest belt

    Wow! That is a beauty!!!!
  2. Butt stock sleeve/cover

    Here is a holster I did. The border tool is a craftool form Tandy #D607. There are a lot of choices out there, but this might give you an idea.
  3. Butt stock sleeve/cover

    That is very nice. The only thing I would have done differently is put a border around the basket weave.
  4. New Gun Molds Site

    Nice site and nice prices. I'll be keeping you in mind. I am interested in some larger revolver copies like - S&W 629, S&W 500, Ruger Red Hawk. I'll be signing up for your notification of new molds that you start to do.
  5. Selling near new Cobra Class 4

    Is this machine still available?
  6. Wow! That is a beauty. Very fine work!
  7. The lace I use is 1/8" and the brand is RealeatheR.
  8. Looks great! Real nice display!
  9. Really nice work. Looks great!
  10. Bronco Buster

    Very nice work!!
  11. Tricycle Restoration? (my second project)

    That is really nice.
  12. Another beautiful piece of work, Ryan.
  13. That looks nice. Great video too. I subscribed.