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  1. Really nice job on the strap. I really like the carvings. You did a great job.
  2. Here it is. Just finished it up today.
  3. You do beautiful work Chief. Love those straps.
  4. Looks like you did a really good job on that one.
  5. Nice work there.
  6. Really nice work. It is beautiful!
  7. You stuff looks really nice Chief. I just bought a Strumstick, supposed to be delivered today, and wonder if the strap like the one in the first picture would work with it. I'll be making some kind of a strap for it. Hope it turns out as nice as these ones.
  8. I like it. What kind of leather did you use? Did you line the inside with anything?
  9. Saddle looks nice. I'd like to see a before picture.
  10. That turned out very nice. It makes a beautiful strap and I think you did it the right way. Very nice work.
  11. Nice looking sheath. Nice work.
  12. Chief, you do excellent work these straps are beautiful.
  13. I can see why you are pleased with it. Very cool. I think this is the first "rawhide" knife sheath I have seen. I really like it.
  14. I like those whips. Very interesting, thanks for sharing these photos.
  15. That is absolutely beautiful. Very nice work. Please accept my condolences.