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  1. Yeah, I have the little, green paper instruction manual. Mostly I don't like the small photos that try to show you the oiling points on the machine because there are more places than listed that looked like they should be oiled. I just want to make sure I didn't miss anywhere before I start using the machine seriously. I didn't know if there was a color photo, detailed book about industrial machine maintenance (ISBN?) that I could check out from the library or purchase. That's mostly what I'm looking for right now. Reference materials that are more specific than the instruction manual. It's my first industrial machine so anything I know about them has just been gleaned from things I've read online. I have zero hours of actual operator experience. I've been messing with my Singer 237 straight stitch machine for years on various projects around the house, but I want to take it to the next level in my ability to sew leather (stuff like stitching the length of a belt, gun strap, or guitar strap for decorative purposes) or to sew seat covers for motorcycles. So my first step is wanting to know how to get the machine set up properly to sew in a controlled manner. My current plan is to purchase a gear reduction servo motor. I have since added some 135x16 size 22 needles to my orders so I can punch through leather properly. I'm going to buy some tent halves from the army surplus store to practice sewing on canvas and try to make some utility bags as a first project.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a detailed instruction/service manual for the Consew 225. I'm not talking about the owner's manual. I got that with the machine. The photos are horrible and feature a machine that's slightly different than mine. I'm looking for something with high quality photos and detailed information about each part of the machine and its function. ie: I already know about this I'm looking for something more specific to my model and with better photos of the oiling points and detailed instructions about setting timing and tensions. If nothing like that exists, I understand. But I'd just like to have the specific instructions for my specific machine if it's possible. I'm willing to pay for a book. Backstory and information: I was driving around last Saturday morning listening to Radio Tradio (a local call-in classified on AM 1040 in Des Moines, IA.) Someone offered up a Consew 225 so I decided to call about it. I knew it had no reverse drive, but for the right price that wasn't a huge deal. The story of the machine is this couple had bought it new in the 1970s and had a side business or hobby sewing upholstery. I got the table, motor, and machine along with some needles, prewound bobbins, and some other feet. They hadn't run it in years and couldn't guarantee that it'd sew, but I got it anyway. I got it home and oiled it at all the listed oiling points and anywhere that made sense to do so (friction areas.) The machine seems to run fine. I've sewn with it. I am by no means a pro, but understand the basic concepts of why tension has to be set, why things need to be oiled, and why things have to be in proper timing. Here's a useless video showing it being turned on and operated. The motor is a 2/5th horsepower clutch motor. I will probably be going the route of one of those fancy SewPro GR500 motors to do what I want to do. Here's a video I made showing it sewing four layers of vinyl. I'm just using bobbin thread they gave me.. probably size 69.. I'm not sure. Today I purchased some 135x17 size 22 needles as well as half a pound of white bonded nylon 138 thread. I also bought some prewound 138 nylon thread bobbins to make life easier. Once that stuff arrives in the mail I may try to sew leather. As it stands, the cotton thread I have just immediately snaps when puncturing 9oz leather. And here's a few photos of the machine to show its overall condition: I'd love to hear from any of you. I'm happy I finally found a machine I could afford. There's a Juki 563 for 600 dollars on my craigslist, but it was out of my budget.
  3. Hello From Iowa

    Hey there. I'm in Ames and make it to DSM regularly. I hit up the leather store on NE 14th St. last Friday to buy the tools I needed to do the belt. It was the first time I'd ever been there, but I plan on going back on a Saturday when I have more time to look around. It's good to know I'm not the only one around here that knows about the internet.
  4. Hello From Iowa

    I'm new here and new to any leather working. I'd been seeing a lot of cool projects posted online and thought I might as well learn how people are doing it. I have no artistic ability as far as some of the amazing work I'm seeing here, so I'm focusing more on simple things with no design incorporated into them. I made a belt and I'd like to make wallets, bags, and custom camera cases. I look forward to using some of the tools I bought to try and crank out some Christmas presents for people. This past weekend I made myself a belt from a raw strap. I'm happy that it looks like a belt. It took me a really long time to sew it though. It was a learning experience.