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  1. Having issues getting thin leather that I can skive the flesh side. While making the interior of a wallet I want to roll the leather under for a finished look.
  2. hand stitching guide

    I appreciate the article. I was using the awl from the wrong side. I could never understand why my holes look so horrible. I was also doing all the holes before stiching. It sure helps when you do it the correct way. Once again Thanks.
  3. Los Muertos Chica Purse

    Thats a cool idea and great detail. Your whole gallery is awsome.
  4. 1951 Ford Door Panel Logo DONE!

    You're the man! I like it a lot. You just gave me some ideas on my GTI.
  5. Sheridan Pattern For Belt Bocket Knife Sheath

    You’re absolutely right; you must have a super computerjust to keep up with all this stuff. I lay a tool down for 10 minutes and can’tfind it. Chanzey 77 sends old script in an hour. Amazing. To say it one more time,Thanks.
  6. Sheridan Pattern For Belt Bocket Knife Sheath

    I appreciate the help and the downloads. Its nice to have such a wide range of resources to pull from. Once again "Thanks". By the way Chance, Im sure you will get a gift soooooon. Thanks and your way to funny.
  7. Sheridan Pattern For Belt Bocket Knife Sheath

    My objective is to ask for assistance in create aSheridan style script that looks nice in an area 4 inches tall and 2 1/2 wide.My attempts to draw Sheridan style script needs a lot of work. I have searchedwith no luck for a drawing or template that fits the small area. I would liketo ask for assistance from my fellow leather makers for a Sheridan drawing thatwould fit this small area. I apologize for not explaining my objective verywell. I haven’t tried the burning technique but it sounds interesting. I will lookinto that method. I just purchased a few lessons on Sheridan drawing but that’s not going to helpme for a while. I just ordered them on line and its going to be next weekbefore they arrive. Your right about the laser machines. I started doing leather for stress relief.Now that I have a customer base, I have completely lost the reason I starteddoing leather crafting. Thanks for reminding me. Due to knowing the hard work that goes into each hand made leather piece, Idon’t appreciate handmade makers’ stamps on machined leather. I have tracedseveral leather cases to the companies that mass produce these items and foundthey use lasers and stamping presses. I got carried away with my competitiveside of wanting to compete with these manufactures. Good call.
  8. I'm looking Sheridan Style scripting for a small area. I need them for a small area as used for pocket knife sheats wore on the belt. I cant find sheridan scripting that would look good in an area 4 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide. For all the creative metric folks, 40cm tall to 25cm wide. These small areas are difficult for me to swivel cut due to my lack of experience but I'm working hard to get stronger on the knife. I'm looking for sheridan scripting that can compete against the lasier machine work in professionalism. I appreciate the input. Thanks
  9. P1000704.JPG

    These are awesome! I like the idea. How long did it take to build these pieces?
  10. Glasses04.jpg

    Luck of the draw. Great pieces. Good idea.
  11. IMG_20120311_200144.jpg

    Nice tooling. I like the layout.
  12. IMAG0241.jpg

    Great dye job. Nice work
  13. Thanks for the kind words.

  14. Knife Sheath under construction

    From the album Few New items

    I had a unusal time molding the sheath due to the handle of the knife being so thick. I still need to tool the piece as well as sew the piece togehter. Im making two of these sheaths for different knife styles. I will post undate of the tooling as soon as Im finished.

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