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  1. turbotexas

    Bell skiver reviews

    What bell slivers work best? Which ones do I need to stay away from? Is it a good idea to buy used? Or spend the extra for newer?
  2. turbotexas

    Cowboy 8020 splitter

    I’m looking at buying one too, but want reviews before I drop the coin!
  3. turbotexas

    Leather Working Equipment

    Where is this located?
  4. turbotexas

    BUSMC #6 HM (Head + Bobbin winder) - I can ship

    Video yet? Beautiful job!
  5. turbotexas

    Singers 97/10

    I saw the unit on E-Bay with the servo motor fitted to it! Can you share a video of how that works? Why is that one so much cheaper?
  6. turbotexas

    Landis No. 16 Leather Industrial Sewing Machine Lock Stitcher

    Interested! 210-831-8764
  7. turbotexas

    Campbell Bosworth Stitcher for sale

    That’s a beauty! Is it for sale? Still available?
  8. turbotexas

    Singers 97/10

    Where are you located at? I’ve got one of these 97 Dash 10’s as well
  9. turbotexas

    Singer 97-10 help

    Thanks Bob! I just saw this! I guess I’m not getting email notifications on here?
  10. turbotexas

    Singer 97-10

    I've got one of these!
  11. turbotexas

    Singer 97-10 help

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPExZiLaNFw i was messing with this today, and this popped off? Any 97 owners out there? Can you look at your machine and take pictures so I can have a reference to go by? thanks!
  12. turbotexas

    Nose Cone 12 Nailer

    Stupid question I know, but what's a nose cone 12?
  13. turbotexas

    Champion Deep Throat Stitcher

    I'm well aware of what the machine is... I'm just not willing to drive to middle of nowhere Wyoming to purchase it! You're liniting prospective buyers when you're not willing to ship...