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  2. How To Cut Rawhide From A Horsehide

    Thank you oltoot. That helped me a lot. Now I have an idea how to cut when the hide has dried. I'm avare that there is pretty much waist. I tried that with the deerskins. I cant deside how to take the hide of. I pick the hide up by the butcher. How hard should I be streching the strings?
  3. How To Cut Rawhide From A Horsehide

    Thank you. What I am thinking about is that there is a big difference in the thickness of the hide. If I cut it round in a soga, I will get strings that goes from thind to thick. Maybe someone has experience with horsehide and knows which part of the hide should be cut together. I have a strapcutter and a combination beveler from Y-knotlace.
  4. I have practiced on making rawhide on 3 deer hides. Im pretty happy by the result and now I try with a horse hide. The fleshing was very time-consuming and hard labor, but the dehairing was surprisingly easy using lime. Is there something I can do to make the fleshing easier? I am unsure as to how to cut the hide when it has dryed. Do you have any advice for how I do that? I really appreciate any help I can get. I would rather not destroy the rawhide by cutting it wrong This is my first bosal made the rawhide from a deer.
  5. Big Sioux saddlery - my hide is paper thin to, but is is ok to braid with - I think - I don't know - although I have never tried to braid in rawhide before. 25b - Yes I did bevel it before I started braiding. I am very excited to work with rawhide. It is surprisingly different from leather. I know I have to practice a lot, but I'm looking forward to it. The only thing I don't like is the strange smell. Maybe I just have to get use to it.
  6. My very first attempt to braid in rawhide . And even in homemade rawhide. I have been wanting to try since I taught myself how to braid in leather for more than 20 years ago. It is a very fascinating material to work with . As you can see it was a tiny little deer but it was fine for me to handle the first time I tryed. Now I'm ready to try with a bigger hide.
  7. Tandy Splitters

    I have the High - Tech Leather Splitter. I works well for me and was sharp from start. It is much cheeper if you buy it in Denmark! Its a poor picture. It doesnt look as if it is the same splitter, but it is.
  8. Romal

    Thank you oltoot. I bought Grant's book 20+ years ago and started to teach my selv the mystery of braiding. It was difficult, but I learned it by try and error. I didnt know about tapering knots with electrical tape before i saw it on this site. I sometimes have been using thin leatherstraps. I will try it the next time and I see your point in why to do it.
  9. Romal

    Thank you.
  10. Romal

    I have just finished a leather romal.
  11. Greeting From Denmark

    Dejligt at flere danskere finder her ind. Nice that danish braiders find this forum.
  12. Working on a bosalita