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  1. It is Don Gonzales’s pattern pack that he sells. I cut the leather out of a 10 oz. Wicket & Craig side.
  2. I used 10 oz.Wickett & Craig. The inside is just the back side of the leather. Thanks
  3. Did not but will next time. Thanks
  4. I have not posted in a while and just finished this shave kit this weekend. Don Gonzales's pattern pack. Learned a few things I would do different next time.
  5. I have not posted for some time, I made this for myself. 9-10 oz. Wickett & Craig, 5-6 oz. interior panels with Tandy's pigskin splits for lining.
  6. First time post, I have been tooling for three years in my spare time. I have enjoyed this site for information and helpful tips. The leather is Wicket & Craig 8-9 oz. and finished with Sheridan Brown antique and Wyo Sheen. All comments welcome.
  7. Woodworkers

    I was in the retail lumber industry for 38 years. Alwaysl liked leather since a young boy. Started working with leather in 2006 and have a passion for it.