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  1. Thanks doc That is a "Tek-lok" belt clip (first time I've used one), and yes, it could be adapted to vertical carry just by removing the 3 chicago screws and rotating the clip 90 degrees. It's a very versatile attachment, but they're not cheap, running around $20-$25 each. Those rectangular shims inside the clip can also be adjusted for different belt widths as well. I forgot to mention, the inlay on the arm guard is dried beaver tail skin.
  2. Here are a couple of my recent projects
  3. I'd say you're a natural!
  4. Good luck in your quest for a machine. I'm from Saskatoon, but going to be passing through Calgary in a few days for a short getaway in Banff. Never been there in winter before, but looking forward to it!
  5. lol. How does the stuff from Y Knot compare? Is it expensive?
  6. Tandy's kangaroo lace is decent quality. I'm not sure if they are still selling it, I haven't had to buy it for a while. It is normally quite expensive, but if you catch it on sale you can get it for about 75% off.
  7. Very nice, as usual! I could pick your work out of 100 others with one quick look
  8. Very nice, love the colors. Did you dye the veg tan, or is it just oiled? Gotta watch the Tandy flyers for some of that buffalo hide now...
  9. That link is dead. I googled and found this site It appears that he's looking to sell his business. That's too bad...
  10. You could make a small opening on the bottom side, just large enough to get a finger in to push the phone up, similar to this case I made a while ago.
  11. Looks pretty cool. The only thing I would have maybe done differently was put the buckles on the lower part of the strap, so the excess hung downward instead of up over the top. Very cool though. Makes me want to try making one
  12. Thanks for the feedback Tony, I know what you mean about stitching the stingray. In this case I used a thonging chisel to punch my holes, so I didn't have much of a problem.
  13. Here's a little something I made for a friend recently as part of a trade. He told me a few design specs that he wanted included, and this is what I came up with. He is going to add some finishing touches himself - buttons made from antler and some sort cord to lace it to his arm.
  14. I don't know how that example was done, but I would think you could do something similar by using different sized hole punches, and only punching through the upper surface of the leather, case the leather, and then use a beveller around the outside? Might work?
  15. That's exactly the link I was going to post. Helped me a lot on my first few sheaths.