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  1. About Singer 120U Machine

    Will these Adler and Juki machines, and clones thereof also work through Kydex sheet? I've been looking at some thinner versions of that for reinforcement of certain holster areas (throats and belt loops for instance).
  2. About Singer 120U Machine

    Thanks again, Wiz. Your input is valuable. I've been pointed at a local sewing machine shop by an acquaintance. I was looking to check with them about a trade of my machine for something appropriate for heavy leather work. I will keep your advice in mind. Thanks again!
  3. About Singer 120U Machine

    Thanks Wiz! As a result of my lurking before registering, I was more than kind of hoping you would reply to this. Thanks for pretty much confirming what I thought about that machine. The price was nice when I found it and I figured it was worth more than I gave and could maybe work as a trade against something more like what I actually want. What little garment work I do, I'm hoping to find a reasonably nice treadle machine for. Do you think that I could realistically expect to do anything close to a full trade against a used 441 clone you mention or a Tippman Boss fuguring this Singer is in reasonably good condition?
  4. Hello all! New to forum. I have a Singer 120U machine and while I believe it will do well for any fabric I could feed it, I am pretty sure from lurking around here that it will basically not do leather that I am looking to sew. I am looking to do holster work in 2+ layers of 5/6 up to 8/9 tooling leather. I may add some to the repertoire like belts, guitar straps, etc. I do this because I enjoy it, not because I am looking to make money or seriously go into business. If I were to sell some stuff here and there to offset the costs of my hobby, I would not complain. The Singer is in working order, has a clutch motor (that goes what I call absurdly fast for fabric), and is complete with table. So the question goes... How much heck and investment would I be looking at to convert it to my needs? Would it even be worth it? -OR- Could I expect to be able to do a direct (or almost direct) trade against a Tippman Leather Boss or similar? Thanks in advance.