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  1. To my knowledge it was just an individual. The long arm protrudes a bit at the end because it appears there may have been a spacer board/shims or something under the hinges that was removed by the previous owner to lower the bed slightly at the end of the table. I'm gonna put shims back under the hinges one of these days to bring the table and arm back to flush. While I have it apart I'll make patterns of both pieces so I can always trace it onto some paper and snail mail it if it would be helpful to you.
  2. Problem solved! Performed the work and did it exactly as suggested. Before,... anything medium to heavy hanging off the table would tug at the pressor just a bit, sometimes causing it to meander. In the pic, you can see the silver 10-32 thumbscrew at the front of the head 2" up from the bottom. Also, I made sure to back off enough when taking the pic to get the table in the shot as requested. Thanks again. Works great!
  3. Hello all. I'm new to the board, and just getting into the trade. I have a Singer 29-4 that I've been using to make a few things, so I bought a vintage table for it on ebay and was wondering if anyone knew of a way to semi-permanently fix the pressor foot in a straight position to keep it from rotatng. I will seldom have a need for the long arm, and it would be more useful to me with the table if I could fix the foot into position, as it can tend to wander slightly on its own if i don't pay careful attention. Is there a way to atleast tighten it so it doesn't move around so easily? Thanks, Mike