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  1. Display Name

    Hello everyone! I'm guessing I cannot find the "Change Display Name" because I'm lacking certain permissions. But I'm curious if there is anyway for me to change it. I typed my business name into Google because I was curious if I came up in the search results. When I typed in my business name, which is also my display name, my forum posts on here come up. I have not posted anything offensive, etc but I would rather not have my forum posts come up if customers type in my business name. I know it's my own fault since I chose my Display Name, I just was not thinking at the time! haha! Is there any way to change my display name without having the button to press? OR is there a way for me to delete my member account (no subscription) and start over? haha! Hoping somebody has some answers for me!!
  2. [CONTACT] display name

    Hello! I was just curious if I am able to change my display name on the forum? I've looked all over for the button but can't seem to find it. Perhaps I'm not allowed. The only reason I wish to do so is I typed into Google my business name, which is also my display name, and my forum posts came up in the search. I would rather my forum posts not come up if my customers search for my business. I know this is my fault since I chose my display name but was just wondering if there was any way to make a change. Thank you kindly for your time! Cory Name: Cory UserName: TACKyPaints IP Address: Email Address: tackypaints2011@yahoo.com
  3. Efficient Ways To Take Orders?

    haha! That is GREAT advice WinterBear!! Thank you so much! I have seen with my own eyes those signs in shops before!! It's just a "gentle reminder" but makes one think twice! Perhaps I need a little sign on my website....just a "gentle reminder" sign! I do need to start saying NO! Right before Christmas I had taken in so many orders that I was working 7 days a week! I'd start at 7am and sometimes not turn the light off in my studio until after midnight! Needless to say I was exhausted physically & mentally! Barely got to spend any time with my husband AND was beginning to hate painting! I don't ever want to begin hating to paint ever again!! haha! Thanks again for the great advice!! That is something I will always keep in mind!!
  4. Efficient Ways To Take Orders?

    Wow! Sounds like you have an EXCELLENT system going!! I will have to try and use some of the ways you go about organizing your orders! I have some paper trays here from when I was in school, perhaps I should give that a try as it would certainly keep me more organized with my coming & going orders! And using Outlook is a genius idea! I have a Blackberry that all my business emails go to but have often found myself searching through emails to make sure I add all the changes to the product that my customer requested! Making an appointment with all of the order information would certainly save me some time!!! Thank you so much for such great advice!! Perhaps when my business gets a little larger (and therefore more hectic!) I will have to look into the database idea!!! Thanks again!!
  5. Efficient Ways To Take Orders?

    Thanks for the great advice Dwight! I do have quite a bit of experience using Excel, but never thought of using it for organizing my orders!!! I will most likely end up printing them out each morning as I tend to like to have things in hand. It would probably be easier than simply having the invoices in front of me! Perhaps this will help with my organization and help me better prioritize my use of time! I do believe my organization is a big part of the problem! haha! Thanks again for the great advice!!
  6. Efficient Ways To Take Orders?

    That is great advice! Thank you so much! I will keep that in mind! That's incredible where your business has taken you!!! I definitely would like to "expand my horizons" rather than stick to my comfort zone! I think after some time it would be a nice change of pace to take on something different than the norm! I've had a few people actually ask me to even paint cowboy boots which would be pretty neat! I'm seriously considering giving that try!
  7. Efficient Ways To Take Orders?

    haha! You are very right about that! Seems like we always want the best for our big friends but at the same time don't want to break the bank! Wow! I hope my company lasts as long as yours has! I am a college graduate and can't find a job in or out of my field to save my life! So I decided to combine my horse hobby & painting together and see if I could make some money at it! I would love if I could turn it into my full time job because I enjoy doing this much more than the degree I have! LOL
  8. Painted Leather....suggestions/advice?

    Thank you so much! I will look into the Saddle-Lac and see about giving it a try! I make custom painted horse tack so my products have to be able to withstand the "abuse" horse & rider place on them! haha! Thanks again!
  9. Painted Leather....suggestions/advice?

    Wow! Thank you so much for posting that for me! That has answered many, many questions I had! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you being so willing to help! It's nice to be able to have the steps broken down as well as the added advice and tips! Again, thank you so very much! I have on final question for you! I have currently been using Angelus Acrylic Finisher/Sealant but have seen a lot of discussion about Resolene (sp?). Is acrylic resolene something I should consider as my final top coat?
  10. Calling All Paint Gurus....

    You are very welcome! Thank you for replying to my questions, I really appreciate it! It's been hard to get advice as it seems many people don't want to tell you what they know! HAHA! And that makes it very difficult for somebody to learn the process! Thanks again! I will check back later for your reply!
  11. Calling All Paint Gurus....

    Thanks for the advice Spinner!! I am currently using the deglazer made by Angelus and so far so good! Btw, I've seen some of your work that you have posted in other topics, and wow, your work is just incredible!!!
  12. Calling All Paint Gurus....

    So I know many people on here are experts on painted leather as well as the best way to prep leather! What would you all recommend/consider the best way to prepare a piece of leather for painting? I'm sure everybody has their own "go to" preparation methods and I'm curious to hear everyone's opinions! I'm a newbie and love learning/hearing the tips and tricks from the experts! One should never stop learning!
  13. Efficient Ways To Take Orders?

    Not at all! You are right about them looking for conversation! I have received an email asking about their order, and I hold my breath, expecting them to be upset, etc. But they weren't, they were just looking for somebody to chat with because "how's my order coming?" has often times turned into me learning their life story! haha! So far I haven't had any dissatisfied customers but I'm sure I will learn my lesson in regards to that at some point. Nobody is perfect and I'm sure at some point I will make a mistake, just human nature! If you ever find that solution, be sure to let me know!
  14. Efficient Ways To Take Orders?

    I am definitely trying to get a feel for what I can produce in a given time. I think it would be easier if I only made one specific product but of course painting a saddle cross takes far less time than painting a complete tack set! And you are right, I am trying too hard to please customers with a quick turnaround! I let all my customers know that I work on orders in the order that I receive them but I still get the customers asking how their order is coming even though they just placed it yesterday! I really enjoy the work that I do but found that with people pressuring me to get it done in their requested time frame, well, it just wasn't fun anymore! I want to produce a *quality* product, not *quantity!* I guess I will just have to let customers know that if they are desiring a quality product that it will take me X amount of time to complete it, bottom line! Thanks so much for your advice! It was very helpful!