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  1. Gomph-Hackbart Tool Catalog

    Lonnie has a new sheridan set available. I just ordered it and will post pics when I get them. 13 pieces for 250 (us)
  2. Gomph-Hackbart Tool Catalog

    is this deal still available?
  3. Ellis Barnes' tools available

    could you give the contact info for the company?
  4. Knife Sheath

    Robert where did you buy your steel from? I can get pre-made blades but I would like to get blanks I can grind down myself. I did a knife but it was from a chunk of steel I got from a friend who works in a welding shop.
  5. Knife And Sheath

    Thanks. Really gives it a personal feel. thanks David
  6. Knife Sheath

    that is nice. did you make the blade?
  7. Hey guys. This is a knife i made a few years ago. I wanted a new skinning knife and couldnt find one I liked, so I ended up making this one. I think it took almost 60 hours total. I used d2 tool steel and burl maple for the handle. I blued the blade and dyed the handle green to get the camo effect. The primers for the 30-06 round serve as the pins holding the handle on. The actual rounds are inlayed around the pins. Anyways the reason Im posting this is because it was the first time I did anything with leather. Since it was a custom knife I couldnt just get a sheath for it so I had to construct one. I wet molded it around the knife and did a simple tooling pattern. All in all Im pretty happy with it. Ive skinned a few deer with it so far and the sheath is still as good as the day i made it. Not pretty but funtional. Thanks for looking.....Dan
  8. Thanks for looking Mike. I agree with you. These things do tend to creep forward. Do you have any suggestions as a way to fix this? Thanks again...Dan
  9. Thank you very much.
  10. Hey guys so this is my second attempt. I did a few things different this time. 1.Used rivets. 2. I installed a suede liner to protect the stock from the rivets. 3. tried to do a nice edge. 4. Cased the leather properly. and 5. tried to use the sun to darken the leather a bit. I like the rivets and they are easy to use and install but the only thing that i dont like is that i have to skiv out the flesh side because these particular rivets are for a lighter leather. And I couldn't find rivets that were small enough for the leather i used. You will probably notice i didnt stitch the liner on, and it is because like a dummy I punched the eyelet holes really early. And didnt account for the stitch line. So its glued on only. Thanks for looking.
  11. Buttstock Shell Holder

    Actually this was my first one. Since I had no idea what the spacing was going to be I did it like this. 1. wet the leather. 2 stitched the first line. 3. formed around the bullet then stiched the line on the other side. I made reference lines so it stayed straight. Probably wasn't the best way but it worked. Im doing another one for a friend and I used this one as a template. Since he uses the same calibre rifle. Im also going to use rivets. And do a liner. Hopefully it works out.
  12. Buttstock Shell Holder

    these are the finished pics
  13. Just wanted to put pics up of my buttstock shell holder. I wet formed and stiched the shell loops. Didnt do anything to the edge. The tooling is of a bear skull. let me know what you think.