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  1. Stitching Pony

    oh yea i see.... ok, thank you..... looks like i'm gonna have to make some alterations.....
  2. Stitching Pony

    no i'm a very very green leather worker.... so i've never used one of these before but i've seen it used on some of the leather working video's i've seen... and thank you for the tip about the bolt.... i'm gonna try to find something to cover it up as well.... yea i did my very first stitching job a couple of days ago (without stitching pony) and yea i remember the thread getting caught on everything, scissors, awl handle, my shirt button, edges of the piece i was working on, it was a mess... lol
  3. Stitching Pony

    Stitching pony i made from all the pics and ideas from this forum... Thank you all for posting your work and ideas....
  4. thank you.... amazing how much work went into that little pouch... I have a whole new level of respect for all the small leather projects i see everywhere.... lol nice.... well done....
  5. Lol... Thank u ... I like the way u think....
  6. Well said Cheryl... That's a very good point.... Thank u for ur kind comments.... I'd like to see some of ur work....
  7. Thank you, not sure I want carry this around as a sample (might draw some laughter), lol.. might wait till I get better at this.... Working on a stitching pony today, that I think will help improve my hand stitching... I'm a horse owner so I'm also interested in making horse tack, but taking baby steps for now...
  8. Completely new to leather working..... I fixed a computer for a friend from work and he in return offered to make me a leather belt (he's a seasoned leather worker).... He sent me to local Tandy store to select a buckle of my choice.... As soon as i walked in there i was hooked, the smell, the leather, the feel, the projects....etc..... I bought the buckle and spent 200 bucks on all the newbie stuff..... Anyway i decided to make leather pouches for some of my leather working tools as my first project that way i can practice and at same time keep and use some of the stuff i create.... Here's my first one... pic 1 of 2 picture 2 of 2