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  1. I got bored in the first 10 seconds.
  2. I'd love to see one of your videos. Got a link to any?
  3. Flexi-Max? IWB

    Thank you!
  4. Gun Belt

    This is airbrushed H.O. yeah, noticed that as well. Could be the thickness of leather and the shoulder of the punch. I punch through both layers. Hindsight, I should've Puch the outer layer before glueing them together. Thank you
  5. Gun Belt

    Thank you. Not really. Mostly everything I do is 2 layers of 7/8. It's dialed in pretty good some threads vary too and adjustments need to be made.
  6. Gun Belt

    Thank you. Yes. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you and you can! Thank you!
  7. Gun Belt

    Been a while since I completed a belt. Don't advertise them like I used to. But I took this order on for a repeat customer. This belt is 2 layers of 7/8 ounce Hermann Oak.
  8. Gluing layers for a gun belt

    Make your liner 1/4 inch wider on each side. Trace your outer layer on to the flesh side of the liner. Apply glue to both flesh sides. Lay outer layer in the traced area. Stitch after glue has cured. Cut away excess material. Sand, bevel, burnish, finish.
  9. Snap-N-Slide OWB Holster CZ RAMI

    What are you talking about?
  10. Snap-N-Slide OWB Holster CZ RAMI

    Thank you Thank you. Went all the way through with this one. I've got some hardware ordered that I hope will allow me to sammich them next time. On this one I went with what I had on hand.
  11. Snap-N-Slide OWB Holster CZ RAMI

    Hi Jeff. Thank you. This one is dyed with Fiebing's Pro mahogany, non diluted.
  12. Snap-N-Slide OWB Holster CZ RAMI

    Thank you. Molded on the backside. It's a very snug fit. Lol, that's a rattle canned blue gun. Hopefully the customer will send a picture with his pistol in it.
  13. Snap-N-Slide OWB Holster CZ RAMI

    Thank you Yeah, gonna have to make me one eventually
  14. First time making one of these. Made from 7/8 ounce Wickett and Craig veg tan. Machine sewn. Pull the Dot snaps.
  15. 1911 Holster

    Thank you! The finished 2 piece set