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  1. Valet Tray

    Excellent idea! Thank you! Thanks Jeff. The wooden tray is Dark Walnut wood stain and the leather piece is dyed with Fiebing's Walnut Pro Dye and antiqued with black paste.
  2. Hammered this out this weekend.
  3. Gimp Help Please

    Clive, can't thank you enough for the time you put into your response. I appreciate you putting it into plain language as well. Thanks bud!
  4. Gimp Help Please

    I'm looking for assistance with background changes with Gimp software. Someone on Facebook did this but didn't share how they did it. The white background is the original file and the black background is what I want to be able to do.
  5. Sheridan Styled Photo Album

    Thank you! It was definitely time consuming and required a good bit of concentration. I didn't even bother taking a picture of the inside. Not much to it, just a solid piece of lining. Don't recommend using pig skin lining as it's really soft and rolls and wrinkles under an edge beveler.
  6. Sheridan Styled Photo Album

    Thank you! I was originally thinking of doing the letter B inverted and dyeing it. I like the "less is more" look on this. Thank you! Thank you!
  7. Fresh off the bench is this hand carved photo album. It has been hand carved and tooled in the Sheridan Style floral design. The background has been dyed chocolate brown and has a mahogany antique finish. Additionally, the 3-ring spine has been attached using cross conchos.
  8. Legion 226 and 229 Holsters

    Most of them are super glued on. Just wouldn't stick to the orange one.
  9. Finished this order up a few days ago. The 229 holster has a Legion grip medallion inserted and the 226 has a hand carved Legion symbol.
  10. Where do these "stamps" come from?

    I think it's a mix between hand carving and laser on the designs. Maybe the artwork is transferred to the leather with a laser, and some of it gets tooled. I don't think someone is doing it with stamps or transfer film.
  11. So I had someone contact me, a d was very specific on his needs. Here's the part about him wanting a softer than normal holster: "I want it lined with suede or some soft material,so as not to take the finish off at the tip espically. Thanks I don't care about anything fancy. I don't like a holster that is stiff and won't bend can you help?" Not sure about the flexibility part. Once it's glued and wet molded, it's gonna be stiff. Any ideas?
  12. 686 Avenger Finished

    I'll have to try and get them on a document. Hard to explain without pictures for reference.
  13. 686 Avenger Finished

    That section I cut out was beyond being able to use again. The cut wound up being angle more than I wanted. Must've been that crappy hand saw I used.
  14. So, finished this earlier in the week. This is for a S&W 686 6-shot 2.5 inch. If anyone has tried making one of these before, you probably know that it's very difficult, if not impossible to find a mold for the 2.5 inch. I wound up chopping a 4 inch Blue Gun down for this. I also want to give credit to JLS for his instructions on how to make Avenger patterns. His instructions are well written and easy to follow. I've got my own method for figuring out my stitch lines, but otherwise, a very good place to start.