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  1. Sig P320 Holster

    Thanks everyone! It's stitched on a machine.
  2. Sig P320 Holster

    Finished this up a couple of nights ago.
  3. Recent Builds

    Thank you, I'm not sure what a room rig is though. Thank you very much!
  4. Recent Builds

    Thanks brother! So far, that's my new flagship 1911 holster. I'm incorporating that partial sight channel into everything now. Think I finally found my own style as all of these are newly designed and resemble each other. Took long enough, but I'm getting there. Thank you!
  5. Recent Builds

    Thank you! I heard Frontier quit making them and I haven't seen any for sale anywhere else. If I was a smart man, I'd find a tool maker and brand them myself.
  6. Recent Builds

    Thank you brother! Semper Fi! Thank you! Some are Wickett & Craig, some are Hermann Oak "A" grade, all 7/8 ounce. Hand formed (wet molded). My prices vary based on options, but start at $95.
  7. Just a few new designs I recently finished.
  8. Monogrammed 1911 Holster

    Thank you all very much! Sorry for the late reply. Some unexpected real full time job stuff came up today.
  9. Monogrammed 1911 Holster

    Thank you. I punch them and then use a sharp curve beveler to take off the hard edges. Yes, machine stitched with 207 top and bottom bonded nylon thread.
  10. Just finished this up for a customer. Hand carved and tooled single letter monogram.
  11. Just finished another Kimber K6S revolver holster. The customer wanted it natural. So, for this, some A grade Hermann Oak leather was needed. Finished with Fiebing's Acrylic Resolene.
  12. Western Tapered Gun Belt

    You'll find a lot of information in Al Stohlman's book. Another belt pattern pack, if you're wanting to make a 2.5 inch gun belt is Chris Andre's pattern pack. Check Maker's Leather Supply for it.
  13. Pattern for OWB with snaps?

    Adams' Leather Works has at least one for download. Been a while since I've checked, but he did have a 1911 one.
  14. California Slim Jim

    Thank you. Easier than I originally thought. There's a ton of articles and videos and it seemed intimidating but finally figured it out. Still messing around with it and lightning.I used PC with Gimp software.