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  1. Some new holsters

    Thank brother. Semper Fi!
  2. Some new holsters

    Thanks JD.
  3. Some new holsters

    Thank you. That's a road I haven't went down yet. Thank you
  4. I'm not sure if some of you are aware, but up until recently most of my work was with purchased patterns from Adams Leather Works or JLS Leather. My hat's off to these two for their ability to design patterns and offer them to the public, either free of charge or a small fee. I'd highly recommend either of them to someone that is just starting out or has difficulty drawing their own. Stitch lines, I felt were my biggest obstacle up until the light bulb finally turned on for me. Once I figured out how to measure stitch lines, I used JLS' printable instructions for basic pattern design. These helped me with the basic fundamentals of the top line and belt slot placement. So many people design holsters with too little grip clearance. JLS' instructions will steer you in the right direction. Take a look if you haven't yet. So, these pictured below are some of my newest that I consider 100% from scratch builds. Slowly redesigning everything I have a gun mold for when I have time. Of course, my favorite, the 1911 is due up first.
  5. Nice work as always Josh. I recently made one as well, without the tension screws. Have you, or anyone else reading this, received negative comments regarding "knocking off" the SS? I swear, you wouldn't believe some of the comments I've received from the MS sub-culture. I bet if I hadn't have went rough side out, nobody would've blinked an eye.
  6. Kimber K6S Holster

    Lol, thank you very much.
  7. Kimber K6S Holster

    Thank you. That's usually what gets me in trouble. Sometimes I'll get the gun mold in hand and think "dang that feels good". Now I want one lol
  8. Kimber K6S Holster

    Thank you! Thank you!
  9. Kimber K6S Holster

    Just finished for a Kimber K6S
  10. 1911 IWB Rough Side Out

    Thank you. Not an original look, but thank you. Milt Sparks is the innovator behind that look. I think they are anyway. Maybe Bruce Nelson was? I need to do some history.
  11. 1911 IWB Rough Side Out

    Thank you Dwight. No need to worry, your insight and willingness to share information is always welcome. Thank you very much. Hermann Oak makes it look real good.
  12. 1911 IWB Rough Side Out

    This one was not metal reinforced. I've built other IWBs and nobody has ever mentioned them collapsing. However, this option was on the drawing board, but scrapped it during assembly. Thank you for your compliment as well. Thank you very much. It is machine stitched though. Cobra Class 4.
  13. 1911 IWB Rough Side Out

    Here's my version of the popular summer carry style IWB. Made from 7/8 Hermann Oak and features a sewn in front sight channel.
  14. Ruger SP101 Holster

    Thank you
  15. Ruger SP101 Holster

    Thank you. Revolvers of this type are definitely new territory for me.