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  1. Hello! From Portland Oregon.

    Welcome aboard for another Portlander. electrathon(sp?) does quite a few classes out at the Tandy on 132nd & Whittaker. He's got a belt class this weekend. We also do "project group" on the first Saturday's of the month, no charge just bring something to work on or questions etc.. Horn
  2. Hello From Portland Oregon

    What electrathon said. I'm next to the Holgate/Milwaukee ave intersection myself. Horn
  3. Nice job. What leather did you use? Other than the pig of course. Horn
  4. New Forum Member From Wa. State Of

    Welcome aboard. Luckilly you are close enough to Seattle that you have a pretty decent selection between Tandy & MacPherson. Additionally there is the PSLAC guild up there you could look into. Horn
  5. Homemade Makers Stamp

    That's pretty cool. What are the dimensions of the stamp? Horn
  6. Acrylic Paint Over Clear-Lac

    Basically whatever the thinner in the Clear-Lac is, is like paint thinner. I've got both Clear-Lac and Wyoshene (same thing technically). The "obnoxious" smell that they produce is like a Xylene or Toluene(sp?) type thinner. Basically you applied something that is going to "melt" the thin coat of acrylic paint that you put on. If you can spray the Clear-Lac over your paint job that might work since it wouldn't be rubbing across the paint causing the disolved portion to "travel". I couldn't say though as I pretty much stay away from the acrylics paints because of the terrible job I do with them Horn
  7. Greek Key Stamp

    Barry King also makes them. They're on his website. Horn
  8. What Do You Collect?

    Mostly dust and debt... and old shaving gearlike straight razors, brushes, scuttles...... Horn
  9. Thanks To Barry King

    I just saw Barry and his tools recently at the Pendleton leather show. Not quite in the market for a poly sledgehammer quite yet but I did get a 10(ish) oz last year.Picked up a decent handfull of new stamps from him this time around. Great guy to deal with. Very pleasant guy even with a hoard of people pointing tools at him asking questions simultaneously. Horn
  10. http://dmtsharp.com/sharpeners/folding-models/diafold-serrated/ The link is straight to their product page. I got mine off amazon for cheaper but YMMV. Barry King also carries them, they're listed on his edgers page. Horn
  11. My Latest Barstool

    Slick work Mike, Keep it up!! Horn
  12. Home-Made "glass" Slicker For Leather

    Pretty cool. I made mine out of a small cutting board that I cut in half. Ended up with 2 (wich is good because I loose things constantly). Horn
  13. Thanks for putting the pattern together and sharing. Always looking for new ideas for wallet designs. Horn
  14. Einstein Portrait

    Nicely done! I really like the look of that. Horn
  15. How to sharpen a head knife

    You could find another brand of diamond hone or just find a synthetic or nautral wetstone. If you go to the synthetic/natural then then go for something like a 4000/8000 combo.The only real advantage to the DMT is that they are fast cutting and won't dish out on you. but for most of the steels used any of the previously mentioned natural or synthetic will do the job. If you are working with the blades from Paul / Leather Wranglers then you'd want to lean more on the diamond stones. After all that.. you'd still want to go to some sort of finisher though to put a silky smooth final polish at the edge.. I'll stop with that before my OCD tendencies kick in. Horn