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  1. This is a brass embossing plate I cut out on my CNC. I'm feeling quite comfortable cutting brass now. maker stamps are still eluding me though. the lettering is just not right at the small size needed. I'll keep working on the lettering. In the meantime I'll keep doing that on delrin with the laser. I'm gonna try my hand at casting these in an aluminum infused resin. it won't stick to the brass so they will make good master plates.
  2. the stamp mode is usally for making rubber stamps - meaning it creates a ramp/angle to each letter. that's fine for a rubber stamp where it never goes below the surface but in the case of leather you want to penetrate the surface and the ramp will expand the letter, which may end up looking blurry. Keep the letters crisp.
  3. this was done on a HAAS VF2 vertical mill. I learned a lot on it. I broke my 1/16" bit. after some adjustment to feed/speed/step over I finished out with a 1/32" and no breakage. I have access to a HAAS at our local makerspace. unfortunately they don't have a 4th axis attachment so I'll be doing that stuff for the embossing rolls on my home router mill. cheers!
  4. thank you
  5. I think you've pretty much answered your question. - go BACK to the oil dye. Eco-foo-foo is crap.
  6. this is my latest prototype project. A wallet back embossing plate in aluminum with a favorite theme. This can be used directly on leather but what I plan to do is to use it as my master for casting these in an aluminum infused resin. I'm not worried about the tool marks on the bottom since the leather will never bottom out. I learned a lot on this one (meaning I broke a bit). the next one will hopefully be done in brass.
  7. the video is now gone. I hope it IS different than the boss. The evil empire tried to come out with a clone (the Stitch Bastard). they even had it in their catalog before being sued by Tippmann for patent infringement and won.
  8. 1.25" wide
  9. you read my mind! the difficulty is gettng the bits to fit. The laser is only 0.002" thick. The smallet bit I can get away with is 1/32" 0.032 so a good 15 times larger. 30 times on a 1/16. I'm just waiting on some more materials to come in to try some other designs. (punisher is gonna happen for sure)
  10. I understand. this was just an easy design to prove in the machine toolpaths. Texas rangers and Walker Texas Ranger entered my brain and festered. Anyone who have seen my postings or website know I have an eclectic (ok, just weird) taste of stamps. Some of those will definetly make the transition to a roll. These take quite a bit of time to develop. I don't really plan to get into the 'custom' rolls unless the price is right. The evil empire use to charge $300 back when they did custom rolls and I can see why. This was probably 5-6 hours of development time. Now that it's done, I can make copies and amortize the cost, but for one-offs that 5-6 hours of cost needs to come from somewhere. cheers and Thanks.
  11. experimenting with belt/strap; emobossing rolls. This was a prototype done in aluminum ('cause it's what I had available today). the production pieces will be done in brass. putting all that school knowledge to work. I think I learned what I needed to from this piece so the next ones should be even better. still even this prototype is usable. I should point out I tried before in delrin, but the material was just too slick (hence the texture in the background). Kinda what prompted me to go to school. cheers!
  12. I personally don't make them but check with