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  1. my latest embossing plate

    I think using an antique gel letting the black pigment fall into the recesses would highlight it pretty well.
  2. my latest embossing plate

    hello. this was done on a HAAS vertical mill. 15 HP of power!
  3. Tazmanian Devil

    thanks. the main figure is 2 3/4" tall and about 3 1/4" wide.
  4. Tazmanian Devil

    Here's Taz done in low relief for a wallet back stamp. Cut into Aluminum. cheers!
  5. my latest embossing plate

    new embossing plate to add to my line of FD related ones. cut in brass. I am happy with how this turned out. this is roughly 3" tall for a wallet back
  6. Rest In Peace Dear Friend- RaySouth

    my sincere condolences to the friends and family.
  7. At Disney no one can hear you scream

    ha! we really need a thumbs up button. 'Mauschwitz' made me laugh. I wonder if anyone born in this century would even get that? heck, even the alien reference is dated now.
  8. this was just a quick cut prototype done on the laser of a M.Mouse/Alien hybrid. The laser doesn't give all the same detail on a 3d model as the CNC does, but this gives me a good estimate of what it will look like and whether to proceed with the big one. This is 1.25" tall. Because the (other) evil empire wouldn't want me selling this I'm not going to proceed with the larger one. At least we have something to laugh about. Again, not a lot of sharp detail, but it was just a what if? test.
  9. This'll make you hungry

    thank you. it was fun to do
  10. This'll make you hungry

    Just a fun wallet back embossing plate I wanted to do. 2.75" x 3.25" Cut in brass.
  11. Star Wars Aztec Calendar

    Your Jedi mind tricks will not work on me
  12. Puppy-Baby-Monkey Boy!

    thank you all
  13. Puppy-Baby-Monkey Boy!

    Puppy-Baby-Monkey Boy! Puppy-Baby-Monkey Boy! Sorry, I get carried away sometimes. It's puppies in a basket. This is a result of a new embossing stamp pressed into a wallet back. The plate was done in Delrin plastic and cut on the HAAS vertical mill. I didn't show the plate because it is white on white and doesn't photograph well. but the results were what I was after. cheers!
  14. Star Wars Aztec Calendar

    No - this is the GOOD Star Wars saga.
  15. Star Wars Aztec Calendar

    thank you. but I think the real credit goes to: mashups