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  1. do the math. the leather is 10 oz (10/64th). the snap ring thickness is probably 2/64th. You need a good 1/8" to roll over nicely and hold well. And any material you're lining with. So - 10+2+8 is 20/64th or 5/16th as a minimum without having to fight it. Larger with a lining material. so the 25/64 Tinker mentioned should work. and you can always snip them smaller for thin work.
  2. thank you
  3. that's new. they never used to give military discounts. But now that thompson is out and a more human crew is running the joint, it's good to see it.
  4. yes, 1" tall (angled) and about 1.25" long.
  5. firefly class starship just for fun.
  6. the latigo is generally a good quality. nice and flexable, but I don't think it goes beyond their 8/10 oz offering.
  7. If you're going to hand pick it yourself you may find a good thick hide. 92" and up is harder to find these days since everyone seems to be taking the cows quite young. should be able to get around 16-18 good straps from the spine down. the belly is not usally very good and is usually lighter in weight. cheers!
  8. thank you all
  9. ok, so the last brain model was universally disliked. So I redid it myself rather than rely on an internet model. It certainly has more of that Orsen Wells look we all expect. Cheers! I'm off to..... TAKE OVER THE WORLD
  10. it 'might' be 10 oz, but I've never seen that stock to actually be 12 oz. Expect it to be dry and hard.
  11. thank you. I may redo the Brain model. It is one I found on the web. I made the Pinky from scratch. Gotta try to add more depth to Brian. Zort!
  12. "I think so, Brain, but where are we going to find a duck and a hose at this hour?" my latest wallet back plates of my cartoon heroes Pinky and the Brain. Because, well - NARF. Should look even better once I get them painted up.
  13. i would love to wear that while answering the door on Halloween
  14. NVL is right on the money with this. I would add that you need to carefully check the weight on the 8/9 single bends. They always seem a little light to me.