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  1. Where does Tandy’s leather come from?

    Full disclosure - Ron and his wife were great people and were good to work for. It was a very human company then. When they retired and left the Thompsons in charge, it became the 'evil empire' after that and they never gave a rats azz about people; only money. in fact they had about an 80% turnover under that model.
  2. Where does Tandy’s leather come from?

    the evil empire only buys what it can find as cheap as possible (and mark up as much as it can). I remember being at a managers meeting where Ron Morgan (co-founder and president at the time) stood up and declared in response to the mgr's complaints - "We sell CRAP. Just sell it". and that was that.
  3. Metal mold maker

    I don't know who you've been checking with but any real machine shop can do that. Downside is it will be pricey for a one-off.
  4. YAYYY!!!! Knipknives

    I like the look of that detail blade. Terry Knip. made a replacement blade for my plough guage and I love it. have fun.
  5. Looking to find 1" Alphabet stamps

    look for 'letterpress' stamps on eBay. lots of designs to choose from.
  6. Clicker Die needed

    from evilBay: round clicker dies
  7. customer stamp maltese cross with flag

    sending a PM
  8. Give Peace A Chance

    this should balance out my last stamp posting. RIP John Lennon
  9. Ok, so I'm digging the enveloped letters. Here is another one. I may have found a new style to concentrate on. It's 7 1.2" long by 2 1/2 tall.
  10. Right to bear Arms new stamp

    thank you. I'm kinda digging this type of enveloped letters. I've got a second in the works and will be looking at some other themes. suggestions welcomed. Cheers!
  11. Right to bear Arms new stamp

    just testing the waters with this one. 2 1/2" by 7.5" wallet back stamp.
  12. Not the Punisher

    thank you
  13. Not the Punisher

    meet The Similar. first attempt at a 3D skull with flag, Similar to the Punisher with flag I posted before. This has teeth which are difficult in the 1/8" total thickness I have for embossing everything else. I'll work on them if I get a chance. Overall height was 3". so much for tonight's folly. cheers!
  14. interesting vacuum form

    the makerspace I belong to in DFW just got a commercial vacuum former. Although most people are interested in using it with 3d printing moldss, Mine is in leathework. here is a test I ran where I vacuum formed a wrench to the leather. Obviously there will be a lot of interest in forming knife sheathes and holsters. I'm looking forward to figuring out more things that it can be used with.
  15. customer stamp maltese cross with flag

    I made it. It's on 1/2" delrin plate for a press. It is $20 plus ship.