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  1. excellent variations. I like the one you chose with the F916.
  2. Hello  I am going to be laser engraving leather bracelets with words.  My son owns a large commercial sized laser machine.  We are worried about smoke damage and I have read quite a bit about preventing it.  We would prefer not using masking tape so I am hoping to find another option because tape damages the leather when pulling it off (plus is expensive). You mentioned using Pledge.  Can you explain.  Does that mean using pledge before laser engraving?  Then what do you do after laser engraving.  I also read on the leatherworking forum that Pledge is not good for leather.    Thanks for any help that you can offer.  

    1. Studio-N


      If the leather is chromium tanned, it is sealed so Pledge will not hurt the leather and gets the smoke residue off well.

      These days, I just wash them in the sink and let them dry (both veg or chrome). Or if it is undyed veg tan, just dye over it which hides the smoke damage.

  3. thank you
  4. Don't forget that these days you can go the CrowdFunding route or a Kickstarter progam to produce it yourself. however, you would have to disclose it. You can always do like Glowforge laser and collect millions of dollars for a product that has yet to ship.
  5. You said the evil empire wouldn't consider it. Have you tried Springfield Leather as a possible patron?
  6. I did the reverse of that. I used an 1/8" mill bit to rough cut it. then the 22 degree to do the final cut. I did mine as a 3d model and even with a 1/32" end mill the simulation said it wouldn't fit between the letters on everything, guess I'll experiment (some day when I have a few hours and it's not 100 degrees in the garage). you might try a toothbrush to get the fuzz off.
  7. looks good. I've done some on the CNC. finding the right bit to get between the letters was the challenge. I finally settled on a 20 degree v-bit which seems to work but I can only fit about 13 letters in each arch. what was the size of this one?
  8. thank you builder
  9. Here's a sharper picture.
  10. Texas custom Dies has a banner right at the top of the page.
  11. my latest stamp. sorry I couldn't get my phone to focus any better for some reason. cheers!
  12. I think I know what it is. I just laid out a drawing to machine one to donate to my local maker space. I'm sure I saw a picture on another forum or ebay so the cat may be out of the bag. you certainly would need one for each letter set. best of luck.
  13. I would expect so. cheap leather is usually dry. A good leather has a healthy dose of 'fat licquor' added during the tanning process. the result being a very flexible, supple leather.
  14. dryness is probably the largest cause.
  15. thank you