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  1. yes, that is actually what I had thought about as well. again - I may make another sometime. so many fun projects ahead of that in the queue.
  2. thank you Stu. it is milled so time is what makes it get expensive. no way I could complete with China. I think I might make another sometime. cheers!
  3. I could probably adapt mine some, but it just takes too long to machine on a manual mill. Maybe after I get access to a metal cutting CNC machine. I made this as a donation to a local maker space and it looks like they liked it. I think your painter tape idea is great. I personally just lay a ruler on the leather but anything that works is good. cheers!
  4. for those that wondered, HERE is the letter guide from the evil empire. I like mine better but no way to get the price that cheap.
  5. when I was showing people I always started with "the main problem is that men get their balls in the way". what did I mean? Most people having a problem would approach it as if they were driving a nail. SLAM! tube splits and bends. (and yes, the wives always nodded to my comment). I would take it, and go tap tap tap - ensuring the tool was perpendicular to the snap (another usual problem), and it would be perfectly rounded over. same crappy snaps. same crappy setter. So yes, I would be inclined to say operator error. Stay Calm - and tap tap tap. PS. Same comment for Tubular rivets. It's not a nail.
  6. ha! try convincing the EPA of that. I remember having a convo with an EPA guy in Kansas who was involved in a closing of a tannery there that specialized in deer hides. He told me basically it's all political. the argument that chromium tanning pollutes the water supply (which it does) didn't hold water (pun intended). He said he tried to convince the feds that there was just about the same amount of chromium in the surrounding rocks but they didn't want to hear it. So now we send stuff to Mexico.
  7. Mexico is in North America. MANY US hides are tanned in Mexico and returned.
  8. thank you. For me this was a school project. I'm interested to see what the evil empire is coming out with. Nothing on their website yet.
  9. thank you.
  10. Hello. I know some beginners have problems keeping their letters aligned. This is an overlay lettering guide for 1" letters onto a 1 1/2" belt or strap that will hold the letters straight. It's constructed of 1/4" aluminum with a 1.52" channel that goes over the belt and the cutout can accommodate 12 letters. I did this for my final machining project. I learned a lot while cutting it. Mostly I learned I DON"T want to make another. It's difficult to hold and chattered and warped a bunch! Anyway, the Dallas Maker Space leather SIG is having a belt making class this weekend so I thought I'd donate it to them. Cheers!
  11. that is likely constructed from a finished chromium tanned deerhide. Chrometan does not redye well. It will likely end up blotchy as the chromium salts push out the dye. So, I don't know if there is a good solution for this.
  12. That is great! I've had an interest in making some steel rule dies but it's just one of the many things on the list of things to learn. I hope we can compare notes someday. -nick
  13. oh sure, but do you have to buy $1200 worth to get it wholesale?
  14. excellent variations. I like the one you chose with the F916.
  15. Hello  I am going to be laser engraving leather bracelets with words.  My son owns a large commercial sized laser machine.  We are worried about smoke damage and I have read quite a bit about preventing it.  We would prefer not using masking tape so I am hoping to find another option because tape damages the leather when pulling it off (plus is expensive). You mentioned using Pledge.  Can you explain.  Does that mean using pledge before laser engraving?  Then what do you do after laser engraving.  I also read on the leatherworking forum that Pledge is not good for leather.    Thanks for any help that you can offer.  

    1. Studio-N


      If the leather is chromium tanned, it is sealed so Pledge will not hurt the leather and gets the smoke residue off well.

      These days, I just wash them in the sink and let them dry (both veg or chrome). Or if it is undyed veg tan, just dye over it which hides the smoke damage.