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  1. i would love to wear that while answering the door on Halloween
  2. NVL is right on the money with this. I would add that you need to carefully check the weight on the 8/9 single bends. They always seem a little light to me.
  3. it is a square footage mark. But then if it was from Tandy - be assured it was a tannery run grade. They only buy / resale the cheap stuff
  4. New stamp. a combination of motifs. Punisher and Spartan. The Punartan. The Spartisher. You figure it out.
  5. since in your order of steps you will have dyed but not applied the finish, you can still moisten the leather to apply your stamp. Since moist and temporarily softened - you shouldn't need to leave it clamped over night. Just long enough to take the stamp then let it dry before applying the finish. You can even speed it up with a hairdryer. cheers!
  6. hello and thank you. on the plate above, I use my 1 ton arbor press. one problem people have is trying to do it all at once. That won't work. All of the force is in the one inch center of the ram foot so pressing doesn't do much for the outer perimeters. What I do is start in one corner and press. Move over 1 inch (the size of the ram) and press again. rinse and repeat until you've covered the entire surface. I've successfully done an 8x10" this way. If you're looking for an easier way to spread the pressure, a friend of mine makes these for the arbor press: presser foot
  7. thank you
  8. A day of the dead Mona Lisa. 2.5" tall for a wallet.
  9. Occasionally I get to work on something that I really enjoy. this is a custom embossing plate for one of my customers. It's 4.5" tall. God Bless American and keep her safe. sorry, not for resale.
  10. yes, they meet on the 5th Monday in February.
  11. thank you
  12. Haven't had much time to work on my own stuff but caught a break today and decided to knock this one off my to-do list. 1.25" tall. cheers!
  13. it cuts ok for lightweight leathers.