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  1. I personally don't make them but check with
  2. a friend of mine in Houston makes these which also has good application on an arbor press.
  3. In my old life it would have gotten used in all of the corporate meetings! cheers!
  4. sorry no. But I do ship to there.
  5. because some days......
  6. I guess they noticed all the money they WEREN'T making.
  7. absolutely SUPERB!
  8. that would certainly be more appropriate in Bossier. Haven't been in a while.
  9. new stamp for the horse lovers. Maybe I could do Return of the Jockey next. cheers!
  10. Got asked to do a volley ball stamp. this was the results 3/4". cheers!
  11. Thank you
  12. Full size 3x7 wallet back plate embossing. cowboy/cowgirl couple praying at the cross
  13. The soot can be cleaned off. Lemon Pledge works well (except perhaps on white).