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  1. besides myself, most stamp makers can do a larger stamp. we just generally get asked to only do a small one. The largest I've done is 10x12 but I can do up to a 1 foot by 2 foot on the laser and up to 50" on the CNC. what can be done will obviously depend on the design.
  2. play at making stamps of course. this is just a whimsy of a baby in boots. Not a total success but like I said I'm just playing. 2nd stamp is in the adult section. cheers! -Nick
  3. are you looking for one around the waist? The only I've seen have been bandolier style like what John Popper (blues traveler) uses. when you think about it though - the harmonica can be treated like a pistol magazine and an open magazine carrier would do the job for around the waist. cheers!
  4. thank you.
  5. This is my latest embossing plate in brass. It is 2D this time. Kinda a line drawing / chip carved style. I used a tiny 20 degree engraving bit to v-carve this out. Credit where credit is due - the original was done by Patrick Seymore who does a lot of this type of work. Cool stuff. there are a few others on his site I want to pay tribute to (that's the nicest way to say COPY). cheers!
  6. This is my latest embossing plate for leather. I did this during the tour night at the Dallas Maker Space. Got some excited potential members and some good questions. embossing plate of the Boy Scout emblem. 2.8" tall in Brass. cheers!
  7. thank you. I only set a maximum depth for the model. I don't usually have to worry about it bottoming out regardless of the thickness. That's probably why the tool marks aren't there. I haven't thrown this in the tumbler yet which should smooth it out quite well. cheers!
  8. this is the only claim I can make.
  9. thank you
  10. I'm no fan of the evil empire, but their new superior line seems to be an attempt to offer some good leather. However, the price is outrageous so still not a fan.
  11. This is my latest embossing plate for leather. Mods - move it if you think it is too racey. I decided to do both the positive and the negative although only the negative is needed for an embossing. trying to squeeze it between the plates tears thru the leather so I'll just use the positive as a showpiece. 3" tall in brass. cheers!
  12. very nice. the takeaway here is he is applying heat and pressure to emboss what must be a chromium tanned leather. He basically built a hot stamp embossing machine. Adding the silicone behind the piece was a good idea as opposed to glue and leather dust. Cheers!
  13. those are certainly stamped. I've done many similar ones for customers. He is obviously VERY good with an airbrush/paintbrush.
  14. this is a companion piece to the firefighter I put up last month with the resulting embossing. 3" piece of brass for a wallet back plate. I've done and shown this one before made from Delril but these brass ones should pretty much outlive me.