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  1. Finish for mud and rain

    First off I would junk the ecoflo and go for an oil based dye. But I learned long ago that I prefer oil base due to deeper penetration more even color and it conditions the leather while it's being applied. It has a liquid pigment as opposed to the powder pigment that water based die has and doesn't rub off like water based dye will either. As for an actual finish I like the atom wax finish with a follow up of some waterproofing polish. But that being said.. if you're not married to tooling leather you should look into american harness or english bridal leather that are specifically tanned and treated to withstand all weather conditions. I've gotten them both as thick as 14oz in the past but am hard pressed to find them over 12oz these days. As a last thought.. if you're going to be doing any gluing at all I would recommend the harsh barge cement or something similar over any of the water based stuff because it will dissolve and fall apart if left wet for to long where as barge will hold for almost ever haha. Whatever you chose though good luck!
  2. Want to start using an airbrush. Please Help!

    YouTube it. There's about a million hours of airbrush experience on YouTube from cleaning to streamlining to literally every minute aspect of airbrush types styles and price range. It took me a month to decide what set up was best for me and what I do with mine. Then it took me another month to learn the technique to actually use it. It takes real finesse and and control to get exactly what you're looking for, and some jobs are just not worth the time it takes to set up and tear down and clean up the whole thing. So while they are really great at some things, don't think like I did that it will solve all your problems haha.
  3. Help!

    Immiketoo is right. You'll have to dip it again until it's all a solid dark color. Either that or just start over.
  4. how do you achieve this look?

    It's an oil tan skin. We get ours through Acadia leather. It just comes that way. Possibly old town sage.
  5. Tandy edge kote

    Haha. What I meant to say is fiebings edge kote I got at the tandy store. I dont think tandy has their own brand.
  6. Hello. I am also interested in seeing what you have if you don't mind.
  7. Tandy edge kote

    Its possible that I did just apply to much to fast. I'll give giardini a try as well. Thanks for your time and info.
  8. Tandy edge kote

    Hey everybody. I've been a leathersmith for some time now but just recently started using fiebings edge kote. I premade a.... LOT of belts for a show and just the day before noticed that the edge kote was cracking and in some cases flaking off! I burnished the edges and applied the kote with an edge tool and hung them to dry. I've never heard of anyone having this problem before. Did I just get a bad batch.? Not shaken well enough? I've seen some people say you have to melt the edges? Has anybody else had this problem? If so i would really love to know how to fix it.
  9. Mauser broomhandle holster pattern help

    Awesome thank you! I couldn't find anything. I will definitely post the first I shed product as soon as done.
  10. Hey everybody. If you can spare the time I need help finding a pattern for the mauser c-96. Actually all I really need is a good outline and measurments of the stock. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.
  11. Need custom wallet made

    Hello, We make custom belts, holsters, wraps, and several other things with cow, kangaroo, stingray, and crocodile.. we have english bridal and traditional american harness leather on hand and can order others if needed. What does the wallet look like and what kind of leather were you thinking of re making it out of? If you like we can talk here or over text. Our phone number is on our website too at Hellhoundleatherco.com and our email is hellhoundleatherco@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you. Gavin.
  12. First Aid Kit

    Hello, If you google "leather first aid kit" there's easily a hundred examples of other peoples work. It should give you a good starting referance at least. Good luck!
  13. Custom collars needed

    I actually just opened up shop for making custome collars and other things. Anything Goes. We have a Facebook and etsy shop. What are you thinking as far as design?
  14. Leather couch restoration

    Does anyone know any tricks to restore scratched leather on vintage couches? Other than the scratches the couch is in great condition.
  15. How To Search

    Hey guys and dolls. I haven't been on for a long time. How do I search for spacific posts. I'm looking for the hand of God rig tut I saw a few years back and am not sure how to look for it. Thanks in advance for any help. If I can ever be of any use let me know.