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  1. Hey guys and dolls. I haven't been on for a long time. How do I search for spacific posts. I'm looking for the hand of God rig tut I saw a few years back and am not sure how to look for it. Thanks in advance for any help. If I can ever be of any use let me know.
  2. I haven't done it myself yet but plan to, I traded a whip a while back for a book of gold leaf. If you look up 'GILDING' on YouTube there are a tone of videos on how other people do it. Good luck.
  3. If I were going to try it I think I would go for 1 - 2oz leather and probably super fine thread with at least 6 or 7 stiches per inch. Pics would be great when you get done too. Oh, and you'll probably want to lightly case the leather while its being stiched so it'll streach around the pipe and not let the thread tear through the leather.
  4. I used craft tool #f941 for this and just followed the body direction.
  5. I like to case the entire thing and lay it on a flat surface until it dries. You'll have to put some books in plastic wrap along the edges to keep them from curling too. Tacking it down sounds like it would be a lot faster though. : )
  6. I do all my stiching by hand (so far) it wouldn't be THAT hard, but it would take way longer. But I figure slower isn't always a bad thing.
  7. I made a duty belt a while back that I still use, just took two 5oz veg tan and glued and sewed them together. Its held up relly well for a few years now.
  8. Same thing with plain sadlesoap, I tried gum trag for a long time and hated it.
  9. It lloks like 2 oz pig skin with a suade lining. All you need to cut it is some sharp sisors. It looks like the suade and skin are just glued together but not sewn so you'll need some good bonding cement. All the hardware is rivited on so you'll need a rivet seter and of course the rivets. And it looks to me like the design is just drawn on with a ballpoint pen.
  10. When I'm burnishing really thin leather like that I lay it flat on the marbel and just push in and down with my fingertips as flush as possable. It seams to work well for me. Good luck.
  11. You could either try gluing the edges together befor sewing, or check out kevin kingd tutorial about wallet making. I've only made a couple wallets but have laced the edges on all of them.
  12. I've been bmaking a few pairs lately and have been having good luck with putting it about 3/8" from the edge.
  13. It sounds like its a veg tan split.
  14. I have some buckskin I wanted to dye, I was thinking of using an air brush and also air brush 50/50 res and water over that. I haven't tried it yet due to lack of air brush. Just an idea.