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  1. Cowboy 4500 Leather Sewing Machine

    Send to did not receive any message.
  2. Cowboy 4500 Leather Sewing Machine

    I wish I was ready to purchase. I want to add this machine to my shop one day.
  3. I had the same thought a few years back, so I gave it a try. This collar(left 2" wide) is only stitched at the buckle-end and the end where the holes are. Center of collar(hornback) is only glue. Not sure if it was Barge or Wellwood from HD. But it's still holding till this day. My dogs are strong! As of now so far, so good. Malik
  4. Cutting A Large Piece Of Leather

    I have flat steel bars in different lengths/widths from Home Depot and cut with a rotary cutter.
  5. What Machine Do You Use?

    I have a Adler 867. Some of my collars up to 1/2" thick or so. This machine is incredible!
  6. Video Of New Techsew 5580 Roller Foot Delivered!

    Looks like it does what it should!! Congrats, and show us some straps when you done! Malik
  7. Hello From Brooklyn!

    Welcome Zac! This is an an amazing forum with a wealth of knowledge and experienced members. Enjoy! Malik
  8. Sewstrong Gc-4400 Opinions

    I believe I seen the same one on CL in Saugerties. You located in NY?
  9. A Couple New Seats

    I couldn't stop staring at all the detail. Incredible work!!! Braiding stitch(?) looks amazing also!!
  10. Latigo Good Quality

    I just received some nice samples from RJF. Check link at top of page.