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  1. II have been playing with making swivel knives from brass on my new lathe... I made all the stuff in the photos except the shanks with the finger piece...waiting for some bearings from china that are $10 for 10 bearings 4mm also making stylus's for tracing onto the leather but mine are longer and more of a pleasure to hold. regards Terry O'Brien the LEATHERBARON www.leatherbaron.com (facebook link ) photos show thee brass swivel knives and some that were flat chromed as a test
  2. 10pcs 681 Miniature Bearings ball mini open bearing 1.5 x 4 x 1.2mm on ebay from China for $ 10 for 10 bearings Regards Terry
  3. Saddle bags minimum $1000
  4. Any burnisher that spin in balance is a good idea.... my first one was an old washing machine motor with burnisher mounted on the end of it , worked good Thanks Rohn , easy to make , just gotta do it huh !!! took me 3 years to get around to it , the one afternoon to make it. regards
  5. Only way to get known is to get 5000 business cards made and plaster them all over your town , leave them at the Barbers , hardware store, if you have a coffee leave one at the table when you leave etc etc
  6. Been doing leather work since 1968 still trying to get good at it heh heh , I was trained by A Texan in the 1960's , he came to Australia and bought a Station ( Ranch ) and ran a Leatherwork Supply shop in Darwin Australia. Made a Roper Saddle once , it was fun..... even a shit saddle is still a saddle , it just looks better as you get better. Now I enjoy making Miniature Saddles for Display only... they are about 1/4 scale..... good fun to do Rgds Leatherbaron
  7. Shit hot stuff fellow
  8. what ever it is , it's leatherwork.... the next will be better , and the next you wiill get adicted rgds
  9. I make quite a few holsters mainly for cowboy rigs here in Australia and I can tell you that you Holsters look great , very neat one of the things I try to do is to make my leatherwork look neat. regards Leatherbaron
  10. Hi Guys , just thought I would show of my edge burnisher that I made this one is version 2 much more usefull than my first old model that used a washing machine motor and a Handgrinder hub as a gearbox etc etc the new one uses good stuff..... Had a friend who has a Wood Lathe to make me a couple of burnishing rollers of various sizes... to fit my 3/4 inch shaft .... which fits the bearings and casings.... the motor was the worst cost because i bought a brand new one.... as you can see it was easy to make using a bit of scrap steel for the base.... and a few hours assembly.... it works like a ferrari Regars Leatherbaron www.leatherbaron.com
  11. Hi ya Ben , glad to see your getting into the leatherworking we are all here to help if you need it.... regards Terry The Leatherbaron , Prospect SA www.leatherbaron.com
  12. I have no photos to explainn what I have done to my Arbour press , but I have a you tube video to link to .... this will explain it all.... I did the mod and its a great tip for sure. Leatherbaron
  13. Problem is once you start sewing with the machine your going to start sewing every damn thing just like me.... I enjoy sewing so much I hardly do any lacing anymore heh heh
  14. Hiya Seth , I had a hell of a lot of similar problems to start with , one of my main problems was not holding the thread for about 4 holes ... if i did not my bobbin would catch and lock up a lot. cheers