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  1. Hi there! I have some hand cut kangaroo laces for you. All are made by me specially for you. Technicals: I'm using only veg tanned kangaroo hide All laces are stretched and even. I can use or not saddle soap - it's up to you. Basically laces are soaked with saddle soap. Order Info: Minimal ordered quantity is five meters. You need to tell me what size you want. Standard laces are cut without taking care of scars. I'm just cutting through them. Lux laces are cut without scars. So the lace will be stronger. Shipping and payment info: Every item is shipped using Canada post. I accept paypal, cash or Western Union(I think, I never used Wester Union but if it's easy and you would like to pay via this - feel free). ---------------------------- What do I have for sell Kangaroo Laces 2-3,5 mm: Standard - 1,5 USD / meter (at the moment - black only) Lux - 2 USD / meter (at the moment - black only) 20 meters of standard lace - 27 USD (at the moment - black only) 20 meters of lux lace - 36 USD (at the moment - black only) Kangaroo Laces 3,6-4,5 mm: Standard - 2 USD / meter (at the moment - black only) Lux - 2,5 USD / meter (at the moment - black only) 20 meters of standard lace - 36 USD (at the moment - black only) 20 meters of lux lace - 45 USD (at the moment - black only) You have any question? Send PM to me or e-mail me on Karol Bilecki skype: kiscien_whips (mostly invisible so just write to me, I will answer when I can)
  2. Plaits

  3. Hi there! I would like to present my latest bullwhip. It's cow hide, 8 plait, 7,5 ft bull and it's ready to ship. Here is short video with this whip as a main character . Price is 230 USD. Shipment is FREE to Canada and US. For other countries please please ask for shipping quote. I accept paypal and wire transfer to my Coast Capital bank account. If you want to pickup your order by yourself you can use check, cash or internet payment as listed above. I'm living in Surrey BC in Canada, and here is the place where you can pickup the whip. Do you have a question? Write to . You can also buy it via ebay. Here is the link Regards, Karol Bilecki
  4. "sizing" Before Cutting Leather In Strands

    Hi there Rosie! I've never done this before and I would be afraid of doing that, as I can't imagine how I could get it off. And I have no idea why I should doing that... To make laces more even or what? Charles
  5. Looking For Supplier In Surre, Bc

    Thanks guys. But maybe you know other suppliers that have shops here?
  6. Hi! Is there any other supplier than Tandy in Surrey BC? I'm new here and I can't find anything in google. I'm looking for leather or tools supplier. Cheers!
  7. Kangaroo Lace - Color Bleeding

    The order you showed is the order I do. About Pecard or saddle soap. Some makers use pecard some use saddle soap. I didn't use Pecard or soap sold in US so I don't know. Ron Edwards - How to Make Whips. There You have everything you want about plaiting whips.
  8. Kangaroo Lace - Color Bleeding

    I'm using only two things. Animal fat mixed with little water (pig mostly because it's cheap), but only for natural and black leathers, or vaseline mixed with water for other colors. Natural fat has horrible tendency to darken leather only black or natural looks good after this. Vaseline is a little bit worst but still good anough (remeber to add water). If you don't want to use those, maybe try one which Aggiebraider is describing in previous post. I don't know US brands so I can't advice you which one is good. But I think he knows what to reccomend. - I always stretch leather after 10-15 minutes from soaking. - Braid when laces has little coat of some plaiting soap on them. Your work will be tighter. - Rolling is not for making braid soft. Only for making it smoother. If you have to make it for a long time, than you need to prepare your laces better. And yes. You have to seal the leather first, than braid when using two colors. So shortly speaking: For plaiting use soap, not liquid conditioners. Leather can not stain when plaiting or after, if you making at least two tone plaits. Rolling is fast and easy to do. If you have problems with this, you need to prepare your laces better . Hope it helps. Karol
  9. Kangaroo Lace - Color Bleeding

    give photos, maybe I could figure something out. If you want of course.
  10. Kangaroo Lace - Color Bleeding

    It's the same thing . I'm using flakes that with I'm making mixture, but this pure, ready to use shellack should be fine too.
  11. Kangaroo Lace - Color Bleeding

    It may be that you bought laces that seller dyed himself without sealing the leather. Don't worry about anything . It isn't something horrible. Sometimes, if I have leather like this I take shellack, and I dumping the laces in it for a sec. It runs great. Than after I finish plate I put few coats of finisher and voila! Try it. It's cheap and allows to save nerves . Also try to dye laces yourself. It's the same thing. Put it into some dye for few minutes, take it out and dry, dump it with shellack. Braid something and put some finisher. Feel free to ask questions if you have some.
  12. Hello all! In 27.10 I will be arriving to Surrey in Canada. And because of that I'm looking for a job. I will have open work permit so there is no problem with hiring me . No LMO opinion at least . I have 5 years experience in leather crafting and 4 years in sales in my own business. I know basics of HTML, and basics in joomla page editing. Until today I've tried to make(leather only): whips (up to 24 plait), bags, belts, leather and steel armours, saddles and many more. My hobbies are crafts, sports, movies, RPG games and few others but I belive these are most important. I tried blacksmithing, armour making, knife making, bow making. In the moment I'm learing how to cast foam and plastic. I'm cycling, climbing and fighting in a gym a lot. I belive that I'm skilled person. I don't smoke at all, and I don't drink much! Let's say one beer per month. What job I'm looking for? - Part time only - On salesman position in leather store for example - it will be best. I can help potential customer to choose, explain or advice in anything. - As a leathercrafter - I prefer not but If you can pay me decent money for this, than it will be no problem. Simply I'm little bored with this so I need some little change. If you can help me somehow please send me message. If you have any question also send me message . Karol Bilecki
  13. Kangaroo Lace - Color Bleeding

    Hi Tracym! In my opinion there is nothing uncommon in bleedeing the veg tanned leather. Sometimes more sometimes less, but in most cases I belive there will be such unpleasent effect. Only kind of leather where I have no problem with dye is chrome tanned leathers. Anyway what to do about it? I call it closing the leather - just put some finisher on it . Finisher is a liquid that is gone to stop bleeding. Right now I'm in Europe, soon I will be in Canada so I can't give you any name of specific brand at the moment because here we are using produts from Italy mostly. I belive that Tandy has some ( I found thing like this on their site: Fiebing's Acrylic Resolene). Another kind of finisher is shellack, which is used by whips makers, or wood varnish which is good, but only to not bending areas. Making leather thing without finishing it is something like making a wood table without varnishing it... Hope I helped Karol
  14. Purse Straps

    Hi! I would use paracord. It's not expensive and strong. Definitelly I would not make any kind of leather core because it will be longer to make and not better than paracord core. You can use with paracord strings to have proper thickness. Karol
  15. Hello! I have a brand new bullwhip for sell. It's combined with 'roo and cow hide. More in description below. I used paracord fall, but I can change it for rawhide fall if you want. Lenght - 7 ft 8 in Plait - 8 strands, cowhide. Knots are made using green 'roo hide. Handle - 8 in, covered with 12 strands. Fall - paracord Price - 750 PLN/ 243 USD/ 182 EUR Cheapest options of shippement : - to United States, and Canada - 28 USD - to Europe - 18 EURO - to Poland - 25 PLN