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  1. Now listed on craigslist
  2. Bills still coming in so price this weekend only is 9000.00
  3. Thanks guys. Appears like I'll be keeping this since there seems to be no interest. I have turned down a lot of work while I was medicating so just have to see how it goes.
  4. I understand completely. This is targeted mostly towards someone realizing they want to take their crafting to another level and haven't spent the many years I have collecting what they need. On a more positive note I have completed my clinical trial and the meds worked!!! I am no longer on the transplant list.
  5. Leather, exotics suited for small projects like holsters, lining leathers, lots more stuff I didn't take pics of but still important for your shop. Did I mention that the tool boxes, cabinet, work table, lights, stools are all included? Thanks for looking
  6. Here are some more pics to try to stimulate the market:
  7. Still no takers? I'm disappointed to say the least. Medical bills are piling up (I pay my bills rather than have someone else do it) so never can tell, even a better price might me entertained. PM with SERIOUS offers (please don't waste yours and my time with lowball offers) or call at 817-343-9923. Thanks
  8. I guess the guy from Oklahoma changed his mind. Haven't heard back from him since the initial contact: Sooooo... It's still for sale.
  9. Thanks so much. I have someone who called today from Oklahoma that's pretty close so we will see how it goes.
  10. Excellent idea, and I wasn't aware I was being negative. It is rather overwhelming thinking about taking pics and posting all this stuff. I will get some done tomorrow. Thanks
  11. Im just not interested in letting folks cherry pick and I'm left with other items that are harder to sell. Thanks
  12. Please See My For Sale Ad.

    That how you get the good deals
  13. Please See My For Sale Ad.

    No replies. That is really odd. Guess no one needs a complete shop for pennies on the dollar.