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  1. Ed in Tx

    I wanted to make an order on Buckleguy and the shipping is 30$

    There is no logical reason that the smaller items like the rivets can't be shipped in the same package as the hides. I have ordered numerous times from Springfield Leather and they have no problems combining leather and other small items. In my opinion it is all a matter of proper packaging. It would be an easy decision for me, I wouldn't order from that vendor. There are many choices available on line.
  2. Ed in Tx

    How to make ruler more grippy

    I do the same as kgg when I have longer cuts. Don't tell my wife, but I usually use the kitchen table and have a 5 ft. long aluminum ruler and place the clamps at each end of the table. That said, the ruler with the handle looks like a good idea but I didn't notice if it has a cork backing. Without that I think your going to have the same issue with slipping even with the handle.
  3. Ed in Tx

    Sewing Machine Stitching Issue

    I have had a similar issue in the past and it ended up being burrs on the needle. They weren't obvious just looking at the needle but I put it under magnification and could see them. I changed the needle and the problem went away. As mentioned previously needle size can have an impact. May not be your issue but you can always hope its something that simple.
  4. Ed in Tx

    Shows 'n' stuff

    A few years ago I decided to try selling at one of the local craft show that was supposed to be "handmade goods only". Well I paid my fee for table space and set up a couple of table to display the items I had made. The show was in early November and I had made a bunch of leather Christmas stockings alone with a few other things. After I set up I decided to take a stroll around to see what other vendors had on their tables. The more I looked the more disgusted I got, there were a few folks with truly "handmade" items but the vast majority of items being sold were the same junk you can buy at Hobby Lobby. There were a lot of people that attended the show but they weren't buying anything except the imported junk. To top it off they are bringing their kids along and letting run wild grabbing everything. They were serving food at concessions stands and kids with greasy fingers were picking up the stockings staining the leather, you think their parents said anything??? Take a guess. I thought maybe it was just me so I stopped by a couple of other table that had real hand made items and asked how they were doing. They were experiencing the same issues. It was supposed to be a two day show but after the first day I decided my time was worth more than sitting there all day just to barely cover the cost of the space. You would think I learned my lesson but no I was dumb and tried one for "craft Show" the second wasn't much different so I never bothered to try it again.
  5. Ed in Tx

    My German Shepherd Gerda

    That is an incredible piece of artwork. Very realistic and the level of detail is amazing. Well Done!!!
  6. Ed in Tx

    Cuz taxes didn't suck enough ...

    You can sum it all up with just one word.... AMAZON
  7. Ed in Tx

    Oil pot For Thread Lubrication..

    I purchased a thread lube pot a few years ago thinking I needed it. I paid around $50 for it and it bolted to one of the mounting holes on my Cobra 4. It now sits in a drawer and doesn't get used. I don't know what type of items you are making but I make a variety of things, holsters, belts etc. I tried using the lube pot and found that it isn't as easy as you might think. Getting the tread tensions set properly was a real chore. Ultimately I found that simply buying good quality pre-lubricated thread is all I really needed. In addition storing the thread properly when not in use also helps. I have never used a Ferdco Pro 2000 machine but I found that my Cobra 4 works perfectly well without a pot. Unless you are sewing something that is at the very edge of the machines capability thickness wise or you sew at the highest speed setting the machine is capable of, good quality thread is all you should need. I should probably lit my thread pot on here for sale since I have no need for it but.... that is just one more thing I haven't quite gotten around too.
  8. Ed in Tx

    Anyone know who makes these?

    Looks like one of the items Weaver Leather carry. They source them from the Amish community in Ohio I believe.
  9. Ed in Tx

    Thailand Tannery

    Perhaps the issue has nothing to do with the quality of the tanneries. Depending on what type of hides you are wanting they may not even be available in some countries for various reasons. Obviously the United States has an abundance of cattle hides available for tanning are a byproduct of the meat industry. Along those same line the US also has several tanneries that produce excellent quality alligator hides. Those hides are obtained either through farm raised gators or obtained from gator hunters who are governed by state and federal laws. On the other hand some countries are more lax in regulations regarding not only the procurement of exotic hides but also less concerned about how a tannery processes those hides ie: environmental concerns. Just a thought.
  10. Ed in Tx

    Aging.... blurry vision when tooling

    Old age sucks.. just wait until you hit the 60's!!! Don't hesitate in visiting the eye doctor to get things checked out and by all means get the glasses if you need them. Eye issues can be a sign of serious health issues so don't ignore it. That said I would recommend just using reading glasses for doing the tooling work. I spent a bunch of money getting the transition lenses and hated them for doing things that were close up such as tooling and other leather work in general, even using my sewing machine. I decided to buy a cheap pair of reading glasses at wally world and was much happier with how they worked. I eventually bought a pair of good quality readers and that is all I have used since for all of my leather work. Just my 2 cents..
  11. Ed in Tx

    Am I Totally Inept

    A couple of things I noticed that weren't mentioned or I missed them... Just "casing" the leather isn't all you need to do before attempting to stamp a piece. Using a glass burnisher to compress the fibers in the leather before starting to stamp is an important step. Also you should use something on the back side of the piece such as blue painters tape to keep the leather from spreading when you stamp. I am no expert by any stretch but the two items I mentioned are what I was taught when I first tried my hand at tooling.
  12. I decided to try out the Renia 315 recently for some of the same reasons. My major concern was using a latex based glue when making items that I wet mold such as holsters. So far I am very pleased with the results, the Renia 315 has worked well. One thing to keep in mind when using it is that it takes very little adhesive to go a long way. Make sure you follow the directions for use and allow the adhesive to set before joining pieces. You get plenty of work time and can make adjustments as necessary. There are a few vendors in the US that carry the Renia products, I bought mine from Lisa Sorrell when I was in Wichita Falls for the Boot and Saddle Makers Show in October. Her web site is as follows https://sorrellnotionsandfindings.com/ Renia has several products so make sure you get the proper one for your needs.
  13. Ed in Tx

    Snap Setting Issues

    Sorry, I can't tell you about any of the other tools they sell. Your intended use and volume of use should dictate which one you choose. I only use snaps occasionally so investing the $500 wouldn't make sense for me. If you are using snaps on everything you make and have the room the larger foot press might be a better choice.
  14. Ed in Tx

    Snap Setting Issues

    I haven't had any issues using my Goldstar press and dies with the LN24 snaps from Springfield. I have occasionally had to start the LN20 snaps with the hand setter and finish them with the press. I no longer purchase anything from Tandy simply based on their ridiculous prices, everything Tandy sells is overpriced when compared to competitors.
  15. Ed in Tx

    where is a good place to buy thread?

    Check out Springfield Leather, they have a variety of colors and sizes available. There is usually a link at the top of the page for their website.