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  1. Am I Totally Inept

    A couple of things I noticed that weren't mentioned or I missed them... Just "casing" the leather isn't all you need to do before attempting to stamp a piece. Using a glass burnisher to compress the fibers in the leather before starting to stamp is an important step. Also you should use something on the back side of the piece such as blue painters tape to keep the leather from spreading when you stamp. I am no expert by any stretch but the two items I mentioned are what I was taught when I first tried my hand at tooling.
  2. I decided to try out the Renia 315 recently for some of the same reasons. My major concern was using a latex based glue when making items that I wet mold such as holsters. So far I am very pleased with the results, the Renia 315 has worked well. One thing to keep in mind when using it is that it takes very little adhesive to go a long way. Make sure you follow the directions for use and allow the adhesive to set before joining pieces. You get plenty of work time and can make adjustments as necessary. There are a few vendors in the US that carry the Renia products, I bought mine from Lisa Sorrell when I was in Wichita Falls for the Boot and Saddle Makers Show in October. Her web site is as follows https://sorrellnotionsandfindings.com/ Renia has several products so make sure you get the proper one for your needs.
  3. Snap Setting Issues

    Sorry, I can't tell you about any of the other tools they sell. Your intended use and volume of use should dictate which one you choose. I only use snaps occasionally so investing the $500 wouldn't make sense for me. If you are using snaps on everything you make and have the room the larger foot press might be a better choice.
  4. Snap Setting Issues

    I haven't had any issues using my Goldstar press and dies with the LN24 snaps from Springfield. I have occasionally had to start the LN20 snaps with the hand setter and finish them with the press. I no longer purchase anything from Tandy simply based on their ridiculous prices, everything Tandy sells is overpriced when compared to competitors.
  5. where is a good place to buy thread?

    Check out Springfield Leather, they have a variety of colors and sizes available. There is usually a link at the top of the page for their website.
  6. Snap Setting Issues

    I finally gave up and purchased a press and die sets for attaching snaps. I had the same issues you are describing and it is frustrating. Take a look at the Goldstar Tool web site, they have a package deal for $70 that gets you a press and a set of dies of one size of your choosing. When I bought mine a few years ago I got the press, LN 24 and LN 20 dies along with some snaps for under $100. The amount of frustration and time it has saved me are worth a lot more than that.
  7. I'm sure Filson products are great but looking at their web site they are definitely not in my price range. $75 for the cheapest pair of shorts and long pants starting in the low $100 range up to $245 sorry but that is a lot more than I will pay.
  8. I will admit it, I was very doubting about the ability of a sewing machine having the capability of sewing through kydex. Always wanting to see it before I believe it I tried it. Much to my surprise I was able to punch through the kydex with no issues whatsoever. I used a size 24 diamond point needle and 277 thread sewed together a 5 - 6oz piece of veg tan tooling leather and .06 kydex with no visible thread fraying. I sewed it with a Cobra 4 machine.
  9. Not trying to be critical however BikerMutt made a couple of good observations. Looking at some of the edges it appears as though the issue might be the "presser foot" pressure that is creating the unsightly marks next to your stitching. Also the finished edges are very important, they give the product a more finished look. One other Item that I noticed looking through your site was that your men's belts are not lined same hold try for the dog collars. When someone is paying a premium price for an item they expect some durability. With the men's belts being unlined and no stitching I wouldn't expect them to last long. The edges are going to start to roll especially at the belts loops. I may be wrong on the aesthetic issues being that I am older and possibly that makes a difference but to me quality and product finish are important. The site itself looks great.
  10. Rein Rounder

    Grihm, If that is what you are wanting a rein rounder for you may be very disappointed. I don't know how small you are wanting to make the diameter of the item but you might be better off having something made specific to your needs. If you had a piece of steel plate and drilled a couple of holes the diameter you needed and then have the holes beveled it might work better and cost less. A rein rounder opens up to allow for larger size material you may not need that if your doing something smaller. Just a thought.. I'm basically cheap and always look for an alternative if I can save a buck.
  11. Transfer images to leather

    One thing you can try is household wax paper, the kind used around the kitchen. Print your image on the wax paper using an inkjet printer. After you have printed the image you lay the printed side on the surface of the leather and use a roller to transfer the image. Of course the image is going to be reversed but that is easily fixed if you have some computer savvy.
  12. Rein Rounder

    Try Bruce Johnson, he sells all sorts of old leather working tools. https://brucejohnsonleather.com/ One thing I can tell you for sure is they are an expensive tool no matter where you buy one.
  13. Burnisher attachments

    I purchased a Dremel type from www.proedgeburnishers.com They make all variety of burnishers from Dremel size up to large sizes.
  14. Best value for leather

    Buying your leather from Tandy is the worst possible choice. Springfield Leather has a few different choice in veg tan at different price points. I recently purchased a belt bend that was on a flash sale for $99 and they split it to the weight I wanted free of charge. The leather was from a tannery in Europe (don't remember exactly where) but the hide is great. Tools extremely well and takes dye easily with very even results. When you are buying from Tandy your paying a lot more money for lower quality hides. Some of their prices just make me laugh, recently they had some European veg tan that priced out at around $17 a sq. ft.
  15. Great Service

    I see by some of the responses I am not the only one that sees the importance of UPS devices. I would rather invest the $100 for a UPS than risk having hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of electrical devices ruined by a surge. The devices might be covered by your homeowners insurance if you meet your deductible and don't mind the hassle of dealing with the insurance company but I prefer the peace of mind. In my prior life before retirement I dealt with highly sensitive electronics such as fiber optics and networks. The UPS devices we used came in all sizes but one thing for sure the cost of the UPS was minimal when considering the alternative of network outages.