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  1. Zippo lighter sheath

    Here's a pattern that I've used in the past. Hope it helps. ZIPPO.pdf
  2. Twin Eagle Thread

    Matt, thanks for resending the thread sample. Received today, with the envelope intact, and the thread is impressive. A bit larger than what I usually prefer but I am very interested if you begin stocking a smaller 0.6 thread. Thanks again!
  3. Twin Eagle Thread

    Thanks Matt but it looks like I too fell victim to the USPS. I received your envelope Friday with nothing inside and the left side torn open. Any chance you could try re sending? Thanks again for the generous offer.
  4. Barry King Awl Blades

    I recently received a new Barry King awl blade and I'm not having much luck with using it. It looks like the awl blade was received already sharpened and polished, as he states on his website, but I cant get the blade to pierce through fairly thin leather (5-6oz) without difficulties. I tried sharpening the blade, per Nigel's tutorial video, but it doesnt seem to help. The awl blade appears to be extremely hardened steel and my sharpening stone hasn't changed it much at all. I've gone back to using my previous Osborne awl, which goes through thicker leather with no problems, but I am hoping another member might have some advice. I hate not being able to use this new awl handle and blade. Any suggestions or comments?
  5. Dopp Kit Pattern

    I wanted to share my take on this dopp kit pattern and wanted to say thanks again to Tom for the pattern help. Get well soon Tom, can't wait to see what else can be created this new year.
  6. Dopp Kit Pattern

    Awesome! Thanks for your help tboyce...
  7. Mallets And Mauls

    Those look great and I really dig the square face mallets. Where did you find the delrin? I've looked online but haven't been able to find a good source.
  8. Japanese Wallet Books

    I've been into these Japanese/Chinese leathercraft books for a while now and they are full of useful information and tips, in my opinion. If you purchase actual hard copies of these books, most of them come with full size pull-out patterns. I also have several of the older books in pdf format and can send you one of the wallet books if you're interested in checking it out before buying, since they are pretty pricey. The photos are really detailed and unless you read Chinese/Japanese, that's all they're really good for...
  9. Satchel Pattern Wanted

    I have this pattern in my files. I don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for but it may be a good start. If this violates a forum rule, I will be happy to take it down. Hope it helps!