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  1. Hello and Goodbye

    Stick it out. I don't believe I've ever commented on any of your posts but I've enjoyed many of them. I experienced some of what your talking about awhile back and took a break from posting here, not that I ever really posted a lot anyway. Now I'll usually jump in only if I know the answer to something that no one seems to be answering. There is still a wealth of knowledge here.
  2. Hide House

    I purchase from them regularly. Great prices and quality, fast shipping, etc. Call and ask for Kim, she is awesome!
  3. Heating Edge Creaser

    I use an El cheapo electric hot plate. Think I bought it at Target 10 years ago for $15 or so. I have the heat adjusted to where it works best and when I need to crease I just sit the creaser so the tip lays on the hotplate and I just leave it there till needed. Keeps the tip at a steady temp.
  4. Durkopp 291 walking foot machines for sale (22)

    Do you have a link to the listing for these? I'm interested but what have to have it shipped. Likely still be worth it at this price. I did a search on Kijiji for them and came up empty.
  5. Thor sewing machines

    Looking at their website it looks like the Thor GA 441 is basically the same clone of the Juki 441 you can get from several different places. Looking at different things on the machine though, it does not appear to have been set up to sew leather as good as it could be. Price looks to be on target. If you can check how they are on customer service it might be worth it as it looks like your close and it would save you on shipping.
  6. Odd Custom Requests

    For A Harley owner with large ape Hanger handlebars..Grip and lever cover set with 72" of hanging fringe. yes, you read that right..6' hanging fringe. Customer loved the way they looked but it turned out he could not use the lever covers because as the bike accelerated and the fringe caught the air it would start to apply his brakes and pull in the clutch. Could have been a form of Darwinism...
  7. I have an American Rotary brand phase converter running two 25 Ton clickers at the same time for 4+ years. They are still available on eBay for under $400 with free shipping for the 5HP model.
  8. Machine thread size limits

    On most machines I think the entire machine is built to use a certain range. Go over that range and you won't have physical clearance for the thread to travel around the bobbin and catch the hook. You may not be able to use a needle larger enough to suit a larger thread size without fraying the thread. Then consider the internal moving parts are built to handle the intended thickness of material and thread. If your 227R is like my 229R there is a little button that will release, kind of like a mechanical circuit breaker, and it will stop your machine from turning if you attempt to sew something to heavy. I'm sure others will come along that can give you better answers but bottom line is you can't make one machine do it all.
  9. Handmade machine stitched?

    I might have missed this. I thought the question was whether a machine stitched item could be called hand made. Calling it hand made is different than calling it hand stitched if it was done by machine and I would have issue with that too.
  10. Servo Motor questions

    The biggest difference is the 1000 is brushless. That alone is worth the extra money IMO if you will use it a lot.
  11. How does this buckle set work?

    The keeper should be oriented so the belt enters the keeper with the direction of the bevel so the belt will be easier to put through and will lay flatter.
  12. Handmade machine stitched?

    The market will dictate what an item will sell for. After years in this industry I've found that 75% of our customers know little to nothing about leather. They wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a high dollar hide from H.A.A.S. and a piece of naugahyde if they were holding it. Out of the 25% that would, the only time it seems that anyone notices the stitching is if it is terrible or great looking decorative stitching. There are even less that could identify the difference between a hand sewn saddle stitch and a machine made lock stitch by sight, and even less that would know why the hand sewn saddle stitch is stronger. To the original question, I think its fine to say a product is handmade if it is sewn by machine. It's just not hand sewn. Semantics and opinions. I've learned hard lessons over the years in this business about different manufacturing methods, advertising, and what the customer wants and needs. The easiest way to sum it up is that Harbor Freight exists because not everyone needs a Snapon tool for every job and a lot of people just can't afford the snap on tool. If you have built up your reputation you can be the Snapon quality guy and make a great living selling higher end high dollar products but it is very hard to be the new guy on the block and be the Snapon quality guy. Not saying it can't be done. Back when I started my business I started it with ideas of making my items using better leather, thread, etc. making them stronger and more elaborate than the competition. My business fell on it's face and I started over again with the business model of selling quality simple items that could sold for relatively low prices. Things started selling and after awhile I started adding in some of the higher end items. Been going nearly 40 years now with a second generation getting ready to take the reins and one of the biggest lessons I'm trying to pass on is there are a million really cool products I want to make and I like to make, unfortunately only a handful of those items will become popular with customers and turn into a great selling item. Right after that happens is when the competition starts knocking off your design...but thats another story and I'm rambling!
  13. Help needed with Singer 331K4

    Just another thought on this if you have not figured it out... is your thread getting oil on it?
  14. Help needed with weaver draw gauge.

    probably a lot to that. I never saw the need to try one like the weaver or an osbourne metal type cause the wood one always did a good job for me. Wasn't till I started needing 10-20 straps a day that I gave up on it and bought a Cobra strap cutting machine. Only time I use the wooden one now is if I just need one strap and I don't feel like moving the blades on the Cobra.