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  1. Dry leather glue issue

    Never thought about it. It might but I was shown this 20+ years ago and I've never had an issue. That being said I go through a 32 ounce can of barge every two months so its not like they are sitting around for a long time.
  2. Dry leather glue issue

    If you put a little vaseline on the threads on the cap it won't get stuck
  3. Which locking method do you prefer

    Depends on the needle and machine I'm using, specifically if my stitch is straight or angled. If the stitch is straight I prefer spinning my work around unless its a very large piece. If it is an angled stitch it always seems like I can line it up better using reverse.
  4. Dry leather glue issue

    Google search finds it available from many sources. Works great.
  5. Acrylic aquarella paint used on leather edges!

    The paint is not meant to be a cover up for uneven edges. You need to edge bevel, shape, sand your edges until they are smooth. Then depending on what your using for edge treatment, slick them either before you paint or after you dye. At least thats how I do it. Finishing edges always remind me of what a shop teacher taught me back in wood shop a gazillion years ago. A good finish will not hide imperfections in the wood, it will amplify them. I have found the same is true with leather.
  6. Anyone else going to be here this morning for load out. Just pulled an all nighter drive in here. Got time for a1 hour power nap before they open.
  7. Cane Toad Skin Stubby Holders

    I'm curious about the head..that's awesome. Did it hide come with the head? What are the eyes made of. Please elaborate.
  8. Wallet with coin pocket

    Yup...but in some of us the artist is a 3 year old with a box of crayons and others a Rembrandt. Very nice work, I'm envious of your tooling skills. I can do basket weaves and geometrics all day long but if I tried to do something like that...lets just say the results would be less pleasing to the eye.
  9. Smell of Leather

    The smell you think is the smell of leather in new cars is actually the smell of organic compounds off gassing. Plastic, vinyl, foam etc.
  10. Snafu....situation normal, all f**ked up
  11. Don't over think it and don't over spend. Years ago I fell into the exotic wood burnishers trap. Just about any piece of wood or plastic will burnish the edge of leather. Veg tan is really all yu will be able to burnish by slicking. Depending on the leather sometimes wood works better, sometimes canvas. Tricks I have learned along the way...good sharp edgers that make a nice clean cut make for better looking slicked edges. The quality of the slicked edge comes down to how much work you want to put into it. I have products that I run the edges on my cobra burnisher for a minute, get a nice smooth burnished edge and call it good. I have other products that I spend hours on the edges shaping, slicking, sanding, slicking, sanding...repeat until it looks like glass. As always different quality leathers will have different results.
  12. What size needle and thread are you using on top. Looks very large
  13. Hi, I'm not sure any of the products I know of made for leather will seal and protect from bacteria. I would just keep the meat in plastic bag inside the leather bag. Is this not possible for this? With Google translate... Hola, no estoy seguro de que ninguno de los productos que conozco hechos para cuero selle y proteja de las bacterias. Solo mantendría la carne en una bolsa de plástico dentro de la bolsa de cuero. ¿Esto no es posible para esto?
  14. No Machine will do it all. If I had to purchase one to start with I would purchase a Juki 441 clone. Either the Cowboy or the Cobra depending on which dealer is closer as to save on shipping. Both Cowboy and Cobra have exceptional customer service. This style machine is a work horse and will sew everything but the thin stuff.
  15. Tredle for singer 29k

    Have them ship it in pieces. The top unbolts and can be shipped separate. The two sides can ship together and then all the other smaller pieces