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  1. Motorcycle Shifter Boot Protector

    Maybe but most of what I would classify as hipsters around here don't even wear boots. They're riding around with flip flops and shorts and no helmet because they don't want to mess up their hair man-bun.
  2. Adler 68

    Do you have a micrometer to take measurements of that cover part 068 00 473 0 . I might have something that fits laying around...
  3. Tension is a tug of war. The tension is either correct or incorrect. If your knot is on top, which yours is, and your top tension is backed off all the way, that means your bobbin tension needs to be tighter. As a general rule the top tension is the "go to" for tension adjustment unless your bobbin tension is out of the tolerances the top can adjust out. I would set your top tension to about the center of its adjustment and then start adjusting the bobbin for more tension until the knot is in the middle of your work, not showing on top or bottom. Once you get there you don't need to mess with the bobbin for minor adjustments just the top. Knot on top, lower top tension, knot on bottom, raise top tension.
  4. Boss sewing machine

    Everyone I've ever known that purchased one echoed the statements above about having to constantly adjust them. When I was machine hunting I checked out my friends Boss and decided to get a cobra. One week after I got my cobra my friend put his Boss up for sale and bought a cobra. Your mileage may vary
  5. Motorcycle Shifter Boot Protector

    Yep! I have an old pair of riding boots in the closet that 40+ years on them and the scuff is nearly worn all the way thru. Kind of a badge of honor for all the miles on them...and me.
  6. Without any other information like machine, needle size, thread size, leather thickness my guess would be not enough tension up top. That being said, wrong size needle and or thread will do the same thing
  7. Looking forward to getting me a new Knipschield knife..or two. Maybe a few black crack's and test drive a few different sewing machines to fill my gap for 138 to 207 thread size sewing. Outside of that, making some friends!
  8. The Sheridan Wy show is next weekend. Looking forward to attending and picking up some new toys and meeting some people. Who all is planning to attend?
  9. **Help Identify Machine**

    That is not a good machine for leather work. It may make a decent stitch for about two hours of sewing and then the motor will be junk. The seller does a good job of not letting you see the whole machine but what he does show is that it does not have a walking foot. For $350 you can do a lot better.
  10. Clicker press cutting boards...

    For me to ship one board it would cost $52 each way. Shipping all 60 would be laughable. At 25lbs each and taking a whole pallet space on a truck I'm sure it would be in the 6-800 range. Guess I have a bunch of trash. Just hate throwing stuff out that still has life.
  11. Clicker press cutting boards...

    There are several places I know of that do it for $5 a square foot like Weaver does. As for time, last time I saw it done it took about 5 minutes to do both sides. It's the shipping that kills the deal. Maybe I'll just wait till I go to the next Weaver leather auction and I'll just throw 20 of them in the truck when I drive out. Was really just hoping somebody was doing it out here in Utah or maybe a neighboring state. Thanks for the replies!
  12. Clicker press cutting boards...

    The boards are 36" x 15.5" x 1" polypropylene. As for trying to plane them myself, not interested. I already work 14-18 hours a day 6 days a week. I don't need another project. I'm just trying to find if someone close to me can do it cheaper than I can buy new ones for. If not I'm going to throw them out.
  13. Just wondering who people use to plane there clicker press boards? I actually have a stack of about 60 boards in the shop as I trash both sides in about six months. I have a place that sells new boards that is close by for $100 so it is cheaper for me to just buy new. Everyplace I've ever looked at that planes them, it will cost me more to ship round trip and pay for the planing service then to buy a new one. Keep hoping a place will open up close by and I'll never have to buy a new board again... Anyone know of anyone that does it near Utah?
  14. Re-inventing the wheel?

    I just put a small piece of double sided sticky tape on the back of what I'm tooling. It keeps it from sliding around and pulls off easy when done.
  15. Dye Companies

    And for the record, I buy from LeFarc and they will sell one hide at a time.