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  1. Choosing the right laser

    Thank you to everyone contributing info on this. I'm looking to purchase something this year. Ran into a local Epilog rep a few days ago and he invited us to their shop to do some testing. We are hoping to go get some laser time on our leathers with him sometime next week. I'm more interested in engraving than cutting as we have clicker dies for most of our products already but I had never thought about using a laser to cut our own packaging. We have several products that are problematic when it comes to packaging and making our own could be the ticket!
  2. center of flap folding up

    Not sure what type of sewing machines you have available but I have solved that problem on bags I've made by sewing a piece of kydex to the leather. The added plus is you can shape the kydex however you want. I use a cobra 4 and it sews right through leather and kydex easily.
  4. What do you cut your leather on?

    Yep, I'll be a third on what Bruce said adding I'll cut with my box cutter type knife on my self healing mat but not with my head knife for the reason he stated. That being said I'm partial to the self healing mats that uline sells. I can get about 6 months out of an Olfa brand mat and about 2 years out the Uline mats. cutting mat&AdMatchtype=e&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxpGw0cek3wIVIx6tBh33Jwn7EAAYASAAEgLAVPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  5. My hobby room

    Haha...that's would I said years ago when I moved my business from a 900sqft apartment into a 3700sqft house. 6 months later...the only part of that space not dedicated to the business is the master bedroom and the kitchen.
  6. What Landis is this?

    Go get it Big know you want another one! If I buy another right now my biz partner will kill me.
  7. Craftool Pro Splitter

    I've has one for a few years. Don't remember why but mine came with a spare blade. I set it up with the blade it came with and remember it being dull as shit. I stropped it and it worked much better. Took the spare blade to my local blade guru to have it sharpened as I suck at sharpening. According to him it is actually a decent quality metal but wasn't sharpened worth a shit. He got it good and sharp and I've been using it for a few years with the occasional stropping. I use it for 1-1/2 straps down to 3/8" wide latigo and veg. I can get it down to paper thin although once you get that thin the leather will start stretching on you pulling it through. If you can't sharpen good, find someone who can and it will work great for what you need I think.
  8. What Landis is this?

    Yep, as Bob said it's a #1. If it has a bobbin and turns I'd do it for $500. The bobbin cases are scarce though and will likely cost you more than $500 for a good one. Of note is the base is the full treadle base with that big wheel. That was an option that is hard to find.
  9. Sheriff badge, rivet.. Anything?

    These are conchos I currently have in stock. The first and the last in the nickel color shown and also brass plated. I don't make holsters. I use them mainly on motorcycle related products and wallets occasionally.
  10. Sheriff badge, rivet.. Anything?

    Try searching eBay for them. They are called Texas Star Concho. I would (will) sell you one if you can't find one closer to you on eBay. I just looked up 1st class parcel from me to Slovenia for 1 of them and it costs $14 postage. I would just charge you my cost if you only need 1 concho...which is $1. I have a couple of different styles but before we get into that see if you can find them close to you so you don't have to pay a fortune for shipping.
  11. Black Friday deals

    Yeah, I got a black friday flier from Tandy. What a joke. My regular pricing on the few things in the flier I would purchase is better than their Black Friday offers. Nobody really does anything substantial sale wise that I know of for leather or leatherworker tools.
  12. Firefighter Sewing machine

    I know The Thread exchange carries nomex and Kevlar thread. I prefer Superior threads for whatever my opinion is worth. They carry Kevlar but do not have Nomex. I'm guessing from what your saying you are making the helmet ID's, not sure what they are called. From the ones I have seen I would probably use size 207 to 300 thread.
  13. Alternatives to cardboard

    Contact paper works great. Holds the work and keeps it from distorting but doesn't stick enough to pull up the flesh side
  14. Spot Setter

    I don't have the little wonder but I do have the older Weaver heritage foot press setter. I'm fairly sure that the spot setter used is the same for both. If so, works good for me. I have found that while I may be able to set spots a little faster by hand after punching the holes and putting in the spots by hand, I can do it overall faster with better accuracy and consistency with the press.