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  1. Tooling question for deep solid lines

    The straight lines and "EZRA" as well as the heart look like they were hand cut with a swivel knife. Same for the arrows. As for the colors...there is more than one way to skin that cat. I would use a paint like Angelus brand leather paints on the lettering first. Then use a resist over the lettering and then antique or dye.
  2. Sewing 9-11 oz latigo

    Latigo can be a bugger sometimes. Probably one out of every ten hides I buy will do this. Sometimes going up a needle size will help and sometimes not. I've had some success using silicone thread lube when it happens.
  3. Good deal? Cowboy CB 29 18” arm

    Take the belt off and see if it turns smoothly. If so, buy it! You can do things with a patcher that you can't do with any other machine. I have 2 of them and I'll be buried with them.
  4. Barge Cement

    I wear disposable surgeon type rubber gloves...
  5. sewing thread and suppiers

    I purchase from Superior threads and the Thread exchange for most of my stuff. Some of my more bold colors and neons I order from Coats USA.
  6. I own for lack of better words..a metric buttload of leather stamps. Been collecting for years and I have not seen that one before. I suspect looking at the impression that it was a handmade stamp. If no one else on here recognizes it I would suggest sending a picture to this gentleman His work is outstanding and so are his prices. Don't let his geographical location scare you. His turn around time is quick and he is a known quantity in the leather forums as someone who is trusted.
  7. Fortuna Skiver w. TOP and BOTTOM feed

    Sigh...I live in the wrong country. Then again if I lived in Germany my house would look like a leather machinery museum and I'd be broke and in trouble with the ole lady all the time...
  8. You have nothing to fear Bob. Your excellent customer service and knowledge is a known quantity in the Industry and I can say the same for Steve over at Cobra. Even if the it was apples to apples I would spend more buying from one of you guys because I know what I will get. I love this line, " You will get exactly what is in the pictures but the machine will be brand new in the box. Some assembly is required." and that he says all you guys do is have them put your name on it. I have seen how these machines arrive from the manufacturer. There is considerable knowledge needed to assemble them and time them..etc. I'll toot your horn for you guys.
  9. Here is some history on the maker.
  10. Have any black and brown oil tanned in the 6 oz range?
  11. Randell leather creaser 1887

    I agree with Bruce on taking care with packaging for shipping. eBay will definitely allow the market to set the price. I would still link the eBay listing in the for sale section here. It will give you all of ebay but it will also make sure you target people in the trade. I have one of these in my shop I bought a few years back and they are a great tool for someone that does a lot of belts/straps. Good luck with it
  12. Rivet Back Concho's

    Not sure if when you say must take all in the top photo if that applies to only that photo. If so I'd like all in the top photo if still available. Will PM my address for shipping costs..
  13. Randell leather creaser 1887

    Here in this forum... Is the bottom roller wood or metal on this one? Do you have the foot press pieces that attach to it to apply pressure? What are you looking to get out of it?