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  1. Leather squeezing out from bottom side feed dogs

    Hi I don't own your model sewing machine but have similar cylinder arms. Northmounts comment about making sure your holding the project level is spot on. Its natural to try to hold the leather higher for some reason and takes some practice. Also, when stitching close to the edge, if the edge of your leather is right on the edge of the feed dog slot then the presser foot can try to push the leather into the feed dog slot causing things to go a little sideways. Don't know if this is an option with your machine, mine has the option to switch to a holster plate that has a thinner slot. The easiest option to overcome this issue while learning is to not trim the edges of your project until after you sew them. Of course this isn't always possible but many times it is and its a simple fix!
  2. Skiving Machine

    Shipping cost to Utah, 84015?

    Yep..pretty much been my experience. Guess I just keep searching for the Holy Grail. I keep wanting to just try and make my own. it's on my list of about a 1000 other things that I'll never do because I just don't have the time...

    I'm more interested in how thick the binding can be, not the width.
  5. Our Beloved Friend Ebay

    God, ain't that the truth! I've been dealing with eBay since The few times I actually called them to talk about an issue it was like talking to a voice recorded message. All they say is the same written scripted common sense. Yep! Everything I have on eBay is listed as a Buy It Now item and I don't use the "Best offer". My selling price is the price, take it or leave it. I have the same pricing on eBay and Amazon. I will get 2-3 messages daily on eBay asking if I will take a reduced price. I have never, not once in 2 years on Amazon received a message asking if would take a lower price. I actually started on Amazon as an experiment because eBay was pissing me off. The 1st year was terrible. Was making maybe 10% of what I make on eBay. This summer was second on Amazon. I started with 20 products on Amazon. I have 105 established products on eBay. By June of this year Amazon was selling 300% more than eBay with only roughly 20% of my product on it. Needless to say I've been adding a lot more product to Amazon... And yes, I hate the fee's for both of them but I add them into my price and when my customers receive their orders with my biz card they go to my website and find my prices are 10% cheaper which helps even more with directing traffic there. That being said, my website is self built through wix and while it gets decent traffic I'm thinking its time to buck up and hire someone to build me a good one!
  6. Happy little accident

    Ahhh..that explains the obvious artistic skill. You are a natural but it is probably because you already know you are an artist and having the confidence to jump right in and really go for it is half the battle. Your work is looking great. I've found when using antiques on large areas I put on my gloves and do exactly what most people will say to not do. I pour a lot of antique right on the leather..and I mean a lot of excess. and then get to spreading it around by hand immediately. As long as there is excess antique while your doing this it will not streak. When you get the entire surface covered remove most of the excess with a piece of cotton T shirt or similar. Then smooth out of dye job or high light areas you want to be lighter with a damp sponge. Bottom line is this works for me but...when I first started working leather I was taught that there was pretty much one way that was right to do any given task with either a leather tool or dye, etc. I think that is a bunch of shit. I've found over the years that there is a bunch of different ways to get excellent results and an artist will find his way and personalize it. When they do, and they perfect it, it will be awesome. Looking at your work makes me realize I need more employees so I can get out from behind the clicker press and the sewing machines and get back to doing what I love!
  7. Our Beloved Friend Ebay

    Good luck with that since it is against policy to have anything mentioning your website name or email address anywhere in your listings or correspondence using their messages. A simple look in the seller help forums at all the people that are crying daily about having their account blocked for doing so. About the only thing you can do towards this is I put a business card in every package I ship from eBay and Amazon sales after someone has made a purchase. I have found that 90 % of my repeat customers will then shop directly from us and they also recommend us by website to their friends. Also if LumdenDoodle2 is manufacturing her own stuff she doesn't have to worry about Amazon trying to pull and end around run to her supplier. I do extremely well on Amazon. Far better than I do on eBay and frankly Amazon is easier to deal with as far as listing. A leather craftsman can do well on there, just follow the rules!
  8. Our Beloved Friend Ebay

    Amazon is much better in my opinion. I sell on both venues but they are two different animals. People shopping on ebay think they are shopping at a yard sale and expect discount pricing. People shopping on Amazon expect new product from a professional business. eBay drives me nuts with there constant rule and policy changes. They can't leave shit alone for 2 days without me having to go in and update a couple hundred listings. Just happened again today with new security protocol crap... Amazon has very strict rules also. they don't give warnings like ebay. You violate them and your account is shut down until you can convince them your ready to make changes. Make sure you understand their policies on what is a new product or an existing product in their catalog. This screws most new sellers right off when they are coming from eBay. If your looking to sell Holsters that you are making and you search their catalog, find holsters and click on "sell similar" and proceed you will be screwing up. You will be listing your holster under the UPC or EAC code of whatever Holster you selected. Obvioulsy you are not part of that company so that code can not possibly be yours. The system will allow you to do this. Then the original seller that owns that product will report and your short and illustrious Amazon career will be done. Long story short...if your making your own products you have to have your own UPC's for every product you list. Where do you get them? Go back to your favorite venue, eBay. you can buy 1000 of them for about $2.

    Ditto! I have friends down in Missouri City that at last communication Monday night were stuck at home with about 20 of their neighbors sheltering with them. They were originally told to shelter in place. When the mandatory evacuation order did come all ways out of their neighborhood were already flooded and they don't have a boat. Their house is on the highest ground in their neighborhood and as of Monday evening they had about 6" of water on the ground floor so they had moved everyone and as much supplies as the could to the second floor. We are no longer able to make contact with them and can only hope they are OK. Last we heard on the news yesterday was that another Levy in their area gave way. I'm sure many people have friends and relatives in the area in similar situations. Prayers for all.
  10. Best Product For Resist Dye?

    My go to resist is Liquitex Varnish's. The have satin and matte. Probably a ton of stuff that works but I've stuck with this through the years. Matte will not look glossy.
  11. I'm interested in your Junker #7's if still available.
  12. Bar Fight vs. Sheridan

    Awesome creativity!
  13. Rest In Peace Dear Friend- RaySouth

    Sad to hear. Condolences. Had a chance to deal and chat with Ray several times. He was a very nice man.
  14. Shoe sole cutting dies

    If you've ever done any clicking you know it doesn't quite work like that. The cut will have a taper from the die. If you do that you will always have one finished edge larger than the other. yes, you can trim it but the whole point of the clicker die is to not have to trim by hand.