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  1. Black Friday deals

    Yeah, I got a black friday flier from Tandy. What a joke. My regular pricing on the few things in the flier I would purchase is better than their Black Friday offers. Nobody really does anything substantial sale wise that I know of for leather or leatherworker tools.
  2. Firefighter Sewing machine

    I know The Thread exchange carries nomex and Kevlar thread. I prefer Superior threads for whatever my opinion is worth. They carry Kevlar but do not have Nomex. I'm guessing from what your saying you are making the helmet ID's, not sure what they are called. From the ones I have seen I would probably use size 207 to 300 thread.
  3. Alternatives to cardboard

    Contact paper works great. Holds the work and keeps it from distorting but doesn't stick enough to pull up the flesh side
  4. Spot Setter

    I don't have the little wonder but I do have the older Weaver heritage foot press setter. I'm fairly sure that the spot setter used is the same for both. If so, works good for me. I have found that while I may be able to set spots a little faster by hand after punching the holes and putting in the spots by hand, I can do it overall faster with better accuracy and consistency with the press.
  5. Butt stock sleeve/cover

    Very nice work!
  6. Really?@!

    Obviously you cared enough about to start the thread. I was just answering a question...Just try to help where I can. Anyway, i'll let you go back to bitching about things you don't care about and won't bother commenting.
  7. Really?@!

    Well then lie and make a fake account or don't. I don't care. You asked why there are closed groups and I answered. Don't like joining them? Still a free world, don't join them.
  8. Really?@!

    It's very simple actually. Most of these forums are trade related to a specific type of tool for the trade like stamps or dies. If you don't make them private and have a moderator you wind up having every swinging D%^4 trying to sell everything from a Matchbox car to their widget arm. If it is private the moderators can make sure the content is relevant and does not contain things the target customers are interested. I'm a member of 3 or 4 of them and have made dozens of successful purchases and also made a lot of good business contacts. I guess to each their own. The name and birthday info just keeps the bots and fake accounts out.
  9. Pfaff 335 motor 'sticky'

    My understanding of how clutch motors work... When on the motor is spinning full speed all the time. When your not pressing the pedal your clutch motor is in the braked position with the clutch pads separated and either a piece of rubber or leather engaging the pulley keeping it from spinning. I believe your motor is working as it should. You should be able to put slight pressure on the treadle pedal that will release the brake and still not enough to engage the clutch. This should allow you to turn the machine by hand. I'm not positive about this but I think you should be able to do this with no power applied to the motor, just press the pedal lightly and try turning the machine. I'm sure others will correct me on the parts I got wrong. Been a long time since I used a clutch motor
  10. Either that or a Bar tacker. Either way I'm pretty sure its a specialized machine.
  11. i permanently make mistakes in my work

    I've seen people working leather for years that can't make a wallet that looks that good. In my opinion, at 4 months you are going to be a skilled leather worker before you know it. You will learn tricks as time passes that will save you from some mistakes but none of us are perfect and until you spend a lot of time perfecting the process for a particular item mistakes can and will happen
  12. How do I properly use embossing plates?

    I realize it's a little more expensive but I use the Harbor freight 12 ton press. For me it has some major advantages using it for stamping...and we do use some of bunkhouse tools stamps. With a little bit of work and some math skills (if your cheap like me) you can install a pressure gauge on the bottle jack. Advantage of doing that should be obvious. The other advantage I like using the bottle jack over the arbor press. Is you can press the die into the leather and walk away and leave it there with the pressure on it for as long as you want. This allows for being able to use less pressure with better results. Less pressure makes the dies last infinitely longer. Before I installed the pressure gauge, by feel I'm guessing I was probably using 2K of pressure for a 4" diameter stamp on 6-7 ounce damp veg tan. The dies would last me about 6 months of everyday use of 30-40 impressions a day. With pressure gauge. 600 lbs @ 30 seconds using the same dies that lasted about 6 months and the dies are about 4 years old and still going strong. If you don't want to or can't install the pressure gauge yourself (it's a bit of a pain in the ass) you can buy a bottle jack with them installed but they are usually in the $400 range. I watched a youtube video and did mine in an hour for the cost of a $20 pressure gauge. Oh yeah...pick yourself up a piece of 1/2" thick steel plate scrap large enough to cover the dies you will be using to put in between the piston of the battle jack and the die otherwise you will just crack the die.
  13. Todays work

    Looking cool
  14. FAV skiving machine

    From the looks of the rust on that I wouldn't pay More than $10 for it for parts and possibly not even that much. I'd have to see it in person
  15. COBRA class 26 sewing machine.

    No cons that I can think of. They are great machines and it is well suited for what you want to use it for.