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  1. Weaver has both types.
  2. Thanks Bob! just wanted to make sure I wasn't passing up something I should be jumping on....
  3. Hi Folks, I've been looking for a harness stitcher to add to my shop. This machine has popped up in my area. he wants $1800 for it. From a little research it looks like needles and awls are still available for it but I can find nothing in this condition to compare prices to. This seems a little steep to me but it I can't find any in this condition. Advertisement reads: Champion Harness/Saddle Lock Stitch sewing machine. Been rebuilt. Sews awesome. Has bobbin winder, easy to thread. Mounted to pallet for shipping. I can deliver. you will be extremely happy with its condition.
  4. I'll second Irfanview editor. Nice free photo editor that's simple to use.
  5. Looking back at when I bought my first machine....half the previous post would be greek to me. Do you know anyone that sews that you can bring with you? if not, at least bring a sample of what you want to sew on it and have the seller sew with it so you can make sure it works. At minimum listen and look. It should not miss any stitches and it should have a steady smooth sound. Reverse should be able to stitch back in the same exact holes that it just stitched forward in.
  6. Might help to show what border stamp you will be using. My method depends on the stamp.
  7. I'll second the grab it quick for that price but I guess that only works if you have the budget. that machine is a steal at $200 and even if you can't use it, resell it for a profit to buy what you need. I would check it out real good though. At that price you either have a friend deal, someone not knowing what they are selling, or there is a major issue with it and they are just unloading it. It is a patcher. It won't sew thick stuff but for bags, putting patches on jackets, etc and doing hard to reach repairs and projects they are fantastic machines!
  8. I'm curious to see what you got and how it works also. I have a Suisei Top Bottom double fold that I use with my Cobra 4. Works great with canvas and vinyl. Hasn't worked too good with leather as it can't handle the thickness. It's been sitting on the shelf waiting for me to put on my gee whiz hat and rebuild it to handle 2 oz...Unless I can find one that will out of the box for a reasonable price.
  9. I personally consider jiffy rivets for show only. I use tubular or copper rivets if they have to hold anything.
  10. In the spirit of a picture is worth a thousand words, a good video is worth a million...
  11. I've found Liquitex Varnishes to be excellent sealers for dyed leather. It's flexible and waterproof when dry. It might work and it's not very expensive.
  12. Received my black today...sure is purdy leather! Thanks for the great deal Mike. Mark
  13. I really dig the dragon flesh!
  14. I've found the "Ignore user" on my profile useful. I've ran into the same opinions the Nstar has mentioned. I just figure we all have our own ways and needs. Actually had a fella in here tell me we would never sit down and have a beer together and be friends because my goal is to put out a quality product and make a living and his goal (which is the only worthy one according to him) is to only make high dollar hand made items. I agree with Mike. I $200 wallet is fine and dandy. So is a fine quality $25 wallet, and a lot more people can afford them. I know which one feeds my family. Mark
  15. I've never had to email admin to have access. The Adult section is listed on the Home screen for Forums on this site about 3/4 of the way down the page. Maybe something I did a long time ago granted me access, who knows...