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  1. Looking For Materials Advice For Bag Project

    Sweet bag. Did you put the plans up digitally anywhere?
  2. Looking For Materials Advice For Bag Project

    Sweet bag. Did you put the plans up digitally anywhere?
  3. Flush Rivets- Supplier And Style?

    Ohio Travel bag sells them!
  4. I'm trying to figure out how this is different than a regular edger. Anyone have a link to one of these in action and how the leather looks when you use it? -Jason
  5. Is there such a thing? I have .75" wide leather that the cap of this thing looks HUGE on. Thanks ahead of time. Jason
  6. I recently purchased one of these but am finding it difficult to use. I want to make simple leather bracelets about an inch thick. The handle to pull the leather through the blades pricks the bottom of the leather leaving a significant mark that I think devalues the piece. But I can't reach in to pull out through either due to the small width. Plyers leave a mark as well. Any idea on how to use this on smaller pieces? Thanks ahead of time.
  7. My Edge Burnisher And Method Of Burnishing.

    Did you make your burnisher?
  8. How Can I Find This Snap?

    I might be interested in going in on this. What was the pricing for the 200 set?
  9. I bought a Tanner Goods cuff and they have this nice alternative to a sam brown button. Ohio Travel said it is a collar button, but they don't sell them with such a flat profile. I've attached the image here. What's nice about it is that it doesn't have the bulbous top, and it has a flat profile that aesthetically looks good. Anybody know of anything like this? Nice leather cuff btw.
  10. Texas Custom Dies Out Of Business?

    Weird, for the last two days the DNS has been going to a placeholder site, and finally, after retrying many times, it is coming back up. Sorry to sound the alarms!
  11. Admin note: Texas Custom Dies is NOT out of business. They had a temporary website problem and they got it fixed right away. ~Johanna http://www.texascustomdies.com/ is looking like they went out of business? Anyone know anything?
  12. Black Roller Buckle

    He just got some of my business! Really surprised that no one else carries this. Ohio travel bag doesn't even have them
  13. http://www.3sixteen....ural-chromexcel Anyone know what that metal rivet thing is and where to find them?