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  1. For all intensive purposes, I'll say Doylestown PA is a good middle ground for our location. Altoona seems a little far at roughly 4.5 hours away.
  2. PM sent to Blackie. Anyone else in the area?
  3. I know I have made very few posts and I am definitely not known by name in this forum (at least not yet). As I indicated in my introduction post though, I am just getting into leatherwork, but I do sew nylon making outdoor and tactical equipment. Recently, I made contact with another guy who is in the same boat as me, new to leather, accomplished with nylon. He and I have been getting together and we're helping each other out with our projects and builds. We are talking about starting a "club". I don't think two people constitutes a club though! We are putting word out to see if there are any other people in the area that would be interested in the idea of a club. PM me if you're in the area. We have not yet chosen a physical location for a clubhouse. Thanks for your time, Bill
  4. Tacsew T111-155

    Wiz, I do have an upgraded servo with a smaller pulley and shorter belt. So it sounds like all I need now are needles and lubricated thread... and practice! Kayak, It seemed as if this machine isn't very popular within the leather community. I was wondering why.
  5. Tacsew T111-155

    As the title suggests, I have the Tacsew T111-155 sewing machine. I purchased it for use on heavy duty nylon materials. It has performed flawlessly with this medium of materials. When I purchased the machine I did so with the intentions of only sewing nylon. Since then my interests have started to include leather. With that said; I have been reading all the posts I can find here that include my machine. Overall, it does not seam like a machine that is held with high regard within this community. Why is this machine not liked for sewing leather? Before I get hit with some of the more obvious responses, know that I understand that the machine would have to be set up differently for use on leather, I know I need the appropriate needles. I understand that the 155, although industrial, is definitely on the lighter side. I also know that I'm not in the market for another machine at the moment, and if I was I would get one to support my nylon sewing, like a bartacker, first.
  6. Just Getting Started!

    Greetings everyone! My name is Bill. I'm in the Air Force and make military grade gear. I recently decided to get more involved with leather. I currently do a lot of work with Tactical Nylon; custom, original, repairs, and upgrades. My interest in leather came about two ways: First, I make custom Rigger's Belt out of parachute buckles and webbing. The belts started out as very tactical, then I made one for a friends wife in vibrant colors, from there they have turned into a stylish and functional piece of everyday wear. Because of the positive response I thought that Leather would add another dimension to what I'm already doing. Secondly, I was making an original knife sheath to fill a gap I find with the current military equipment. Because of the positive response I received from the leather/cordura knife sheath, I concluded that there is a lot of other military style "pieces" that could really benefit from leather. My interest goes well beyond military grade gear with a leather spin on it. I'm also a guitar player and an avid shooter, as I have seen many of you also are! I'm here to both learn and contribute. I look forward to participating!