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  1. For my last several orders at SLC, I've paid via PayPal. It's been a few months since then, and I can't find a PayPal payment option on their website anymore. Am I doing something wrong, or did SLC stop accepting PayPal?
  2. New Makers Marks!!

    Nice -- thanks for sharing this info!
  3. I can, but if you don't mind me asking, why don't you take a crack at it? From your other posts, it looks like you're already knee-deep into leather working. I don't mean to sound at all critical -- I'm just curious. Wes
  4. Wow. Beautiful work! That is a LOT of saddle stitching, too!
  5. Does anyone know where I might locate a mold for one of these? Wes
  6. That is some good, clean work!
  7. Nope, still looking. If I locate a source, I'll post it here. Wes
  8. I found a 3.5" 1911 mold at . Before I got a 3.5" mold, I used a Commander mold, and just formed the muzzle of the holster as the last step as the mold was being removed from the holster (I still do 4" 1911 holsters this way, because I still haven't found a 4" mold). Wes
  9. Soft Leather Holster Request

    I agree 100%. Try to educate, if possible, but if they won't come around, don't go down that rabbit hole.
  10. Nice work! I have been meaning to try W&C for a while now. I guess I need to get off my rump and do it. Thanks for sharing!
  11. I'm one of those people with a gun list. I also have a pretty significant wait time. To answer your question, there have been plenty of times that I couldn't get my hands on a gun, and molds weren't available for that model either. It happens sometimes. Well, you're partly right. It is a way to provide answers that saves time. However, my website also lets people know that if they don't see their gun listed, they can contact me about it, and I can check if there is a mold available. If a mold is not available, I can look into other options. I certainly don't send people on their way. A lot of what you're talking about is very subjective. Lots of people run things differently, but it doesn't make it better or worse -- Just different. If what you do works for you, that's great, but it might not work for everybody. As it sits, apparently there are people who will wait months for a holster. I certainly can't force them to buy a holster from me, so I can only conclude that they like my stuff enough to wait. In turn, I work my tail off to get orders out as fast as I can manage. It's a situation that has worked out pretty well so far. Again, I think it's all in the way you go about it. I specifically state on my website -- on the "gun list" page -- that if you don't see your gun listed, contact me so that I can see if that mold is available. That certainly isn't the kind of offer I would extend if I was unwilling or unable to make a holster for them. Man, I have nothing against you, but it's pretty hard to miss the contempt in your original post. Then, when someone joins the conversation and offers their valid observations, your condescension doesn't really help your case. [emphasis mine] Here's the thing -- my time is valuable, and I assume that my customer's time is also valuable. I'm a one-man operation. I don't have employees, helpers, or elves to do any of this for me. Every minute I spend on the phone or answering email is a minute that I'm not fulfilling orders. That's kind of the point of putting information on a website -- to provide answers to common questions, and save everyone time. It's more efficient both for me and my customers, and if there are still questions (and there frequently are) I have no problem answering them. That is something I can completely understand. I've thought about "thinning the herd" a time or two myself.
  12. I need a mold for the Ruger Security Six family (Security Six/Service Six/Speed Six). Does anyone know where I can lay my hands on one? Wes
  13. Heat forming

    I'm sure it depends on what finish you use. I prefer Resolene, which is pretty darn moisture resistant. I'm not sure if that saddle soap slurry would make it through the finish... but if it did, I'm sure it wouldn't be good for it. Either way, it makes me cringe.
  14. G21 and G43 Holsters

    Looking good as always, Josh. How are you liking the tension devices? I have been toying around with trying them out. I bought most of the components, but haven't tried them yet.
  15. Heat forming

    That's a new one for me. It's not something I'd recommend.