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  1. I must agree with Bikermutt, I really like the unfinished back grounding.....sorry, but I may have to steal that idea as well. Its a unique and understated touch to a great holster.
  2. Beautiful, expertly done. Oddly what I enjoy most is the fact that the wood on the handle is not symmetrical, one side is thicker that the other. It is a fantastic touch to a custom piece.
  3. Since I live in st. paul, yes I would be interested. are we talking scraps or sides?
  4. If you are looking for a cowboy set up, the Brazos Jack Shoulder holster pattern by Simmons is excellent. You might be able to find them at Double K leather? I have made a good 1/2 dozen holsters with this pattern.
  5. Warning: Shameless plug for a MN company.. I Received my thread from Lekoza about a week or so ago. I must say that was fast service, a great price and excellent communications throughout the process. I will be spending more with him\them in the near future. Thanks for the great service Lekoza!
  6. Just ordered a couple of spools of Lin Cable Au Chinois thread can't wait to get them!! Good price and free shipping ....... Cool
  7. I think it is awesome that we have another source for hard to get items. I live in St. Paul, MN and all we have is Tandy. Which is OK\Good, but this will give Minnesotans easier access to higher end products. Welcome and good luck on you venture!! March 15th huh ? let me see what I can put together for an order...
  8. If you dont mind a bit of dumpter diving, drive by a granite counter top business and check out their throwaways(sp?). I usually go in and offer to buy pieces in most cases, for $10 - $20 you can take as much as you like....and for a few bucks more, they will cut off the bad parts. I then usualy return and give the owner\manager a wallet\money clip etc as a thankyou.
  9. I just found this forum\topic and I would like to join in starting next month. This is a great idea.
  10. Welcome Ben I'm a MN guy as well.
  11. Your wallets look great, switch from a chisel to a pricking iron and then complete the hole with an awl. I think you again will see a bit of improvement in the looks\alignment of the stitching.
  12. Agreed, the ones with a spring (P- 2326) are no better than Tandys which is the same as all the others. The other ones (P1090) are that are not spring loaded are useless FYI. I miight try the (P- 1127) as teh spring looks to be encased in a tube, so it might keep its tesnion a bit longer, assuming part of my problem is dirt etc. getting in between the coils of the spring.......
  13. I like it, Marvin Martian has always been one of my favorite Looney Toons characters. As soos as I saw it I thought, "Oh how I hate being disintegrated". LOL
  14. I think you need to take into account if the messenger bag has a handle on top or just a shoulder strap. If it has a handle, as mine do, then I think it is important to not only secure the flap, but also support the hole bag when using the handle, My straps run around the entire bag that way when I lift with the handle, I am in essence lifting the bag from the bottom and not the top. I think it reduces the stress on bag....... Probably over kill but I think it also looks nice.....There is a leather bag out there that uses a "Cam" lock that is really cool alas I do not remember the name of the leather maker, and you can get the cam locks from Ohio Bag..One of these days I am going to buy a pair and put then on a messenger bag for me.