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  1. Machine sewing braided thread

    Is there a conversion chart that would convert the mm to the thread #? I want to compair the Ritza sizes with the current threads e.g. #346. Thank you!!
  2. Thread size

    It says #69 inside the spool. So that might be the pound rather than thread number? Just seems like a thick 69
  3. Thread size

    I recieved a thread size (bonded nylon) 69 and I also have a 207, the thread sizes look the same as I match them up. Are the differences too small to tell by eye, or is there something else going on?
  4. Die cut

    Anybody know of a place I can get the inside wallet pockets cut? Will save me a ton of time if I can have the pieces cut for me. Preferably Asheville, NC area.
  5. Suminagashi Marbling

    Since oil floats, I will have to see if fiebings will work mixed with some oil. Did you mix it when you tried feibings?
  6. Tooling squares

    How would you tool the inside corner of a box? For instance, you draw out a box with the corner facing you so that you can see the 2 sides and top of the box. Is it carved?
  7. Thank you. Turns out it was just the way the pigment was laying on the flesh side.
  8. After tooling I let the leather dry a bit longer and dipped it in brown dye. Hours latter I added a bit of oil to it but not sure if it fully dried before I did. This morning it seems there is black on the back of the wallet backing. I rubbed it to see if it was just pigment and it rubbed off black. I didn't have it wet for too long but fear it was mold. Its not inside the leather but rather on the flesh side. It doesnt smell like mold. Is it a bad idea to dye while still damp? Anyone oil before completely dry? Whats the best way to know if its mold?
  9. Belt holes

    Now I know there been a few posts on holes but I may be blind, or not seen one on the buckles with the pegs that have a little ball on the end. From what I can see is there are 2 main type belts. Ones with tongues (common in stores) and ones with the studs that go into the hole. The ones with the studs in turn have 2 type. A hook and a ball. What type of hole would I make for the one with the ball? A circular with a small cut in the side?
  10. Anybody use the GREX GENESIS XGI3 airbrush on angelus direct? Curious about getting it. Wondering about reviews.
  11. Braided/twisted thread

    What are the pros and cons with the differences between braided and twisted thread? I normally just buy thread from tandy and everything else from other places because they are the closest. I don't mind the thinkness and amount of wax on their twisted thread but have to ask, is there really just some bogus thread that people wouldn't touch? If so, why? I thought the general rule for thread is, "If it doesnt break after you pull it, its good." Waxed of course for friction. But, some prefer linnen, some poly, some braided, some twisted. Does it make a big difference on the quality of product? I can't really drive to a place to look at diff threads for hand sewing so I don't want to end up with a bunch of stuff I wont use. I like thick thread though.
  12. Wicket and Craig salesman

    Thank you everybody for taking the time to respond. I will be staying with the same person and just take it as me having distrust in salespeople. I have worked for sales in companies for a long time and just grew a great distrust. It seems to be an issue of mine I have to put aside. Again, thanks.
  13. Wicket and Craig salesman

    In my experience, every company has sales people they prefer and ones they don't. My question was (before too much info) if anyone feels they have the best salesperson there. I do have one but never tried any others because I have a tendancy to just stick with one. No matter what, you order enough from one person and they will start to remember. I only ordered a handfull of times and was given what I wanted. Love their leather and they get you what you want. I really like WC but was curious. As for what I was asking for that rose the question. If there are Bulk discounts or if the price is how it is, which is fare. That is all. I realize now that the question may not be as simple as one thought since they do do a whole lot more than Herman and oak.
  14. Wicket and Craig salesman

    Ok. I get it. Its me. I guess I just wish there was a sales person who actually worked with leather. But, I guess there is no point if you know the leather and know exactly what you want.