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  1. Need Advice Please

    Thank you!
  2. Need Advice Please

    I'm going to buy a press from Harbor freight and I'm wondering which press be adequate to complete what I have in mind...I plan on using it as a clicker; I don't think that I would want to cut through any leather thicker than 9 to 10 ounce. What is the minimum tonnage I should purchase to complete the task? Thanks for your advice!
  3. Adult Section Request

    I'd like access as well.
  4. Decided to try making sandals...Made these sandals for wife. Used my "Boss" to stitch them together. The footbed is swede, insole cork, and orthopedic foam.
  5. The Boss (Aluminum) model...
  6. I became tired of winding my bobbins with the boss winder; so, I bought the Delux Simplisity Bobbin Winder. It arrived today and I gave it a try. Holly geeze...it winded the bobbin in an blink of an eye; however, it kept winding! I hit the off button but I had a unwinding mess. I addjusted the bobbin duhicki and tried again... dang......the same thing. I'm tired already of unwinding, etc., then trying again. If anyone has one of these, PLEASE tell me the settings so I don't have to go through the mess again, and again to get the setting correct. PLEASE
  7. Oblong punch.....not oval, or round. Thanks
  8. Thanks Legion...... It does look good!
  9. Electrathon....thank you for responding; however, I am looking for an oblong punch. I have several round punches.
  10. Heifirejack...the smallest oblong punch Tandy & Springfield carry is 1/2". I think this is too large for a belt buckle hole. I could always be wrong; God knows, I've been wrong before in my 66 years....at least twice that is. : )
  11. Does anyone know where I can purchase an oblong punch small enough to punch holes for the buckle? I have th rotary hole punch as well as single punches. I just like the look of the oblong hole. Thanks
  12. Help

    Thank you Denster.....I have attempted your suggestion many, many times. I think I just solves the problem. I used the creaser for the outside creases, then connected the two lines with a plastic template containing circles. It finally hit me that an arch is a half of a circle; therefore, I was finally successful connecting the two. After 4 practic runs... it started to look good! Whew, what a releaf maybe I can sleep tonight!
  13. Help

    Thank you both for your imput; however, I don't have any problem making the straight creases on either side of the belt loop; what I can't seem to do successfully is, to connect the two outside creases by a half circle on the top and bottom of the loop. In other words...connecting the two straight outside the loops by creating an arch crease on top and the bottom of the loop to connect the two straight creases on either side of the loop.
  14. There is a master holster Maker in Texas who puts a grove, or a crease around his belt loops on his holsters. His name is Tucker. The groves look great and I wanted to do the same. I tried using the adjustable creaser, a stich Grover, even tried to turn over a French skier without success. I even sent him an email and asked him how he did it. His reply was, "good luck." I was surprised at his response; I would gladly help any leather worker that would ask me for help, or to share an idea! Does anyone know how he does it...and will you share your method?