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  1. thanks for sharing.
  2. thanks for sharing
  3. the shop owner was very helpful. he cut it to size 18x36 and polished the edges. i think i got a steal, he made some money on something that was of no use for him.
  4. hello fellow leatherworkers, I'd like to show off my find from this past weekend. I stopped by a shop that does kitchen counter tops, bathroom, and flooring remodeling; just to see what they had. the owner gave me a tour of the display room and the shop. In the shop I saw that they were cutting the pieces to size. I asked what happens to the piece that doesn't get used, and he said that they get scraped and sometimes they are sold for smaller items. well, this piece that I got measures 18 inches x 36 inches, and its 1.25 inches thick. I got it for $80 tax included! So, if you have the time and desire to get a piece of granite slab for your tooling, do some research in your city for shops like the one I described (by the way, it was a father and son shop). Not a big chain or anything of the like. Happy leathering.
  5. I'd like to be part of the restoration. here is my emial
  6. Looks good!! great job! I would recommend the veiner stamp a little more longer into the scroll, more of them a bit tighter and deeper (but that's just my opinion)...overall it looks great.
  7. Nice work! they all look great!
  8. NIce work! the antique look goes with the rifle.....very nice
  9. Very nice work!
  10. Thanks for sharing !
  11. the item is a stitchless coin purse/bag (whatever you want to call it) here is the picture of the pattern. Just print it out, cut it out, transfer it to some type of cardboard, cut out the cardboard (so you can practice folding it), then transfer to leather. good luck, let us know how it turns out.
  12. I would like to help. Please email me:
  13. Impressed with the video. nicely edited....if you wouldn't have said you made it; I would of thought it was done professionally for TV commercial. Great Job on belt and on the video!!
  14. I use a similar font on PS. It was a download from and its called WESTERN....I hope this helps. Best Regards
  15. Thanks for sharing...I've been meaning to do a search for this pattern but never took the time; I think this is a perfect gift now that the holidays are near... Thanks again. !