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  1. Suppliers Located In Japan?

    Try to look at this page. http://www.kyoshin-elle.co.jp/index_corporate.htm
  2. I have one of those diamond stitching chisels and I glue both sides first before punching them on the grain side.
  3. Hermann Oak Grade A Or B?

    Thank you for your reply Randy and Chief ! I could order the Grade B sides now with confidence.
  4. Hermann Oak Grade A Or B?

    Thanks TwinOaks ! I've ordered chrome tanned sides before, it's my first time to order veg tan and I was concerned about the amount of blemishes that a HO Grade B side might have. Are SLC HO Grade B sides good enough for bags?
  5. Greetings to the everyone! This is my first post, my apologies if this is posted on the wrong section. I would like to make some iPad bags and Macbook Air bags in veg tan with natural finish similar to the bag in the picture below. I'm planning to order 4/5 oz & 5/6 oz Hermann Oak Grade B sides from Springfield and 9/10 oz Single Belt Bend. Do I have enough usable leather to make 2 bags in 1 HO Grade B side or am I better off buying a Grade A side? Thanks in advance !