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  1. Glue Pot Stuck Shut

    My teflon coated glue pot with brush was left unused for over a year and is now stuck shut. Anyone have any ideas on how to "un-stuck" it? Thanks
  2. I'm looking to by a new machine that will be best for "fine-quality" leather working as i'm learing to craft high-end wallets. What machine and model would you recommend that can produce the quality of stitching on the photos shown below and be best for mens wallets specifically. Thanks for your help!
  3. Great - Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  4. I am new to leatherworking and would like to know the correct technique for dying/finishing leather. I am primairily working with undyed leather ("Craftsman Oak Tooling Sides"). Please let me know what steps to take from A-Z to provide the best results. Thanks for your help!
  5. Thanks, Ryan. I guess I should have mentioned that while sewing it together i'm also edging it with thinned leather. I've attached pictures of the exact style that I'm looking to produce. As you can see the leather edging passes though the center bend while only being stitched to the outter half. Here however by the time I'm ready to sew, its already curved, as i've secured boths halves together with a few strategically placed stitches and double-sided tape. This makes it hard for me to stitch properly or without that area of leather edging getting bunched. So i'm thinking that instead of securing the two halves together before hand, that I just simply being the binding process from right to left until I pass the middle area, then adjust the left edges to align, which will then cause the curve (however it's already sewn) then i can just continue sewing/edging the rest of the boarder. Hopefully the new pics will help. Everyone else - please chime in. I know there are many of you out there with loads of experience that could help out. Thanks!
  6. Hi Everyone - I'm working on making bi-fold wallets, but when i get the the bottom crease, as pictured in the example, i'm not sure how to sew the curve. Basically i'm working with two sides - the outside and inside (with card pockets). Since the inside piece some what smaller than the ousited pice (to facilate bending) i secure the left and right edges of the inner piece to outter piece by either sewing or gluing, then finish sewing the entire circumference. However, when i get to the center, using the method above, because that area is cureved, I have a hard time adjusting the leather to get it flat enough for: 1. the stitches to lock properly and 2. for the material to not bunch. The only method i can think of is to begin sewing from right to left, for instance, across the bottom until i've passed the curve. Then at that point, i would pull the inner half and outher half in line as to create the small curve and align left edges (inner and outer halfs) then begin sewing again. This means i would not be able to secure pieces before sewing, but just begin and manual adjust once i get back the curve, which until "the adjustment" would remain flat and able to be sewn correctly. I hope i've not confused you all too much and hope your able to understand my problem. Let me know if you have any ways that you've found to easily sew this area . Thanks!
  7. I purchased some quality leather off eBay of this thickness and am looking for a supplier to get leather that is already thinned to ~1-1.5oz so i don't have to keep thinning it myself. I've used some lower quality tooling sides from tandy, but am looking to get a better quality (veg tanned) item that is already this gauage. Please let me know if you know where i can get leather like this. Thanks!
  8. Looking for recommendations for sewing machine distribuitors closest to Richmond, VA. I am in the market to buy a new machine and don't want to have to pay shipping from across the country. So the closer the better. Thanks!
  9. Thanks, Andrew - no it won't be seen and only used int the wallet card slots. I'll give that a try.
  10. I am making bi-fold wallets and am looking to find a better lining for the "innards" (card pockets, etc). Looking to find the name of the fabric that is very thin, almost paper thin. I've been using moire fabric, and don't like how it frays. I'd like to find something that is inbetween moire fabric and say tyvek paper that cuts nice an neat. Any suggestions would be be greatly appreciated!
  11. I might have come across a good deal on a used machine, but it has a clutch motor installed. How difficult would it be to install a servo motor? Would I simpley be able to bolt it on, use the current belt, and go?
  12. Unfortunately I don't have the budget to purchase like you recommend WIZ, but thanks for taking the time to help out. Art - I am located in Richmond VA. I've not found many dealers, even in the DC area which was suprising to me. Let me know if you have any info that would be helpful. Casey
  13. Thanks, Wiz - I have no idea what specifically to buy or where to buy it. Would you be able to help give me some more detailed info? I am only purchasing the machine head, so i'll need everything else. Ideally i'll want to run at a slower spead (servo motor). I figured I would have to drop some $$$ to get it setup the right way. I really apprecaite the guidence. Thanks, Casey
  14. Hey Everyone - So I'm buying a used Juki LU - 563, my first industrial machine, so I'm going to need to buy everything else besides the machine itself. I will be making wallets like those in the pictures below, which will consist of a several layers of thinned leather and lining. I've been using an old singer that I've made work (not very well) for my needs, but I'm not happy with the quilty of the work, which is why I am switching to the proper machine. I'd greatly appreciate anyones input on what you think I should buy and would be the best for my needs: table, motor, needles, thread (if i need different size thread on top vs bottom), sewing guide for straight stitching, etc... Also let me know where I can buy thinks that you recommend. Also please include any other tips / advice because I really want to make sure i do this right the first time. Thanks! Casey
  15. HI - I'm looking for advice on finishing my wallets with the edging/lining like that of the wallet in the attached pictures. I have the leather i want and have it thinned to a workable gauge, but am having problems with how to sew/cut to form neatly around the edges. Any help with technique or steps would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!