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  1. Fenice from Italy. :-)
  2. Article name is TOGO for Hermes, made by Weinheimer Leder (German Tannery) I bought it in my country. not USA.
  3. It's my new bag for summer time. :-) TOGO Leather NAVY & Brick colors with Linen threads. hand sewing. . Thanks. :-)
  4. I made it for me. I love pink from today!
  5. Today's works. Star plate is for my friend, the others are mine. I'm a leather plate collecter! :-) sadly, it's only practice. it's not decoration, it need stitches.
  6. French goat skin + waxed polyester thread + snap button thanks for watching.
  7. I made small wallet for me. barenia calf leather, riri zipper
  8. Today, I made my phone pouch.
  9. Thank you. I used Verges-Blanchard Griffe N.7 for stitching marks, then make hole with awl.
  10. It's my camera case. I love RICOH GR. .
  11. It's for recently order. Vegetable tanned leather form Italy with waxed linen thread, dyed edges. Thank you for watching. :-)