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  1. El Bandido

    I'm not usually a fan of that style (just my personal preference ) but that one is really nice! I think you nailed the "minimalist" tooling look, without making it boring... and it allows the construction to stand out on it own. Nice work!
  2. Those are very nice. The edgework is spectacular!
  3. How To Inlay Exotic Leathers/skins?

    Im not seeing a tutorial there... am I just missing it?
  4. Boiled Neetsfoot Oil?

    I remember reading something about linseed oil... Boiling makes it dry faster (this was in relation to wood)... But these days they mix in chemicals to make it dry faster... But still call it "boiled" even though it isn't.
  5. Gonna Stop Lurking...

    Hello everyone Ive been a member of the forums now for like 7 months... but Ive just been reading everything and absorbing, but not posting much at all. Ive been interested in Leatherworking for some time, but only recently finally started buying tools and actually trying to learn how to make stuff. Last week I completed my very first ever "from scratch project... a basic knife sheath that I put together mostly for sewing practice. I then got ALL full of myself and tackled a gun Holster (for my Ruger .45). Its something Ive always wanted to do, but finally, after reading on here some of the best advice ever, (if you want to learn how to make a holster... make one. You'll learn more from doing it than any other way). I dont remember who said that, but thank you!! It got me off my duff and made me try it. The result was ... well, it holds the gun anyway I learned a TON (most importantly I leaned what i need to work on skills wise). Anyway, Its time to get out there and be part of the community (which means bug people with my questions LOL )