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  1. I follow 95% of those listed, but thanks for doing this anyway. I am sure it will be very helpful to others. Karina
  2. This happened back in May in Sao Paolo, Brazil and the woman was an off duty military police officer,. She was at a school picking up her daughter when the guy tried to rob a group of moms. The date shows 12/5/2018 - in the USA we would read as May 12, 2018. Karina
  3. I read all the terms before bidding, and having to pick it up is not an issue at all for me. I bid on factory/business closeouts all over the country regularly. I am registered on at least 20 different auctions sites, so I know how this works. Of the three I am bidding on, I just hope I can at least win one, but I would surely take all three. Karina
  4. @JJN Thanks for the info, just placed my bid for a few, hope I get at least one. Karina
  5. 3D printer recommendations

    Yes, it is possible with this machine and I have done both with success. I used my 3D printer all the time for this until I got my CNC machine. Now I make those items using HDPE and or Delrin that will hold up much, much longer, in a fraction of the time. My 3D printer is now used to make the odd part I need that I can't just go out and purchase. For what you are wanting to do, it will definitely do the job, and the learning curve is not too bad. Karina
  6. 3D printer recommendations

    I purchased an Anet 8, and after watching tons of videos and reading tons of post on the FB group page on what I needed to buy and or print to make the unit more sturdy/reliable I sold it and purchased a Monoprice Select 2 for about $250 off Amazon. Took less than 5 minutes to set up and I was printing my test print. Had it well over a year and no complaints. I don't have anything against kits, My CNC Machine was a kit. (X-Carve), but it just seemed like there was a ton of work and mods needed for the Anet 8 Kit and I just decided a plug an play would serve me better. YMMV Karina
  7. Money clip source needed please

    It's a bottle opener money clip. Here is a link to one seller Karina
  8. New Stitching Pony From Korea

    There is no mention anywhere in this thread of anyone saying they were copying his design. Oh please, if that's the case then everything anyone of us has ever made is copying someone's work, which isn't the case here. Where in this thread did anyone say anything about reverse engineering? If this was an original Idea or concept I could understand why someone would get upset, but there are so many images in old leather working books and on google of stitching ponys attached to tables, whose to say this guy didn't get his inspiration form one of those. So does the same apply to him because he made one "similar" to others already on the market or currently being used? This type of design first landed on my radar years ago and it is made by Sheridan called the Colt Stitcher. I decided then I wanted one - but a modified one for my specific needs. I forgot about that until I saw another one clamped to a table last year, and it wasn't even this one, it was the one made by Elfita. Because I have a shop full of tools, and the skills to make one, that is what I decided to do. For the last 3+ years I have simply been laying my stitching pony on it's side and using an Irwin quick clamp to clamp it to my work table. Last year when I saw the Elfita clamp I decided it was time to upgrade that. So I opened up my design software and started engineering/designing one - I just haven't finished it. (a process which is very different from reverse engineering btw.) Karina
  9. New Stitching Pony From Korea

    If you read and understood my post I clearly stated I was making one SIMILAR! Not a knock off of yours. You are not the first person to make a stitching pony that attaches to a table, and I sure won't be the last to try this. I am not making a copy of your design. Make no mistake, the design I come up with will be MY design, and if I choose to sell it or give it away, that is my right. Karina
  10. New Stitching Pony From Korea

    Sure I would be happy to share. Hopefully this weekend I can revisit the project. When I was last working on the project, I had just started trying to figure out the center part that clamps to the table. Once I get that dialed in it should be ready to go. Karina
  11. New Stitching Pony From Korea

    Yeah, no! Actually, it won't be a headache to make if you know how to use Fusion 360 and a CNC machine which I happen to own and know quite well. I just got busy with paying projects and all and put that project on the back burner.
  12. New Stitching Pony From Korea

    I like the concept, I saw this last year some time and started engineering a similar one to cut out on my CNC machine. I apparently shelved the project, as I forgot all about it until this post. I think it may be time for me to dust it off and get back to working on it. I like the fact that it attaches to a table, I didn't like that it was made out of laminated plywood. My prototype is out of MDF because it's cheap, but the finished product will definitely be a hard wood. Let us know how you like it after you have put it through it's paces. Karina
  13. Tandy Business Pricing....

    Actually they do have a website, Karina
  14. Elfita sells it, Hightex sells it, there is a company on Amazon out of Japan that calls it the Cutman 25 that sells it, and one other seller I contacted that I can't think of right now, so I am not sure how this press is "exclusive" to Diamond Awl. I have looked into this press thoroughly, and it is a nice little press, but in the end I went with a different option. Karina
  15. Tandy Business Pricing....

    I was able to put my hand on the booklet. Found it in the bin where I keep all my business receipts. I have been an Elite Member since the day I started shopping at Tandy about 7 years ago. Never paid a membership because all I had to do was fill out some paperwork and fax them a copy of my Business License and Elite Memberships is free. Now, just so everyone understand I am going to use the item I purchased as an example. I only buy 6/7 oz European Single Bend from Tandy. If you look at the website you can see the price as follows: Elite: $156 Gold: $165.80 Non-Member: $194.99 Now, In the Business Pricing Booklet, the cost for 6/7oz European Single Bend is $152.10, which is what I paid the last time I was at Tandy, and the European Bend was not on sale. The date on the Booklet says effective October 1, 2017. Again is this new pricing, I don't know but I was told it was. Karina