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  1. This should help you out as well if you choose to make one. Nice bag @SmokeCigars Karina
  2. Branding Irons Unlimited makes a drill press branding iron attachment for the drill press. They way it is built, it is designed to take the downforce to make your mark so I don't think that would be an issue. Install it in your drill chuck, plug it in, wait for it to heat up, then start branding. The price though.....ouch! @RockyAussie I would be interested in what you come up with. I have a Franklin Hot Foil Stamping Machine but it is just too small to emboss large objects. I have been brainstorming how to redesign it and make a bigger bed for it but the drill press would be super easy to do. Karina
  3. Very nice! I would be thrilled to have that bag! Karina
  4. Ahhhhh.......... wow
  5. I am aware of that, I really was referring to the $200.00 discount with the Eliite Membership at Tandy which is free if you have a business license. Does Tippmann give a discount if purchased direct from them? Karina
  6. Not sure when this came about, but I was in Tandy today picking up hardware and saw this: If you have the Elite Membership you can get it for $200 less...... Karina
  7. All the time!!!!! I tell them when they purchase the order, when the expected ship date is, and they totally understand, yet a few days after payment, I will get an email asking how things are coming along. I have even had buyers request status photos during the making of their item. I usually respond with some generic reply letting them know how happy I am to be working with them on this project, and that they will be more than pleased with the finished product, and that usually will get them to calm down. I am so used to it now, that It no longer bothers me, but in the beginning it irked me to no end. People are spending good money in my shop, and I never want to rub anyone the wrong way, so I always take a minute (actually hours) before I respond to ensure that I come off just as enthusiastic about their purchase as they are. I am entirely too busy to take progress photos of their item, so I just gloss on pass that request, but the generic response usually does the trick. Karina
  8. Very Nice! Do you mind sharing which CNC you got and the size bit you used? 1/32"???? I got an X-carve CNC machine back in November and it has been great at cutting out acrylic templates for the products that I make over and over. I have also made several stamps from HDPE and Delrin. I am working on a brass stamp now to use with my heating iron, but it is slow going. I will get it dialed in at some point I hope. The X-carve is not bad, however I really wish I would have taken the time to do more research on CNC machines before I made the purchase, as I definitely believe I would have gotten a different model. Karina
  9. Found this short video this morning.
  10. How awesome is that! Makes my heart smile! Karina
  11. I talked to that guy years ago and he said that will only work with the letter stamps that come with it. He couldn't guarantee that other letters used would fit. I have tons of letter press type sets sized from 6 points all the way up to to 72 points in about 20 different fonts, so that really was not what I needed, besides I do quite a few pieces that are monogrammed with two and three lines of text. My Franking Hot foil machine works great, and even when pressing Horween Chromexcel it comes out beautiful, it's just a tad small and I would love a bigger work surface. Katrina
  12. That drill press branding iron is really nice. If they made it where I could change the fonts out for personalized orders when needed I would totally grab one. I have a Franklin Hot Foil Stamping machine and I agree that heat and pressure is a must with Chrome Tan. Karina
  13. Yes I am a lover of all things VW. Veedub3 stands for the three VW's I had at the time, although I have owned more than 30 over the years. I actually have 4 now. A 71 SB Auto-stick I got for my 15th birthday, a 74 SB, a 1967 Type 2 bus, and I just picked up a 2001 T2c Water cooled Bus made in Brazil. I managed to get it to Mexico, then drove it home to Panama, but have yet to get clearance to bring it into the US. (Safety Standards - no airbags, no smog or emission controls, blah, blah, blah.....) If I don't get it into the US, I can always run about the country in it when I go home. Karina
  14. I have the same skiver. I have had it for nearly 5 years now. It came with one blade, and on my first skive the darn thing snapped in two, I have searched all over and was never able to find another blade for it, so i just tossed it in a drawer with the other random tools I don't use. Actually until you posted yours, i forgot i had it. If you find a blade or another blade that will work in it, please update. Karina