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  1. Hi Weaver Leather did a video on this using a strap cutter and an English Point punch. The Leather Element: How to Taper Leather Straps Mark
  2. leather knot question

    Hi That is not a knot as such, you make 2 cuts along the belt towards the end dividing it into thirds, that’s toward the end not right to the end, then after feeding through the buckle, or snap in this case, you twist the three pieces into loops and feed the belt length through them. bit hard to describe without pictures but don’t have access to any right at the moment. i learnt this as an aussie bushman/drovers belt, if you google those terms it should come up
  3. Satchel Design

    The shoulder straps are actually one long piece with a cow hitch through the top ring and snaps on the ends, unhook the snaps, pull through the cow hitch and you have a long strap which can be snapped onto the D rings on the gussets giving you a shoulder strap. Agree with fredk that the strain on the top O-ring could be excessive when used as a backpack but a clever way of building in 2 carry systems without having to carry extraneous straps. Perhaps moving the O-ring from the top of the bag to high up on the back with a doubling to spread the load would be a better option.
  4. Slap or blackjack ..

    I’d be trying the local gunshop, they sell lead shot for home reloading shotgun shells. mark
  5. Dry leather glue issue

    This is an old trick for storing opened tins of paint, no need to transfer it to threaded cap bottles unless you specifically want it in those bottles, just turn your tin upside down..... after making sure you got the lid on proper :-)
  6. Dyeing Porcupine Quills

    OK, I'll be the dumb one to ask, what the heck do you use porcupine quills for ? Mark D
  7. Modifying my shoes?

    Perhaps modify the existing straps to make speed lacing rather than eyelets. mark
  8. Knot help

    Also, a clever dog can undo a bowline if it's far enough from the collar to get their canines into it, when we tied our dog to her kennel we had to make sure the knot was close to the collar otherwise she'd undo the knot and jump the 6 foot fence :-(
  9. Which edge beveler ???

    Hey Don, I've heard that different brands size their bevellers slightly differently. list several brands of beveller and they quote the beveller number, width and recommended leather thickness. This is the list for Kyoshin brand, Craft Sha and Seiwa brands have very similar leather thickness recommendations, I quote Kyoshin only because they have the widest size range listed on goodsjapan. Mark
  10. Craftool Edge Bevelers

    I did find a conversion table from the number to mm online, possibly on a sellers website, so the info is out there ....... somewhere. If i can find it tonight i'll post it. Mark
  11. UK/Euro Billfold Size

    Tried google ? I found this :- Follow the links for each note and it lists the dimensions.
  12. Thickest leather

    Hi FC, I've seen a sample of leather that thick in a tannery, it was quite an old piece, sorry I can't remember what it was from. Mark
  13. Interesting, was that an acrylic or 'oil' dye ? Mark

    I have a very nice leather 'rug' made out of leather squares about 100mm a side sewn onto a backing or howasbout some patchwork place mats, trivets & coasters. When you say journal size is that big enough to do a mouse mat ? Heavy weight leather, perhaps some small boxes.
  15. Edger sizes

    Hi Just stumbled across some edgers on which describes a No1 as 0.8mm, No2 1.0mm, No3 1.2mm and No4 1.4mm.