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    Retire form Corporate America in the next couple of years, then work my leather crafting hobby as a business.

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    Veg-tanned creations - Belts, Guitar Straps, Band Gear, Wristbands/Cuffs/Gauntlets, Flasks, Sheaths, LOTS of other stuff!
  1. How to buck stitch around tip of belt?

    Yes, it is a bit confusing. I am going to try on a practice piece soon and will be glad to share.
  2. How to buck stitch around tip of belt?

    I am working on a project right now that requires buck stitch on a belt tip. I was able to find some very helpful guidance in Al Stohlman's How To Buckstitch book. I can't share the page here due to copyright on the material, but it does stress the importance of having an even number of slits to the tip. I am going to make a practice piece first to get it figured out. Good luck with it!
  3. Very nice. My wife has recently asked if I could make her one. Your feedback about 'next time' is helpful. The Tri-weave that you used does take a lot of practice to get it right. Have you tried the Craftool Pro Series Tri-weave? It is much easier to use and keep aligned.
  4. Lining leather for holsters

    I use non-chrome pigskin for holster lining. Avoid any chrome tanned leather.
  5. Tandy Euro Bend

    I go to the store at Peachtree Corners area, Northeast of the city. It is about an hour drive for me.
  6. Tandy Euro Bend

    Yes, I use the Tandy Euro Bend for some of my projects. I go to the Atlanta store and always select my own. I have no problems with carving and stamping it, and the finishes take quite well. I will continue to use them in my work.
  7. Thanks for sharing the link! I am already trying some of the techniques and getting great results!
  8. Backing On Veg Tanned Leather?

    It was the only piece (of many) that had this kind of backing. It is a quite nice piece that will have very little waste. The backing feels consistantly smooth and does not seem to detach or scrape off with a finger nail. I appreciate any feedback! I'll be doing some testing whatever waste I have. Thanks All!!
  9. Backing On Veg Tanned Leather?

    Thanks for the replies! I'll work on getting a pic up soon. The shoulder has a very smooth backing, no fuzz at all on the entire backside. It is almost like it has been coated with something that has bonded to the leather, providing a nice smooth finish on the backside.
  10. I just purchased a decent piece of veg tanned leather from my local Tandy store. It seems to have a backing that I have never seen before. Have any of you had any pieces with a backing that kind of feels like heavy paper? What is it? How should I work with it? Will it finish well? Thanks!!! Chris
  11. Guitar Strap - Basket Weave, Personalized

    Thanks, John. I did some practice with the tool some before I put it to the strap. It took just a few minutes to get used to the alignment, but the practice did help. It is a bit different than the other BW tools. The 3-D stamps did work well. I picked the brain of my client in order to select the right accent stamps that Guy would like. That shotgun shell came out nice with the small rivet in the center.
  12. Guitar Strap - Basket Weave, Personalized

    Thanks for the tip, Chief!
  13. My first time with this basket weave tool. I like it and am looking forward to the next time I get an order to use it!
  14. How about Pictures of Your Workshops

    First post here. I love this site!! My brain is overwhelmed with the new things I have learned from fellow crafters. The bar area in my unfinished man-cave is where I am currently set up. I took this pic today. It is a bit messy at the moment because this is where it all happens. I have just finished 2 cool projects - a Drum Stick Quiver that attaches to a set, and forearm gauntlets carved with a cool CFH design that was made by a graphic artist that will do the final painting work. I'll post those in the critique forum soon. I have been looking at some of these fabulous workshops here and have many ideas in how I am going to build out my long term workshop. Thanks for all of the ideas! Chris
  15. What Did You Do With Leather, Today.

    Today I became a NewB to this cool site. What an excellent place for us who share the same passions and frustrations! I look forward to being a part of this site!