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  1. aluminum embossing plate prototype

    I have a Grizzly G0463 that I have converted over to CNC. It works good for small projects like this. I'm still learning to use the drawing software. I can draw fine in 2 1/2d, but the 3d program is kicking my butt.
  2. aluminum embossing plate prototype

    what are you using for a machine to mill it out?
  3. Very nice. I like how the leaf comes out over the border
  4. fabrication

    Nice job! Not everything has to be made of wood to look good. Glad to hear you repurposed something headed for the scrap yard. You should see my back yard, I've got piles of metal every where from things I've salvaged. Last summer I built a flat bed for my plow truck all from stainless steel the I got for free. Always headed out to the scrap pile to make something.
  5. I like the ostrich inset. Very nice.
  6. Hobbles

    Very Nice!
  7. Does anyone know if the COLD STEEL Green Rubber Training Pistols are any good that are on Ebay for $20?
  8. leather bag/pouche mold

    If you can draw up what you want your local machine shop should be able to make it for you. I have a small CNC mill that I built that I make molds on.
  9. New Work Boots

    Very Nice. How much time would you estimate you have in them?
  10. I like my Tippman Boss. I've had it for over 10 years, it's paid for itself many times over. Once you get it figured out it works fine, I almost never drop stitches and I like being able to put every stitch exactly where I want it. But I've never tried a Cobra 4.
  11. Line 24 Snap Problems

    I have a small 1"x30" belt sander with a 4" disk on my bench that I use for smoothing edges etc that I use to shorten rivets etc, works great. I have a pretty good selection of snap post, I think I have 4 different lengths, and seldom have to shorten one, but don't use really thin stuff very often.
  12. Line 24 Snap Problems

    Some setting tools work better than others also, I have 3 different ones and only one of them works well. If the post is to long for the material, you're going to have more trouble setting them, depending on the material of the post, brass ones seem to set much easier than stainless steel ones.
  13. Traditional Looking Side Quiver.

    Very nice, first timer or not your attention to detail is very impressive. Keep up the good work. What's next?