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  1. i have had good luck with copic markers.
  2. red rover red rover gritty rootys wants to come over
  3. be careful if you pull the needele. badgers have a needle bearing that can be damaged really easy. you can also put cleaner in then hold your finger over the nozzle to back flush. then spray without finger to get all the crap out. then follow above. i mainly use acrylics and it builds up fast. good luck
  4. i am using an iwata neo mostly they run about 65$. i'm also running a portercable pancake compressor that i used for a nailgun. this combo works great for what i do. get a good water seperator. good luck. airbrushes are addicting
  5. i would skiuve the gusset. i also get the gusset edge wet and the use small spring clamps to fit it to the back . when they dry it's alot easier to glue and sew.
  6. wow those are really cool!
  7. thats really nice. i'm working on one now
  8. i'm in knoxville we have a pretty good little group here. the tandy store hosts the group. keeven the manager is really knowledgeable and there some other folks who are willing to share. when your back in knox come check it out gritty
  9. all of them have labels that read at top Prime leather finishes with a wisconsin and new hampshire adress next it says 9854r maroon oxidepigment dispersion. thats it thanks gritty
  10. hi all i have acquired several gallon jugs of prime leather finish. the jugs were from around 1997 and they only had basisc info. i have googled it and i still can't find too much info. i figured it is not a stain it's a finish. i'm trying to find out if i can use it straight out of the jug, can i thin it. is it water basedand will it make me have childeren with 3 eyes. any information would be helpful i think. thanks gritty
  11. i always take a deposit for my furniture work. it is usually 50% this should cover my materials and time. if i have bought the material and have started the project i will not refund the deposit. if i have bought the material and haven't started i will refund the deposit less material. hope this helps gritty
  12. i tend to do things alittle unorthidox. some say sporran some say murse worn with a kilt
  13. ok i think this may work