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  1. To know if essential oils are pure, not diluted with vegetable oils or mineral oils, a simple test is to put a drop or a few drop on paper and let it to dry. After the EO is dried, it don't have any oily trace on the paper, just paper slightly colored from the color of the EO , if the EO is mixed with some kind of oil, it will leave a translucent mark when dry. Essential oils are surely nice to mix with conditioner cream, wax or oil to achieve some purpose, like adding antiseptic, anti-fungal properties to saddle, maybe. Regarding scent, a fun project will be to recreate natural scent of leather as chemicals manufacturer produce in synthetic way (they do it also for pencil: very good brand of pencil always have a very nice scent of dry wood compare to cheap brand. It's perfumed pencil. They do it also with leather and many other things). If you are interested by essential oils, their scent, properties and even magical uses, you can download a free software: Aromapedia My link or My link 2 It's not a professional use software but it have some nice info.
  2. Hello I'm new in leather. I'm doing my first project at that time so I do'nt have knowledge on leathercraft but I have knowledge on essential oils. Essential oils are "dry" oils and if you put pure essential oils on your leather, I think it will dry it. But using clove oil is something interesting as it's a strong insect repellent and have anti-bacterial properties. It will be more better if you mix it with vegetable oils, bee wax, lanolin, ... Hope it help little bit.
  3. Wet formed bag tutorial

    Thank you again Regarding the cutting, I don't have cutting tools, just scissors (not so easy to use for the job) so I was afraid to cut it to much. I will have new try for other accessories. I will give some updates on the following days.
  4. Wet formed bag tutorial

    Thank you very much for your quick reply. So, this is the work I made On both sides, the leather is little bit bend over. It was very difficult to avoid it. So, I will try to dye the thread now. Another question. As the shaped leather was wet and dry and the back leather wasn't, did will have color difference between the 2pcs after they are dyed? The bag is for this camera: So I use a piece of leather to long for it and I will cut it to fit with the camera. Thanks alot
  5. Wet formed bag tutorial

    Hello I'm new, I'm French and leave in Thailand. I never worked with leather but long time interested to have a try, I started my first leather work with your tutorial that is very well explained. I have a couple of questions as I know nothing about leathercraft. so, I have make the mold, deep the leather in warm water and it was not as easy to do the job of applying the leather to the mold. But' it's done. Now, it's drying. 1: do you calculate the lenght of the waxed thread before start to sew and how do you do? 2: the bag is for a digital camera. What do you suggest for the inside of the bag (waxed or not, ...)? 3: regarding waxed thread, i don't have it but I think to use cotton thread and apply bee wax. Is it ok or not? The thread is white (cream) but leather is brown. If I dye the leather in brown, did the thread will be also dyed as it have wax coating on it? I like to. Ok, as soon I have time to make pictures, I will try to post it. Thank you very good forum!!!! Frederic