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  1. Hi I have put up on ebay one of my foot operated press machines heavy so collection on so only useful for those in UK sorry hope this is ok Al http://Press Machine for Press Studs, Eyelets/Grommet, Rivets, Popper
  2. great stuff thanks guys
  3. Hi gang I have just picked dup an adler 68-25, does anyone know where I can get hold of a parts list and manual for this old girl please hopefully thanks in advance Ala
  4. I wish I was the US, being in the UK, if we purchase anything over $49. Us dollars that is posted other than personal, we get hit by our high import tax, this combined with over seas postal kills most chances. I'm Gutted
  5. panic over found one, technotherm ltd
  6. Hi everyone does anyone know where can I find the small sprung mechanisms used in the center of the old filo faxs, my daughter wants me to make her an organiser thanks in advance Al
  7. Stahl edge paint is far better in my humble opinion, you can get clear and colour to what ever colour you want. or just keep it clear
  8. I have used OTB, very happy, although being in UK we have to be careful not to go too far over the minimum purchase as our import tax can cripple the savings made
  9. sarden you are running a business and the information you are trying to promote needs to be factual.. if you want to know the facts concerning leather tanning, you need to speak to the professionals within that industry.. international leather maker, is one organisation and magazine for said industry,, that often have the highest professionals in the industry, such as Mike Redwood,, I would suggest joining paying the subscription and gaining actual facts, that you can use to sell your clients wares...... etc and here.... institute for creative leather technologies, in Northampton UK
  10. that looks to me like it was there before you bought it, by putting dressing on it probably did darken it, thus making it stand out more hence not noticing it previously.. that doesn't look like a pigmented finish on there, (hard to tell from a picture, I use a microscope for assessments) so you are probably just going to have to live with it, or argue the point with the seller, but unlikely to get very far as you've put a darkening agent on it making it stand out
  11. thanks papaw for answering I've seen quite a few post on threads regarding people looking for a certain companies edge paint. I use this and you start with a clear, so you either use as is or add a drop or two of acrylic colour, to obtain the desired tone. I normally only apply twice max and dry. job done. just seeing if there was a market on here as I am near the end of the consultation meetings with this company to become a trading partner.....
  12. Hi everyone a quick question if I may guys, do any of you guys use an edge paint that allows you to mix the colour you need........ ? if yes how much are you paying please and if not would you be interested... Al
  13. lots of leather crafters have been using fish skin for ages..... But I'm not so sure about vegetable underwear....
  14. thank you, ive replace loads of zips and resewn seams, and refinished. but never looked at panel replacement
  15. Hi guys what weight leather would i need to replace a leg panel on a pair of cycle leathers please. and is there a preferred type of leather used. thanks Al