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  1. I'm new to carving but have basket stamped most of my saddles. I have a saddle to do that the customer wants his initials and basket stamping on the back jockeys. I'm not sure how to do this? I'm in New Zealand.
  2. cloehorse

    Head knife- lady's hand

    Terry's knives are great, I have klenda and the curved detail knives. He had no problems sending to New Zealand.
  3. cloehorse

    Our most popular stamps

    How much to post to New Zealand? Can you email me a catalogue please
  4. cloehorse

    custom head knifes

    Terry knipsheild makes great knives, best round knife I have ever used.
  5. cloehorse

    C Greatrex & Son round knife

    I have just been some leather tools from an estate. They have been untouched for the last 30 years, all in surprising good condition. There is a round knife made by C Greatrex & Son. Can't find much about this company apart from they made saddles and closed in 1906. Have got it cleaned up and sharpened. Does anyone know any more about it or what the quality is like?
  6. cloehorse

    Hi from a newbee i New Zealand

    Warren is about $800. They are custom built wood rawhide. He builds to your specifications within reason. He has a name for building one of best trees anywhere in the world and in nz.
  7. cloehorse

    Hi from a newbee i New Zealand

    Hi Angie, I'm from southland and I'm a casual musterer. I made my first saddle with Mark Berghan who learnt off Graham Seville and recently have spent quite abit of time with Salty Cox(Barry). I'm using Warren Wright trees.
  8. cloehorse

    Hi from a newbee i New Zealand

    Hi I'm also from nz and have made 4 western saddles.
  9. cloehorse

    Rawhide made in a stream.

    I recently seen some rawhide that was made by leaving it in a flowing stream weighted down by rocks. It had not been fleshed beforehand. Has anyone had experience with this?
  10. cloehorse

    Weaver Leather Supply

    Hi am from New Zealand and use weaver for mainly the Jeremiah Watt horseshoe brand hardware for building saddles and tack. I wouldn't use anywhere the $1200 a year. Freight is a big cost for me. Who would you recommend for purchasing this from?
  11. cloehorse

    Dixon Tools, who are the players?

    I have just purchased a T Dixon and sons spokeshave in New Zealand.
  12. cloehorse

    removing stirrup leathers martha josey saddle

    I have just finished repairing this saddle. I put new counter sunk bolts and tee nuts in. I ended up using a product called knead it to cover the tee nuts and the hole in the bars. Poor bugger who has to pull it to pieces next time.
  13. cloehorse

    removing stirrup leathers martha josey saddle

    Thor i have got photos but im not the best with computers so will try in a few days to get them posted on here. Big Sioux Saddlery what would you recommend covering the new tee nuts with so that the bottom of the bars are smooth or is it better to just leave a hole?
  14. cloehorse

    removing stirrup leathers martha josey saddle

    Have got this saddle pulled to bits. Had to remove skirts. Then grind fibreglass where bolts go through bars, there was a big lump of bog over the top of the tee nut. Could't get tee nut undone so cut it off with grinder. New tee nuts and bolts to buy then i can attach new stirrup leathers. Thanks for the advice every gave me.