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  1. I would like to see someone put this good bench machine back in service, So for $450.00 I will ship it in the lower 48. Thank you for looking Ken
  2. Lewis trees have the strainer fiberglassed in them and are really easy to get a good ground seat on. Good Trees. I have been using them for 8 years and never have had one come back.
  3. I will pay the shipping for the $500.
  4. How much for the 4 punches?
  5. Thank you so much MadMax! The knob on the bottom is where you adjust the thickness you want to split down to. Dixon went out of business not too long ago. This splitter is old but I do not know how old. I have had it about 20 years and it was old when I got it. Works good though.
  6. I have an old Dixon 6" splitter I will let go. I have an extra 8" blade that I will let go with it. I have been told someone with a water jet can cut the blade down to fit this splitter but DO NOT know that for certain. Anyway, I will take $500.00 for it + shipping and throw in the blade OBO. It is in really good shape. I am having problems downloading pictures of this but if you contact me with your pm, I will email you photos of it. Thanks Ken
  7. I would guess Mexican by the looks of it.
  8. Has anyone rode one of these trees for any period of time very hard? I was a rawhide covered wood tree guy for a long time. Last few years I have been building on wood trees with a fiberglass cover. I have had great success with them fitting horses and standing up to some serious wrecks. It is not that I automatically dismiss new ideas but I would like to visit with someone that has used one of these LaPorte trees in a situation where he is riding a lot of different horses and roping a lot of big cattle outside in extreme weather on a daily basis. Just Curious.
  9. Sold! That didn't take long. Ken
  10. I have the volume 1 and I would let it go. Ken
  11. Might I suggest you contact Cowboy Bob and see what he has that can help you out. Or Leather machine company but Bob is closer to you. Having a dealer is pretty important if you are starting out. There is a Ferdinand 900B on Ebay that looks good for $1250.00 but in Albany NY. I would suggest buying from a reputable dealer and there are several listed at the top of the site. Just my 2 cents. Ken
  12. Up here, you better have a disconnect if you have public power even in the rural areas. Few years ago, a farmer plugged in a large PTO driven generator into his welder outlet and was lighting up the whole farm stead. Very nearly got one of the power company employees killed. A lot of us used to run a drop cord to what ever we needed to run during outages. We didn't want to hurt anyone. Family member has an off grid ranchstead. You would never know they are not on REA unless you look close. They have a combination of solar and standby generators. They use a pretty large diesel generator for peak times during the winter but they get along very well. It cost them, I think, $25,000 complete. Rural Power Company wanted over $90,000 to bring in a line. 5 years later, he tells me it is actually more cost effective. So far the upkeep has been less than the other headquarters that is on public power monthly bill. But their main shop is on the power company, so it isn't really a fair comparison.
  13. I think to be legal you have to have a disconnect on the mainline coming in on your electric service. I know a lot of people up here in the Dakotas use small inexpensive generators to keep their furnance and fridge going if the power goes out in the winter. Not very high from Harbor freight. few hundred bucks. Would run several sewing machines and a couple of light bulbs. Most up here, set them in the garage and run a couple of extension cords to whatever.
  14. May I ask where your are moving to?
  15. Loop Seat and the other is a seat rigging.