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  1. Might I suggest you contact Cowboy Bob and see what he has that can help you out. Or Leather machine company but Bob is closer to you. Having a dealer is pretty important if you are starting out. There is a Ferdinand 900B on Ebay that looks good for $1250.00 but in Albany NY. I would suggest buying from a reputable dealer and there are several listed at the top of the site. Just my 2 cents. Ken
  2. Up here, you better have a disconnect if you have public power even in the rural areas. Few years ago, a farmer plugged in a large PTO driven generator into his welder outlet and was lighting up the whole farm stead. Very nearly got one of the power company employees killed. A lot of us used to run a drop cord to what ever we needed to run during outages. We didn't want to hurt anyone. Family member has an off grid ranchstead. You would never know they are not on REA unless you look close. They have a combination of solar and standby generators. They use a pretty large diesel generator for peak times during the winter but they get along very well. It cost them, I think, $25,000 complete. Rural Power Company wanted over $90,000 to bring in a line. 5 years later, he tells me it is actually more cost effective. So far the upkeep has been less than the other headquarters that is on public power monthly bill. But their main shop is on the power company, so it isn't really a fair comparison.
  3. I think to be legal you have to have a disconnect on the mainline coming in on your electric service. I know a lot of people up here in the Dakotas use small inexpensive generators to keep their furnance and fridge going if the power goes out in the winter. Not very high from Harbor freight. few hundred bucks. Would run several sewing machines and a couple of light bulbs. Most up here, set them in the garage and run a couple of extension cords to whatever.
  4. May I ask where your are moving to?
  5. Loop Seat and the other is a seat rigging.
  6. If you want a swell fork saddle, any tree maker will make you one. When you add swells, you no longer have a Wade. A wade type seat can be put in any saddle though. Most swell fork saddles have a higher gullet than Wades do but some of the roper trees with some swell are pretty low. Best of Luck. Ken
  7. Company will be headquartered in West Texas, Someone can work from their location. We will provide leather, patterns etc.
  8. Seeking one or more individuals to produce high end western holsters and saddle scabbards on a piece work basis. Must be a very good carver, understand construction and finish work. You may work from your location if you have the equipment to build successfully. Fast growing young company with a saddle maker for a project manager.. Must be high quality work using high quality materials and excellent patterns. Please reply with questions by PM. Thank you. Ken
  9. I use an original wood strap cutter and have used it for over 20 years. I cut everything in straps from saddle strings to stirrup leathers from 15 oz HO. I got started using it because I was getting some children visiting my shop and thought it might a bit less dangerous if one of them picked it up to "look" at it. I keep a supply of strap cutter blades on hand and will break one once in a while and change them regularly. I block my stirrup leathers out, and dunk them quickly before I cut them. There is a guy in Libby, MT that builds a super good blade for a draw guage. Brett Bronson custom knives, and they come super sharp. 406-293-2032.
  10. Split rawhide faced maul from Weaver. Is heavy and will not harm your punches. Use the right tool for the job and this one is. I also have a Barry King Maul, the heaviest one that works pretty good but the split head maul is the better. My punches are over 20 years old and the ends look like new. Will last 2 life times if you use them right with the right maul and right poundo board..
  11. Actually, the second one is a Champion 3-in-1, which is a skiver, and sole cutter. supposedly you can split narrow peices of leather with it too. Landis 3 is a hook and awl harness stitcher.
  12. Where did this saddle come from? I used to have one on display when I had my shop in Rapid City SD. It was a 1932 and was in 95% condition. It sold at auction several years ago (4 I think). At the time I thought it was one of the best saddles I had ever seen. The leather was the best I have ever seen in a saddle and the workmanship was extra fine. I have never seen another Heiser of that quality. I bought it for the owner out of Maine. At one time the owner turned down well over $1000.00 for it.
  13. WTB a new blade for 6" dixon splitter. I have an 8 inch I would trade straight across. Thanks. Ken
  14. A number of years ago someone was building a bench lace tool something like a Hansen, but built out of aluminum. It did not have a name on it, used a utility blade on the cutter and come a little rough. They were inexpensive but did a really good job cutting, beveling and splitting strings. I had one but someone got off with it and I would sure like to find another one. Does anyone know who built it? I got the one I used to have about 12 or 13 years ago from Hadlock Fox but no none there knows anything about it now. Thanks Ken
  15. It depends on what this saddle needs to put it in the condition you want it to be in. I may be a professional clean and oil and some very minor repairs or it could be major repairs. Up here, around $250.00 would be a very good price in using condition. First thing you need to do is have the tree checked to see if it is broken and then have a competent saddle maker or at least repairman look it over closely and give you a price to put it in shape. Those older Tex Tans were usable saddles but not top end saddles by any means. HTH