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  1. Wade Tree Help

    When I was young and on BIG ranches, you could get fired off of most of them for sticking a horse with your spurs in the shoulders. And most of them had at least a few horses in the remuda that could have earned a living as broncs going down the road to rodeos. I have seen rank horses rode in everything from Will James Trees to Chuck Shepard trees. Just a matter how well you can ride. The saddle can be an advantage or disadvantage. Depends on how well it is balanced. You will have a better chance in a cowboy ( swell fork) saddle if it is well balanced than you will an arena roping saddle. And the ultimate advantage will probably be a small form fitter, which I have never seen a really good cowboy ride. However, if a horse ever goes down with you, you will probably be severely injured or killed. They were regularly referred to as suicide traps in my youth. I have never rode one and would not. If you think you want a saddle that rides like a bronc saddle, you haven't rode one very much. They are made to contest in PERIOD. They are not comfortable to ride and I would think extremely hard to ride a cowhorse in correctly. BTW I rode a Hamley Gold Seal bronc saddle for a couple of summers and it did "leak" more than I liked it too. If you want to ride colts, the first thing to learn is how to keep them from bucking. And learn to ride better. Just my 2 cents worth.
  2. Wade Tree Help

    Aussies used to claim the hereford hides were tighter grained and like you said better color. I don't do braid work but admire those that are good at it. A good 64 strand bosal is a thing of beauty and good tool on a horse.
  3. Wade Tree Help

    According to what Harry told me, and if I remember correctly, Bullhide isn't necessarily off of a bull. It is just full thickness off of a mature heavy hided bovine. The Australian Ringers that worked for me were amazing rawhide braiders. All of them that braided rawhide, swore that the best rawhide you could get was off of an old, thin (very thin) hereford cow. More glue in the rawhide. BTW it is called green hide down there.
  4. Wade Tree Help

    Bull hide is heavy rawhides that have not been leveled or split and they do split rawhide. There is no comparison between a Bowden Tree and a Quality tree. Quality is a much better made tree and it shows too. I have been using Lewis Trees out of Hereford TX for the past 7 or 8 years. The man I build all these saddles for specifies them. I have built a lot of saddles on them over the last 8 years and have yet to have one come back for any reason. These guys that are riding my saddles are COWBOYS Deluxe and they use them hard. That said they are somewhat harder to nail to and drive screws in than a rawhide tree. They are good guys to do business with. I used Sonny's trees for a long time and if I was not building for a man that specifies Lewis Trees I would still use his trees on at least part of the saddles I build. I cannot say anything bad about Timberline these days but at one time, a long time ago, I felt they had some quality control issues but a friend of mine and as good a saddle maker as I know swears by them the last 10 years. I used 2 Bowden trees about 10 years ago and was sorely disappointed with both and the last ones I saw, I was not impressed with, but that is just me. I know some guys that like them and maybe I am missing something with them but I doubt it. This is all my opinion, with the exception of the rawhide thing and that was told to me by Harry Adams in person. Harry had owned a tree company at one time and KNEW Rawhide. HTH
  5. Wade Tree Help

    Sonny Felkin at Quality MFG makes some nice wade trees. Rawhide work is very nice. He is an older guy that is a wealth of information. Not the cheapest for sure. But worth the price.
  6. the 2 classics I have owned, used the same shuttle as a 441 Juki and a 205 adler. they both used 794 needles just like the 441 and 205 but the classics needle bar could be set to use 328 series needles which goes down to smaller sizes in leather points than the longer 794 needles. I do not know if the *9 has this feature or not. I really liked the first classic I had and wish I had not sold it. I built my own table for it and liked the stand much better than the factory one on the second machine. BUT that was just me. Nothing wrong with the stand on the second machine and I would be satisfied with it as my only machine in my saddle shop. I currently use and have used cobra class 4's for the last 9 years and get along fine with them. I would recommend you buy a new machine if you are going to purchase a 441 clone for your first machine. The support you get from Steve or Bob is priceless. Buy one off of Ebay or Craigslist and you are on your own. I have been building saddles for a long time and have never run 415 thread through one of my machines. I don't know if harness makers use it or not. 794 needles go as large as 250/25. HTH, Just my opinion which isn't worth much.
  7. Are the right or left toe foot available to be bought for this machine? Thanks
  8. 441 / 471 Walking foot

    This machine is on Ebay this morning.
  9. Luberto's Classic

    Any one have a Luberto's Classic in good shape they would like to sell. Sold mine several years ago. Would like to have it back. Thanks Ken
  10. pfaff 545 parts

    I am looking for a supplier of pfaff parts. I need parts for the knee lifter on my pfaff 545. the lifting bracket link on the back of the machine+ attaching screw. Also need Lifting bracket on the bottom the knee lifter. Any help is greatly appreciated. Ken
  11. Question on Ferdco 900B

    The one I had was built by Seiko badged Consew.
  12. Question on Ferdco 900B

    The hook on the one I had was the same as in my Cobra class 4 and it was about 1/32 to 1/16th " too big. Fit in the race but would not let the thread pass between the driver and shuttle.
  13. Question on Ferdco 900B

    I had one of these a couple of years ago. It was messed up pretty bad. The shuttle was a bit too big and I ended up getting a slightly smaller one and that took care of that. I got the parts I needed from cambell/bosworth and they were great, very helpful. I bought one of Tony Luberto's service videos and without it, it would have been tough for me. A bargain. I may have it around here someplace. It was a super good machine when I finally got everything right. Sewed really good and tight stitches.
  14. Techsew 810 sewing machine