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  1. Thanks Terry! Yes that does help! Thank you so much!!
  2. Thank you so much for the great suggestions! I really appreciate them!
  3. Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum. This place is such a wealth of knowledge, I am so glad I found it. I need some help/suggestions. I just started to tinker with leather this past year. A couple weeks ago, I decided I would attempt my first tack set for my own personal horses. I was very excited and had a design in my head... I stripped the leather out, cut out my pattern and love it. My original intention was to sew it with my machine. Long story short it is too thick for my machine after I attempted to sew it. My plan now is to hand sew it, but realize I think I made my straps that fold over the D too short. I dont plan to sell these just make for myself but, is this salvagable? I already placed the hide on and spotted it, otherwise I would just start over. I will do that if I have to but, hope some one would have a suggestion so I wouldnt have to. Any suggestions or help is GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks In Advance.
  4. First Machine Suggestions

    Thanks everyone so much for the replies. I appreciate it!
  5. Hi everyone, I am new to the forums. I have lurked for a while ,researching and learning about many different things being new to leather work. This place is a wealth of knowledge. I am so thankful to have found it. Mostly I make leather dog collars and leashes, sometimes with hair on hide overlay. The leather I use is 7-8oz and the hair on hide varies in weight. I would guess at the most I sew together is 16oz. I am looking for suggestions of machines that will handle this. Being this is something I do on the side and not my F/T job I am working on a budget of around $1000-$1200 or less if possible. I have read all the warnings about the ebay and craiglist machines that are listed as heavy duty and industrial. I am staying far away from them. I know I need a walking foot machine and something with a servo motor to slow the speed of the stitching down. I have found a couple machines locally and would like some suggestions/opinions on them. The first one is a used Juki Lu 562 - from the little bit I have found to read about them it sounds like they can sew up to 20oz of leather and are an overall good machine. This particular machine has not been used in over a year, the gentleman that used it had an upholstry business and has passed away. I spoke to his wife about the machine and she said it is in good working order. She is asking $650 for the machine and a couple tables he had to go with it. Is this a good price? Would this machine work for what I do? My guess is not being used in so long it would need a good servicing. Correct? Another machine I have found is a new Juki Dnu 1541 - however I went to look at it from a local sewing store in town and had been misquoted a price and it was $700 MORE then I was told. The saleman was also very sleezy and then said I could use a Tacsew machine but he didnt have any in stock. I have read about those machines on this site as well and said thanks but no thanks and quickly left that store. Just not a good vibe. I am looking for opinions/options to get me pointed in the correct direction. Being a "big" purchase to me I want to get the right machine to get started. It is better to find an older used machine that is in good working order or try and find a decent valued new machine? Hopefully down the road I will be able to upgrade if it is needed. Sorry if I have rambled too much. I appreciate any and all replies. Thank you!