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    bushcraft, norse and pictish culture/history, living history, traditional crafts.

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  1. Single Man, Wanted

    haha just found this post, such a laugh reading the comments! Not too far away up in Scotland, however I am not single Just wanted to comment to say good on you for trying and not taking any carp from the lads
  2. Prize draw saddle making course

    damn wish I'd seen this sooner, would love a course with yourself!
  3. Where Can I Find The Equivalent Tool Or Product In The Uk

    I'm also looking for aurbrushing sets in the UK but no idea what i'm looking for really
  4. A British Meet Up

    ah would love it but a bit far for me I'm afraid! If there are ever any nearer the border or up in Scotland I'd be up for it. As you say, can't please everyone. Good luck
  5. Stamping With An Arbor Press

    Thanks that's really helpful! I'll be buying an arbor press soon and this is a must-do for me
  6. Uk Leathercraft Guilds, Trade Shows, Fairs?

    ressurrecting this thread to see if there is anymore interest? I'm back in Scotland now so can't make it to anything down south. But we could arrange a Scotland meet possibly? or I could make it to something in the North of England possibly
  7. Arbor Press Modification Help

    Did your press come with the chuck, or did you modify this yourself?
  8. Stamping With An Arbor Press

    I'd like to ressurrect this, anyone know how to fit a chuck to an arbor press?
  9. Hi folks, I want to know what tools you can't live without, or tools you think you need? Where to get the best deals, or useful tips? The reason I ask is because I have been doing this for years, and have a fair set of tools which I make-do with. However my local council has just given me a substantial grant to invest in tools to expand my business, so I'm replacing all of my tools with better quality ones and buying those I have wanted for some time now. I would love some recommendations I'm not a beginner who needs the basics, I'm looking for more advanced tools to step-up my game. All opinions, recommendations, and advice is welcome Hamish
  10. Greetings From Newcastle Upon Tyne, Uk

    welcome aboard, I drive over to newcastle to pickup my materials from LePrevo, may see you in there someday!
  11. Hello From Sunny Scotland

    nice work! where abouts in scotland are you? I'm fae Aberdeen but living down on the borders the now
  12. Where Can I Find The Equivalent Tool Or Product In The Uk

    Thanks for this thread, what a big help! I found I had more selection when I lived briefly in England, but now I'm back in scotland my options are limited. I primarily use LePrevo as I'm only 2 hour drive away so it's nice to buy in person and have a chat, and will order the occaisional thing elsewhere when they don't have it. Would love a decent supplier in Scotland! Will be keeping an eye on this thread
  13. Uk Leather Supplier - A.w. Midgley & Son - Review

    I'm in Scotland just on the border and the closest I have is LePrevo in Newcastle, or the Identity Store in Matlock, Derbyshire
  14. here is the pattern i may try http://www.personal.utulsa.edu/~marc-carlson/shoe/SHOES/SHOE46.HTM